Aug. 10th, 2008 12:47 pm
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After much terrible weather the sun has finally come out and some inconsiderate neighbour has decided to make sure everyone cannot leave their homes or open their windows since the street stinks like rotting fish.

I finally caught House's Head/Wilson's Heart and it was very sad. I think I found it far sadder than my flatmates since I adored Amber and House/Amber/Wilson is my House OT3whereas everyone I know seemed to hate her. I have no idea why.

I can't wait so see how House tries to fix his relationship with Wilson this time, it seems like they may have broken up for good, and well, it wasn't entirely his fault, but it was enough of his fault for Wilson to be justified in holding it against him until the end of time.

I seem to be all about OT3s these days what with Bruce/Rachel/Harvey as well.

Meanwhile I'm starting to find myself getting all excited about season three of Heroes, even though I'm quite sure it's going to be as bad if not worse than season two. Was it the spoilers that’s got me interested in the show again? The trailers? Nope. It was the cast photo that really drove home why I like the show:

Hurrah for Ma Petrelli being made a regular. Angela is one of my very favourite characters. Can we please have her and Noah in a scene together this season? And Claire's two daddies? Or if they really want to make me flail with excitement: Sandra meeting Angela. Actually, Sandra had better be in this series and not sidelined - the show is nothing without her and Mr Muggles and Noah/Sandra is my Heroes OTP (although I can't help but advocate the brilliant that would be the House of N OT3: Noah/Niki/Nathan).

I think it's official that Heroes is the show I just cannot quit.

My excitement about SJA series two should go without saying. I'm loving nearly every one of the spoilers that has leaked out about it. The big challenge is for it to be as good or even better than the first series, since it set a pretty high standard.
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