Nov. 29th, 2008

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Watched Einstein and Eddington and completely loved it. A big interest of mine is the interaction of science and politics, so it was completely up my alley. And, of course, cast love. Rebecca Hall should be much more famous than she is, she's a wonderful actress.

The latest two-parter of SJA, the Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith would have been brilliant if not for the fact that Sarah's actions were completely OOC and actually made me not like her. I've never been more disappointed in the writing of the show. If they'd just gotten Sarah's motivations right. Thank goodness for the trio and Sarah's awesome mother, who saved those two episodes for me.

It got to the point where I almost gave up on Heroes. With It's Coming the Sylar storyline has finally caused me to despise the majority of the show and lose all faith in the writers' ability to get the show back on track. I say almost, because then in The Eclipse, Part One, Bennet's back to not only having lines, but being a badass sustaining my interest for another week, damn it. But I'm actively looking for a reason to stop watching the show.


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