Jul. 23rd, 2008

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Jul. 23rd, 2008 04:31 pm
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I'm a bit 'meh' about Merlin, the BBC's family-friendly Doctor Who replacement since it sounds a bit like Robin Hood version 2.0, and not even Richard Armitage's scowl could keep me watching that Robin Hood. But the casting is interesting. Arthur is an unknown to me, but Merlin is the teenager off Midnight, and Santiago Cabrera (i.e. Isaac the hot prophetic painter off Heroes) is Lancelot. That last bit of casting has me particularly excited.

Speaking of Heroes, the publicity is heating up about season three. I'm a bit 'meh' about that also. I have a strange relationship with the show since if I haven't watched an episode in a while I can't seem to remember why I liked it so much. And then I have to remind myself it's because Noah Bennet is the greatest characters on telly and general prettiness of the cast combined with the impressive direction makes it really really ridiculously good looking. Still, I wish it would take itself a little less seriously sometimes, because it's really not intelligent enough to pull off being so pretentious. And the really need to kill off Sylar, he's gone way past his expiry date as a villain and is starting to smell.

Anyway, the latest promo trailer is here.
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I finished The Seeds of Death and am still very much in love with Jamie. There's a scene in the fifth episode in which Zoe and Miss Kelly and busy discussing something technical and Jamie sits there and fidgets. I don't know why I love that moment, I just do.

Best bit had to be the fifth episode cliff-hanger with the foam fungus. There's nothing quite like watching the Doctor struggle for his life against foam and balloons. That must have been ridiculously fun to film. Generally, I enjoyed it more than I did The Invasion and I really need to watch more Two.

I know I say this nearly every time I come across a Classic Who monster, but I'd really like to see the Ice Warriors make an appearance in the New Series. Actually, I can't believe they haven't been at least referenced in series four since I'd think the Doctor would enjoy introducing Donna to an actual Martian.

What really needs to exist is a Two-Ten run in with Jamie, Zoe and Donna along for the ride. Ten, Two and Zoe can argue about who's the smartest and Jamie and Donna can sit back, snark at their respective Doctors for a while and then wander off and save the day. And then top it off with a big dose of mind-wipe angst (after Journey's End I'm in no hurry to watch The War Games)

Next up is Time-Flight which I've heard is a bit rubbish, but I've told myself that if I watch Time-Flight I can watch Arc of Infinity, which I've heard if a very good Nyssa serial.


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