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Heroes catch-up.

I Am Become Death

Shirtless!Peter is back! Oh, and Adam's back too.

Dear show, STOP WITH THE BENNET KILLING. I don't know where Original Noah was in this episode but one has to assume he was dead since the whole Sylar living in his house would be one of those over-his-dead-body things (either that or he has finally gotten so sick of Petrelli dysfunction had faked his death and run away with Sandra and Lyle) and that is not cool.

However, the Noah Jr killing was alright since Sylar losing it and blowing up Costa Verde was my second favourite bit of the episode. I love future episodes and AU episodes for the interesting and tragic ways they can kill off the characters, so we get death scenes without consequences.

(For those playing the Heroes statistics game, that makes it now four times Nathan has died. I think he's in the lead. Bennet's behind on three. Also in the Heroes stats game, there have been five episodes this season containing six incidents of head slicing, three of which were successful.)

I do kind of want to know who Noah Jr's mommy is. I also want to know if the current crack theory circulating fandom that Noah is actually is the real Noah and not just named after him is going to be true. It's a crack theory, but I think the Heroes writers have now proven to their audience that no theory it too crack (I'm looking at you 'Sylar is a Petrelli')

Best bit was Parkman and the turtle. I really like Matt this season. Poor Daphine.

I think there is an important lesson to be learnt from this episode: leather does not a badass make. You can shove Future!Claire in all the leather in the world and she still isn't half the badass Bennet is when wearing pyjamas. Thing is Claire is occasionally rocks, like when she stopped Ted going nuclear or had her fall 30 floors to escape Angela and Nathan. They should just stop trying so hard. Thing is, while HP can do earnest and determined, she can't really do evil.

I'm not sure about the Sylar's-power-makes-him-evil thing, whether it undermines Sylar in season one or not. Sometimes I just want a villain to be evil. On the other hand, I really liked Gabriel the dorky loving dad. But can they please stop with calling it 'the hunger' ZQ is one of the better actors on the show and can pull off some lame lines of dialogue, but not even he can make that one work.

Please let Peter going psycho be the beginning of him being either de-powered or killed off, because I'm really getting sick of him. I know he is the heart of the heroes and all, but what with Future!Peter being an ass and Present!Peter having gone off the deep end, he's not fulfilling that role in this volume which makes his continued presence annoying.

While I wasn't a huge fan of that episode, the next episode was quite win. Finally the characters and plot strands coming together and the big bad revealed. I love it when the show does that.

Angels and Monsters

So it seems to be three overarching fights of the season, all of which I'm really loving Primatech vs. Pinewood, Supers vs. Non-supers (or Naturalborn!Supers vs. Created!Supers vs. Non-Supers) and Angela vs. Arthur. Not sure how the Mohinder storyline falls into all of this, but since Nathan and Tracey are headed over, I'd imagine it's going to integrate itself very swiftly.

The middle one is of particular interest. I was hoping they'd go along that line at some point, and they hinted at it in Powerless with something Claire said to Sandra. Anyway, it seems to me that Pinewood's an organisation that has set itself up to be supers only, while Primatech's hanging on to its 'one of us, one of them' policy. What's needed now is a third group which is anti-supers. Chucking the Company employees in the middle of a secret war would make for a good storyline. Although, there's not that many company employees around these days. Just Angela, the Haitian, Noah and Sylar (and it's pretty safe to assume if Noah had his way, it'd just be him and the Haitian).

While I adore the character to bits, will someone on this show please kick Noah Bennet's arse for being a bastard. I mean, wanting to kill Sylar isn't exactly a bad, and him using vortex guy to achieve his aim was smart and a good bit of in-character writing since it's been well established now that when Bennet feels powerless, he gets more ruthless. But, someone needs to tell him that he needs to stop with the 'protecting my family' thing. Preferably, Claire or Sandra telling him that they don't want his protection anymore if he's going to consistently use them as justification for every terrible thing he does. It's a horrible way to love people.

Hell, I ship Noah/Sandra and I still want more than anything for her to kick him out so he can spend a volume learning how to be less of an arsehole in an attempt to win his family back. It'd be good for him.

(BTW, when someone kills himself by jumping into a black hole to escape your family dysfunction, that's definitely when you should seek counselling.)

