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Feb. 25th, 2009 01:59 pm
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Since I said I would give it another chance at the end of last season, I’m still watching Heroes. And surprisingly enough, it seems to have gotten itself back together for the most part. It's still got lots and lots of flaws (boring and seemingly pointless side-plots, the dialogue clunkers, reusing old plots etc), but for the most part it's done away with the major flaws of Villains. Mainly, the characters seem to be acting in character and its more character driven than batshit plot driven. Oh, and they're working together a lot more, which I like.

Anyway, it's my sad television addiction and if it keeps on going way at the current level of quality (kind of good most of the time), I shall probably keep on watching it to the bitter end. (If it takes another Villains turn, I'll quit. Really. No really). It's just terrible that I feel have to justify watching the show to both myself and the world in general these days because it's not that bad anymore.

Daphne lives! She was my favourite character through the villains arc and her 'death' was lame so glad to see she's still alive. Particularly since if they'd actually killed her off it would be another example of this show randomly killing off female characters to act as a motivation a male character for two episodes, then to be forgotten about.

Then again, seems she's the damsel in distress in need of rescuing *eyeroll* what with her continued living being used as the incentive for Mohinder to behave and seemingly incapable of rescuing herself what with the bullet wounds and being heavily sedated. One step forward, one step back.

I'm trying to decide whether the writing of the female characters in general is getting better or worse. Claire's become a resistance agent, but is only in the position to do that because both her fathers are protecting her. Tracey's been captured and is pissed as hell to the point of being murderous and undermining her argument to let her go. Daphne captured and is out of commission, but then nearly saved the day before she was shot. Angela's apparently only free because Nathan's protecting her, but then she's working secretly with Noah to bring the operation down. Meanwhile Sandra's finally kicked Noah out of the house (go Sandra!)

I'm waiting for Bryan Fuller to come back. He'll fix it. And I've read he's taken over the writing of Tracey.

I'm a big fan of episodes with a small amount of people stuck in a room. Not just for Heroes, but for every show. So I was kind of always going to like the episode just a bit.
Still, this episode was a wasted opportunity. The highlights of seasons one and two were the HRG-centric episode. This one wasn't a highlight. It was just sort of there. We didn't learn anything new about Bennet in the end. The audience didn't even need the interrogation, there could have just been the last scene with Angela and Noah taking on the part bench and the message would have gotten across.

Both Mohinder and Peter have grown in my affections a lot this week. I've been liking Peter more and more every since he lost his powers and consequently grew a brain (shame they didn't do the same with Hiro). But the fact that I kind of like Mohinder after the godawful Mo!roach storyline shows they've kind of got his character back on track.

Yay for Matt being kind of smart with his powers. This appears to be another continuing theme with this season. Although, I'm getting really sick of the prophetic paintings. Why? Why do we need them? So far they've failed to prevent Matt and Claire being captured and Daphne being shot (which makes Matt look stupid) and led Hiro and Ando onto last weeks pointless plot. They're pretty, but they're no longer good for the show.

Anyway, not bad and episode. Actually quite good. Could have been a lot more though, so loses points for being disappointing.

Not it's time to repeat the mantra: Bryan Fuller will save the show. Bryan Fuller will save the show.

(Of course, the big question is, if Bryan Fuller can save the show from its quality problems, can he bring back enough viewers to save it from cancellation? I will be sad if it gets cancelled.)

Date: 2009-02-25 05:28 pm (UTC)
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I'm with you on pretty much everything here. Especially the paintings. I keep trying to tell myself it's okay, but mostly I cringe at them. Especially at Matt drawing them, because, no. I don't care if an African man came back from the dead (or he hallucinated him), Matt simply does not have the power to see the future. That was Isaac's power. Painting on the floor was Isaac's thing, NOT Matt's. It makes me really hate Matt--which means he's back to where he was in Season 1, at least.

And you're right--most of that episode wasn't really needed. I enjoyed it because it was done well, but some of it could've been cut in favor of other stuff. I do really like the black and white shots, though. It's the old-movie geek inside me, I suppose.

As for the women, I'd just be happy to see a non-blonde show up sometime and survive. All the men have dark hair, all the women are blonde (excluding Angela), and it's just a little too...I don't know. Adam was literally the only exception to the male dark hair thing, unless you count Linderman's white hair and Danko(current evil bad guy)'s whitish hair + baldness. They also need to (and might finally be) get away from the whole "cheerleader" thing. Claire was a cheerleader for a couple of weeks in Texas, tops, and only a few more in Costa Verde. Really time to stop calling her the cheerleader.

Really I wish there was some way they could bring back Eden, because she was such an awesome character.

And I like Daphne, but I really hate her with Matt, especially the way they were cobbled together last season. "I drew a picture of us together so you have to be in lurve with me! Especially if I follow you to your house and hide in the corn fields while I wait for your dad to leave!" I'd much rather have seen her somehow end up with Hiro or Ando, given how we met her and how she worked with Ando to get Hiro back to the present.

Bryan Fuller is supposed to be back after the fourth episode, so that would be next week, I think?

What's kind of funny to me is I think we're all supposed be going "ooo, who's this Rebel person and how are they sending everyone text messages?" and yet I keep mostly forgetting about that. I suspect it's someone working with Micah, though. Or hope it is, at least.

Date: 2009-02-25 09:36 pm (UTC)
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Yes, about painting the future making me dislike Matt. Floorpocalpse really annoyed me not just because it was repeating the plot of season one, but that Matt painted over Isaac's painting. That was Isaac's legacy in the show and they just got rid of it. Bad show.

I think Micah's part of Rebel as well. I'm hoping that Rebel's a number of people and not just Micah, because Micah's just a kid, and deciding to bring down a top secret government programme by himself would mean he's not been having a very happy time since we last saw him, and I think Micah of all characters deserves a bit less tragedy in his life.

It does seem like all the non-blondes get killed off or disappear. Although, Elle and Niki kind of prove that not even being blonde is a safe option if you happen to be female. I liked Eden too, but maybe it'd be easier to bring back Monica, who I also like.

I'm not as annoyed with the 'Cheerleader' thing as I was in volume two, mainly because Claire's realised that she's not 'just a cheerleader' and doesn't fall back on it anymore. It annoys me when it shows up in publicity, but within the show I think it's just become a nickname that because it's a show about people with superpowers, has superhero name connotations (like 'Sylar', 'the Man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses', 'St. Joan' and 'Nemesis'). Although, Cheerleader's a pretty lousy superhero name.

Daphne/Matt for a couple of episodes looked like the second coming of Remus/Tonks, but then it wasn't and I haven't liked it since. That's another thing making me dislike Matt, particularly since he's trying to stop her using her powers, her powers which she loves. Dump him Daphne. Dump him now.

She does have way more chemistry with Ando and I ship those two instead. Or, what I'd really like is for Daphne to become the third partner in the Hiro&Ando team. Those three are really cute together, and best part of the second episode of this volume for me was how Ando still calls Daphne 'Nemesis' and Daphne knew all about Hiro's secret layer.

And I think that yes, it's episode five in which Bryan Fuller's effects will be felt. He's written episode seven, so that's the one to really look out for.


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