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The Antique & Artisan Show was a success! As far as I can tell without knowing how much money we brought in or having read the vendor comment cards - it just seemed like more people were buying. One told me that she felt our $4 admission fee was hampering sales, but IMO the issue is that her handspun yarn cost $38 per skein. I bought quite a few things for presents (and some for me), lost all the Silent Auction items I'd bid on, and purchased a $75 box of dozens and dozens of Needlecraft magazines dating from 1921 to 1940 - several years are complete and many are almost so. The dealer's been selling them out of the box for ages, $3 apiece/$7 for three, so it's been picked over some ... but it's still an amazing deal when you consider how much magazines with fashion info cost on eBay.

I recently discovered the Jane Austen + Text Posts Tumblr, which is a pretty great read. Her textual criticism is 100% fantastic, although sometimes I think her history is a bit less so, or at least ... it's not that it's bad, it's just that sometimes she states things very confidently and I'm like, do you know this because you read a text with references to primary sources on the subject or do you just Know This? However, she makes it all up to me with:

Pride & Prejudice - I know this one is one of the most divisive and contentious bits of Discourse ever to exist among nerds as there are just MORE to pick from and it’s the novel most people are familiar with. SO I will just say that I have Strong Opinions on all of them but for BEST it’s kind of picking from among adaptations which have all disappointed me in some way so I’ll say if you were to COMBINE the better elements of both the 1995 miniseries for timing and thoroughness with the 2005 feature film for artistry and visuals (and don’t come at me handwaving #aesthetic as though it’s not important, because that’s what cinema IS, and lighting/framing/visual cues are SO SO SO important when telling a story through film!) then you’d probably have something I’d feel comfortable calling The Best. On their own, neither truly satisfies me.

Know what? Fuck it, Bridget Jones’s Diary is my favourite adaptation of P&P. Bride & Prejudice is also very good. I saw it three times in theatres, including once by myself, and have no regrets whatsoever.

This is an opinion I respect. In honor of her I'm watching PPZ this morning - I could rant on about worldbuilding issues, but tbh what I think is most disappointing is the way that Elizabeth is 99% a different character than in canon, yet they don't seem to believe that they lost anything in taking her from "a witty, self-assured young woman who likes a laugh" to "she's the MODERN Austen heroine, if you don't like it, DEAL".

I am liking this new season of Who. The premiere did nothing for me - not sure why - but Smile was great. I like Bill, she's well cast and well written.

Doctor Who 10.02 - "Smile"

Apr. 23rd, 2017 09:49 am
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Fun fact! A modern Doctor Who episode is exactly the right length to eat a bowl of cereal, drink three small cups of tea, and apply a fresh nail wrap. The deco styling matches my new Star Wars T-shirt, but I can't quite decide how I feel about this shade of pink. Which is fair, because I also can't quite decide how I feel about this episode!

Spoilers are quoting Bowie. )

Doctor Who

Apr. 17th, 2017 08:54 pm
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Question for those of you still watching the show:

Since there's a new companion in the TARDIS, do you think that I should give it a try and see if the new series pulls me back in? I'm wavering back and forth.

I stopped watching regularly in late Series 8 (the first series with Capaldi). I've never been a huge fan of Moffat as showrunner; his writing style works for one-offs but not so much series-long story arcs, IMO at least. (I also hate plot holes with a passion. That probably plays a role.) And Capaldi wasn't working for me as the Doctor, which made me sad because I really do love him as an actor. I found his portrayal of the character too dark to keep my attention, and combined with Moffat's writing it just didn't work for me.

So, with those caveats in mind, do those of you still watching thing that I should try to jump back in? Or do you think I would be better off waiting until the show has a new showrunner and actor in the role of the Doctor before giving it a try again? I'm at least a little curious about the new companion, but I don't know if the things that drove me away from Doctor Who several years ago have gotten any better or not.

Anyone want to chime in? Because I really miss Doctor Who, and I would adore to be able to start watching it again. I just don't know if it's at a point where I can yet.

(no subject)

Apr. 17th, 2017 07:37 pm
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Started to read Tasha Alexander's And Only to Deceive. I'm going to keep reading for a bit, but in just the first few chapters it's already hit me with a number of Victorian-historical-fiction tropes I hate:

- Well-born girl who doesn't want to get married Just Because (but has no apparent goal that marriage would interfere with)

- Mother who makes Mrs. Bennet look chill and hands-off (even after her daughter is married very well and then widowed, she's still attempting to bother her into remarrying Just Because)

- Father who is quietly indulgent but never interferes with the mother's awfulness

- Even second mourning dress is inherently dreary and unattractive, and wearing any mourning is the worst thing ever

- Women at any level of mourning must seclude themselves at home with the curtains drawn, even in second mourning for a husband they were married to for six months

- "Please, let us dispense with formalities since we've been talking for fifteen minutes. Call me by my first name, eligible man."

- Female characters are either twittering, conventional idiots or magnificent unconventional grande dames

Not a trope but irritating anyway: "Mr. Worth will be coming to my rooms [in Paris] this afternoon." If there is one thing we can all agree on about Worth, IT'S THAT HE DOESN'T COME TO YOU. Gawd.


