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The voice of reason got to go on a field trip! I'm pretty sure I say it every other week, but have I mentioned how much I adore Sandra, because I adore Sandra. I'm so glad the writers are giving her development and stuff to do beyond reacting to Claire and Noah's craziness. Anyway, I love it when the supporting non-hero characters get go on a mission and to be just a little heroic. That whole Russian roulette scene was wonderfully tense and the puppet-master creepy. Great resolution to the Meredith/Claire/Sandra thing that's been building these past few episodes. Meredith is Claire's bio-mom, but she's got the cool aunt position in Claire's life and will never take Sandra's position away.

Claire's rescue plan, or moreover non-plan was a little silly, but she did save the day in the end, which is what she needed to do to convince her father, and surely she will learn from the mistake, listen to her mother and have a plan next time. I'm so glad Bennet's in the doghouse with Claire (he deserves it this season). Meredith didn't exactly kick his ass, but she got through to him about Claire not needing his protection.

Bennet/Meredith should be interesting team. I wonder if he's informed her that partnering up with him always ends up with one getting shot or attempted murder.

Peter has been de-powered! I've been asking for this since the season one finale and it's finally come true. Now he can go back to being earnest but essentially useless like he was at the beginning of season one. He was likeable then.

I am totally bored with Sylar. He's only good this season when he's got Bennet to bounce off.

So Adam's dead. I liked him, but I don't think I'll miss him.

OMG TURTLE! Matt/Daphne/Turtle is the cutest. She's super fast. He's got a turtle spirit guide. Move over House of M. I'm finding Matt one of my favourite characters this season, and I really like Daphne also, particularly now that they've decided to show events from her point of view. Matt was the only good thing on a horrible day. If the writers go with a redemption and then death storyline with her, I shall be pissed.

Tracey kicked ass, both outsmarting Mohinder (although, that's not all that hard) and using her powers to save herself and Nathan. Really, this was the episode of all the female characters not cocooned kicking ass. Again, liking her more and more every week.

Hiro's plot is still cartoonish, but incredibly fun. I'm glad Hiro and Ando are back to being best friends again. How many friendships get stronger after one stabs the other? I hope Daphne finds out that Ando lives quickly.

Anyway, between this episode and last episode, it seems the show has finally gotten itself back on track. Yay!


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