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Heroes is back next week, but it hasn't been on since before Christmas. After all that time of no Heroes, and the fact that season two was a bit rubbish, has let if fallen off my radar somewhat and I know it's fall off the radar of others. However, I've been reading's morning spoiler reports regularly for months now and seem to have acquired a vague idea of what's going on. So to refresh everyone's excitement for the show (read: trying to make it so I'm not the only person still watching it) I bring you:

Heroes Season Three Spoilers: The Good, the Bad and the WTF?

(Spoilers, obviously. Also, I may be wrong as to some spoiler (but I don't think so) and as to what turns out to be a good storyline and what turns out to be a bad storyline - I am after all, pre-judging based on little fact)

The Good

  • Nathan lives!

  • Evil escaped supers from the Company cause havoc (and hopefully many fight scenes)

  • Bennet's back working for the Company, hunting down escaped evil supers. And he's got a new partner…

  • …Sylar (this cannot end well)

  • Christine Rose has been bumped up to being a regular, which hopefully means lots and lots of Mama Petrelli being morally ambiguous, if not all-out evil (I think she takes over the running of the Company and spends her time giving Bennet and Sylar orders)

  • Claire's got two mommies. Meredith's back and creates a rift between Claire and Sandra.

  • Claire learns to fight and turns vigilante

  • West is gone.

  • Elle's back (there was some worry Kristen Bell would be too busy) and she's apparently got a lot of scenes with Bennet (those two had a really great dynamic).

  • Apparently, most of Peter's scenes are with Nathan

  • And most of Hiro's scenes are with Ando

  • The Tim Sale paintings, they are still there (I love those paintings)

The Bad

  • Niki doesn't live (they finally make her awesome, only to kill her off?)

  • Maya's not only still a regular character…

  • …but also Mohinder/Maya is a go

  • Monica and Micah are being written out

  • Nathan finds religion. And there's a whole bunch of stuff about him an Linderman (who is alive, btw) which harps back to the late season one Nathan who I did not like.

  • Matt's trapped in a desert somewhere with an Aboriginal spirit guide (as if he wasn't boring enough, and that second part's bound to be so Hollywood it makes me uncomfortable)

  • I'm not sure what's happening with Bob. I fear they may kill him off (Nooo. Not Bob. He's so banally evil)

And the WTF

  • Niki may be dead, but Ali Larter's still playing a major character

  • Mohinder and Ando get superpowers

  • Future!Sylar is not only living in the Bennet home…

  • …but he also has a son…

  • …called Noah

  • Also, Jack Coleman's gotten himself a blog The HRG Files, which is so far great read.
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