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I've said how Heroes has been plodding along at 'really quite good' since the last two episodes of Volume 3, well last nights actually hit great, in fact I think it's the best episode since Cautionary Tales back in Volume 2. I have no idea whether this is the Bryan Fuller effect and whether it will have lasting influence or it was just a one-off, but if it does then the show is back!

Anyway, in this episodes: Sandra Bennet gets to be 24 different kinds of awesome (there's a list under the cut. I counted), Peter and Matt are smart and kick Federal Government ass and Sylar's lame storyline (probably unintentionally on the part of the writers) makes me lol. Oh, and last week's floorpocalpse redux is made up for by two of the best cliff-hangers of the season.

First of all, I'm really enjoying the general plot of the season. It's a lot more simple than the plots of the past two volumes (government is evil, everyone's trying to take them down) and I like how the vast majority of characters are on the same side for one but doing their own thing in line with their personalities and skill sets (Peter & Matt are going for direct confrontation, HRG & Angela trying to take them down from the inside, Hiro & Ando are questing, Sandra & Claire and running the underground railroad) and the 'Rebel' character (does anyone not think it's Micah?) is coordinating the efforts.

Secondly, the focus on no more than three plotlines an episode is doing wonders for the show. It seems to give the show time for character development and a degree of internal logic and for the first time in ages, the pacing feels right. And I don't mind characters being benched for one of two episodes every now and again while the show focuses on something more relevant to the overall plot.

Saying that, I still don't know whether the show is going with the Sylar plotline. It seems so unrelated to everything else. I burst in to laughter this week ZQ saying 'Mommy' at the end of one of the flashbacks. But rather than the lame Sylar plot bring about rage like it did last season, I'm just loling my way through the lameness. Did love the Fleetwood Mac in Sylar's flashbacks though. Kind of felt a bit Cold Case.

My favourite subplot of the season has to be the Bennet's separation and potential divorce. The writers are actually handling it with a subtlety and maturity I didn't think they were capable of. The Bennet family has always been the heart of the show, and it's fantastic that the writers have found a conflict the family in that doesn't resolve around Claire and isn't retreading covered ground. Plus, this show usually has divorces happening off screen and - particularly since Jack Coleman and Ashley Crow are two of the best actors on the show - I'm so glad they're showing this one.

Another thing I'm loving is that the writing team have decided to keep a focus on Sandra and Claire's relationship. One of the few great things about volume three was that they for a few episodes focused on that relationship. I thought during volume one that the Bennet storylines would forever be about HRG and Claire. But no – they've actually no only decided to include Sandra as a major player in the Bennet dynamics, but she's gotten some wonderful character development over the past three volumes, and how much did she freaking rock in the episode, well I counted:

1. Re Lyle: "Per usual, he has no clue."
2. When interrogating Claire about the boy she found hiding in her closet: "You really going to make me say it out loud?" "Absolutely"
3. The eye rolling at Claire's "why Dad and I have to lie to you" speech
4. "Why, because I'm some fragile creature in need of protection?" Combined with Building 26's "Stop making this about Claire!" and in three episodes everything that has been needed to be said in the Bennet family for two volumes now has been gloriously said.
5. Educating Claire about the surveillance van on the street.
6. Making Claire let her help
7. Confiscating Lyle's drivers licence as punishment for failing a history exam…
8. …("He's a terrible driver anyway")…
9. …and then using it to make a fake ID.
10. Revealing mad fake-identify making skillz are the result of being an enterprising teenager sneaking into Def Leppard concerts
11. Knowing all about how to fool facial recognition algorithms
12. Finally giving some background into her and Noah's relationship ("he was dangerous and handsome, and I accepted everything that went with that.")
13. Knowing Noah's secret gun hiding spot
14. …("He doesn't think I know about it")…
15. …and using it to hide Aqualad from the Feds.
16. Reaching for the gun…
17. …To protect Aqualad, whom she barely knows
18. Oh, and stashing a gun beneath the kitchen counter
19. "If you two are finished here, I need you to get the hell out of my house."
20. Coming up with Aqualad's escape plan
21. Acting as a distraction.
22. Snark "My son and I are going to a movie. Does that threaten the federal government?"
23. To Claire "I love you just the way you are. I wouldn't trade this life for anything."
24. And after a hard days running the underground railroad: makes popcorn and decides to watch a sappy movie with her daughter.