Sylar was very amusing in this episode. His being hurt at Bennet's attempt to kill him was quite amusing, but the playing with the car radio was better. It's like the writers took in the criticism that there should have been more of the Bennet/Ted/Parkman roadtrip in season one and gave it to us in Bennet/Sylar from.

Speaking of wonderful things, Peter should be in a coma more often. (I know, I've gotten very anti-Peter this season, but there's been twice as much of him).

Papa Petrelli and what he did to Angela is creeeeeepy. Much better than Adam as a big bad. I love Adam but his motivation for killing humanity was, quite frankly, lame. He's much better as a character that shows up now and again, makes snarky comments and messes with Hiro than being the overarching villain, so good use of him in this episode.

Does anyone believe Ando is actually dead?

I'm really starting to like Daphnie. She's a character with a good head on her shoulders, (something this show can always do with) what with figuring out Linderman's deal all by herself.

The less said about Mohinder and Maya, the better. Best thing about the Mohinder storyline is that my flatmates and I are having a great time mocking it. You can't have half as much fun with good storylines.

And more statistics:
Episodes: 5
Shirtless scenes: 3 (Peter 2, Mohinder 1)
Fan service rating: 60%

Although, I'm starting to think they're not trying anymore. We had Nathan emerge from bed. Yes, considering the whole Linderman thing, it would have been incredibly slashy to have Nathan without a shirt in that scene, but there is no such thing as too slashy and it makes far more sense to have Nathan wander around his own apartment in the middle of the night sans-shirt, then have Peter lose his shirt because Future!Claire wants to cut him.

Date: 2008-10-19 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Am I the only one who actually likes the Mohinder side story? ^^;
Edited Date: 2008-10-19 09:53 pm (UTC)

Date: 2008-10-19 10:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
While I've found it laughable to this point, to be honest, I'm really looking forward to Spider!Mo vs. Nathan and Tracey. With those two heading over the storyline has potential to become very awesome very quickly.

Date: 2008-10-19 10:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Mohinder story needs to go somewhere fast. I'm intrigued by Matt even though his story started off really slow. I'm getting frustrated with the Petrelli dsyfunction. You think they are slightly odd, but now they have reached a whole new level. And Sylar's storyline seems to be on crack, but I'm enjoying it somewhat simply because they have put him with HRG.

Date: 2008-10-20 01:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Matt's storyline has become a highlight of this season for me, so far. The humour in it is just right.

My tolerance of the Petrelli dysfunction depends on which characters are being dysfunctional. Angela, Nathan and Arthur are all intriguing and I Nathan and Angela fighting and Angela and Arthur fighting. But Peter and Sylar I'm just annoyed with. Although, I agree, Sylar's storyline with HRG is enjoyable - I'm very glad the writers have decided to go there.

Date: 2008-10-20 12:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm intrigued by the Mohinder sidestory, but only if there is no Maya. I loathe her with all of my being. Now, some would say that's because I'm jealous(a make-out session with Sylar, and THEN SHE GETS MOHINDER, TOO? NOOO!), but in fairness, I hated her for all of season 2, not just after she hooked up with Sylar.

Needless to say, I was happy with the most recent episode, because even if Maya does survive Spider!Mo, you can be pretty sure she's going to leave him the hell alone from now on.

It's a crack theory, but I think the Heroes writers have now proven to their audience that no theory it too crack (I'm looking at you 'Sylar is a Petrelli')

THIS. It's what I love about Heroes. You think you can rule something out, that it can't possibly be...and then they go there. It's like Harry Potter fanfic--if you can imagine the pairing, it's already been written.

And I've been hating Peter since the last quarter of the first season, so...yeah. No more Peter! Or at least, it would be nice if they could make him spend some time with Sandra, and absorb her powers of common sense.

Date: 2008-10-20 01:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Absorbing Sandra's power of common sense is exactly what Peter needs right now (and common sense is so Sandra's power. Her common sense and HRG's power of awesome are what make the Bennets the highlight of this show for me.)

It's like Harry Potter fanfic

Yes yes yes! That exactly. The show never ceases to surprise me.

I'm starting to loathe Maya myself. It's the fact she's so isolated and doesn't seem to be wanting to control things. If they sent her to Company bootcamp, maybe taught her how to use her power so that she can target and use it in an awesome manner, and she decided to go hunt down some villains (i.e. give her Claire's storyline) she could be a great character. But they don't seem to want to do that.


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