Apr. 16th, 2017 05:10 pm
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Dungeons & Dragons still continues to eat up most of my free time. Not that it's a bad thing! I'm just very amused.

So, yes, my week is very D&D-filled. I have a new game on Tuesday nights that's fairly casual. It's been a bit hit-or-miss since it started, as we've had some issues with players dropping out and having to be replaced, but we have two new players joining us for the next game so we'll see how it goes. And then there's Critical Role on Thursdays, where I get to watch professional voice actors play D&D and generally be awesome.

Fridays are still my main D&D game, and I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun with it. We've actually taken a few weeks off, first because of "people are out of town" reasons and then because our bard decided to play guest-DM and ran a bards only oneshot this past week.

It was a whole lot of fun as you can tell from my tweets on the game. And it was made all the more impressive by the fact that it was only our guest-DM's second time DMing ever.

And then there's Saturdays. What's up with Saturday, you might ask? Well, you see, since I haven't had any luck finding a part-time job, I decided "why the hell not?" and am going to start DMing a game on Saturday nights. Our first game is on April 29th, to give the players time to create their characters and get things set up on Roll20 (since most people playing are new to that site, as well as D&D in general).

I'm both terrified and excited? It's my first time DMing, so that's where the fear is coming in. I know that I'm decent at storytelling, though, and I've had enough experience in the past with both good and bad DMs that I'm fairly certain I can do at least a decent job. We'll just... have to see how it goes, I guess?

One of those RL updates...

Apr. 16th, 2017 04:48 pm
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My car still isn't turning on, and I'm getting closer and closer to calling the nearby junkyards to see who will give me the most money for her. It's almost definitely an issue with the starter, which would cost more than I'm willing to spend to fix. And even if it's not the starter but something that's at least a little cheaper to fix, by the time I paid for the car to be towed to the garage and then fixed, it would still be too much.

Basically? It's not looking good.

On the positive side, during the day the bus route that goes by my apartment (at least, the one that I need to take) runs every 20 minutes. Even if it's running late, I have two other options for different routes that will take me in the right direction, so the only time I'd have an issue is if all of those buses were late. And if that happens, it means traffic in the entire area is fucked up so it's not a big deal because my coworkers who depend on cars will be just as screwed.

Plus my coworker RB has basically said that she's willing to give me a ride most days, because it literally makes her drive a few minutes shorter as long as I'm outside waiting for her. (My apartment complex is huge. By cutting through it instead of going around, she bypasses multiple traffic lights.) So I'll only need to depend on buses/walking if she's going to be out of the office or if I need to go in early/stop somewhere on the way to or from work.

Grocery shopping isn't as complicated as I was afraid it might, for the most part. I'll probably need to end up switching from the pharmacy I've been using to the one in the grocery store next to my apartment, but that shouldn't be very difficult. And I'm definitely going to be making several smaller trips rather than one larger one, but other than that it should be fine.

So, yeah, that's happening.

On the work front, things are finally calming down at Unnamed Nonprofit now that our busy season is over, which is very much a good thing. There's been some drama happening the last few weeks (not employee-related for once), of the kind that's made things really not fun for those of us on the phones. It's hopefully dying down, though.

I'm still looking for a part-time job. Most of the places I've put in applications have gotten back to me with a "no" (because, yet again, they're looking for people who have at least some weekday availability), but some of the online jobs I've put in for haven't given me a "yes" or a "no" so I'm at least keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh! By the way, I'm trying to sell my bicycle again now that the weather is warm again and people might actually buy it. If anyone in the DC area knows someone who might need a bike, point them in the direction of my craigslist ad. I've very much figured out that I prefer walking to biking (at least in this area, where it's on the sidewalk/street instead of offroad), and I could use some money more than a bicycle.

Dance Academy: The Movie

Apr. 16th, 2017 11:05 am
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I saw this a few weeks ago, at a preview screening attended by executive producer Joanna Werner. I did a "spoiler-lite" review at No Award, that basically gives away where everyone is at the movie's start, including that SPOILER and SPOILER are talking about SPOILERING together. But I've been sitting on everything more substantial since then, and I need to get some stuff out.

Spoilers, soundtrack notes and dubious legal shenanigans within )

Doctor Who 10.01 - "The Pilot"

Apr. 16th, 2017 10:40 am
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Having stepped back from active participation in DW fandom, and been SO disappointed with so much of last season, I wasn't even going to watch "The Pilot" this morning. I was going to wait and watch it tonight, like I do with every other show.

But I forgot how much the UK loves untagged livetweeting, and there were so many opinions flying around that I realised I could either avoid social media for the whole day (AHAHAHAHA NO), or just watch it over breakfast. So I did, but I really do think UK viewers should consider tags, if not just holding off for a while.

Which reminds me, I really should do a spoilery Dance Academy post here, it's been WEEKS and I may explode if I don't talk about some stuff soon.

Spoilers choose chips. )


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