Also, lol Lyle. Sitting there playing computer games while his mother and sister are figuring out what to do about the fugitive their house and feds out in the street.

Yay for a Claire getting a bit of romance (and Aqualad is hot so I very much appreciated that we got some fanservice), and yay for it also being over in two episodes. I don't think I could tolerate a long term Claire romance. I was a sweet little diversion. And I really liked Claire this episode. She reminded me of season one Claire. And her taking after her father was strong in this episode (it cute how those two are so alike). Anyway, the strong Claire characterisation make me think Bryan Fuller's responsible for the greatness of this episode. Apparently, he was the main guy for writing the Bennet's back in season one – back when Claire was the most likeable teenage character on television.

And either Rebel has no idea who Eric Doyle is or Rebel has a sick sense of humour or knows what makes for good TV. Anyway YAY! Creepy puppet guy is back! (He's one of my favourite villains on the show. He's so freaking creepy). Can't wait to see how that turns out next week.

From one awesome cliffhanger to another: I did not expect the suicide bomber paintings to come true so quickly. But not only did they not drag them out forever, but Danko setting the whole thing up upon seeing the paintings was suck an brilliant twist. That's another thing I can't wait to see how they resolve.

While I miss Daphne, the fact that the show can't got five minutes without mentioning her appeased me somewhat. Though I hope she gets something to do once they eventually spring her from prison. If you really think about it, Daphne is the most powerful character on the show after Sylar. Matt's up there, but can't control more than one person at a time, and Micah if he is indeed Rebel has proved he's got major chops. Peter's also got some game, but it depends on who else is around and he's mostly sticking to flight. But if super speed she can come and go without being noticed, leaving her practically untouchable and capable of achieving a lot. I can see why the character's been benched, but to make up for the 'we must save Daphne' plot, they're going to have to let her do something awesome.

Peter's fast become one of my favourite characters. Since he's grown a brain, he's become a much better character. Using the patented Petrelli hug of betrayal against Nathan was great. Sadly, there is now no Petrelli you can safely hug. Lol him forgetting to add Mohinder to his list of demands.

Finally, Matt and Peter Jedi mind-tricking their way into Building 26 managed to be both awesome and funny.

Hmm. Wow. I've just made a long post mostly praising Heroes. Wouldn't have expected that a few months ago. Now if they just got rid of Sylar and kept this level of quality, the show could actually live up to its potential.

Date: 2009-03-04 02:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I haven't actually watched them, but there seem to be some online only videos with Rebel that might reveal his identity.

And YES PUPPETMAN. I really like him also. XD

Date: 2009-03-04 07:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I had a look at Heroes wiki. Apparently Rebel's identity wasn't reveled in them, which is good. I'd be a bit weird if a major show mystery was revealed in the webisodes, and half the fandom knew already.

Yes! Puppetman is great. I like how he just randomly shows up every now and again. He's the only reoccurring villain the show has really got.

Date: 2009-03-04 05:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Puppetman creeps me the hell out, but that's what makes him a really useful villain.

I'm excited about the Sylar's hunt for his father, mostly because I read a spoiler that equalled serious awesome for my fandom crossover fetish.

I don't think Peter forgot to ask for Mohinder, either--I think he (and Matt) are still pissed off at finding out that Bennett approached Mohinder before the big round-up and he didn't say anything to anyone. Which isn't really fair considering Claire called Peter and said something was up and he didn't warn Mohinder while they were in the taxi together...

I like Alex, but everytime Claire had "a moment" with him, I just kept thinking "If West is still stalking her, he's going to be pissed." As much as I hated him for most of season 2, I think now would be a great time to bring him back.

Date: 2009-03-05 06:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know who you are referring to but sadly no amount of awesome guest casting can save any storyline involving Sylar for me right now. So long as it keeps me laughing though, I'll tolerate it.

Did Peter know Mohinder still had powers though when they were in the taxi together? Then, they might not know he even got captured, they may think he got away after he acted as a distraction. But yeah, they're probably still pissed at him.

As much as I hate West, surprisingly, I agree. He's another local who would be a target, Claire should really seek him out and warn him.


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