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I can't believe it's taken the show more than fifty years to use that title. Teaspoon has ... okay, only four fics using it. That's less than I expected.


'No, dear, those were spoilers.' )

Big work day

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:03 pm
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Set in one sleeve! Hmm, I should take a picture of the other one with the piping basted on to show how I do it for the blog post. (I don't know if that's the way people normally do it or not, but it's working better for me with a sleeve that's not supposed to be gathered/pleated into the armscye - I always end up making the sleeve to fit and making the armscye a little small and needing to cut into it, so.) It's looking real good.

Question, though. So, this is a Waugh pattern and therefore there is no construction information. I've noticed that most fan-fronts have the gathered panels sewn down on the outer edge to the lining, but occasionally they're just kind of open. People who've done fan-fronts, is there a fit reason for these options? I'd rather sew it down because otherwise I will be thinking about and messing with it constantly, but I'm a little worried that it might hang weird or something. I don't know, I tend to overthink this stuff.

(Finished Thick as Thieves. Will have to reread it before I take it back to the library. I prefer court settings to travel stories, but have to admit that the travel-story-format really works here. <3 <3 <3)

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Jun. 24th, 2017 11:18 am
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I should have put, under my "positive" column yesterday, about buying strawberries - I'd been walking to Stewart's for milk, and I saw this Amish woman holding a wooden tray with two quarts of strawberries on the sidewalk. (This is a small residential street, not the sort of place the Amish usually set up stationary booths.) I was thinking, "I hope she's selling those, I'd really like to buy them ... but it'd be super awkward if she actually just looks like she's going door-to-door, maybe she's just delivering some strawberries that someone else ordered, I don't know ..." But she greeted me and sold them to me for $3 each! I carefully put them in my tote bag, and they still did squish and leak a bit into the hip of my dress, but it seems to have washed out. So I've been having strawberries and cream (not clotted) for dessert lately, and yesterday Sue happened by an Amish stand when she was returning lightbulbs to the hardware store, and bought me another quart! So much strawberry.

OTOH, would you like to be depressed? Someone unpicked a mantua to turn it into some kind of hideous, shapeless sleeveless fancy dress.

So ...

Jun. 23rd, 2017 08:27 am
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- Normally, I feel kind of down on Tuesdays: first day of the work week, not where I want to be, etc. etc. so I just give myself more leeway to doodle around at work that day and get down to things later, but this week it's just continued all the way through. The change to our open and working hours is really bumming me out - since we're only going to be open until 6pm on Fridays instead of 8, the Friday evening "extra shift" no longer counts as a thing, and each week one of us will work Monday (while closed) and the other Saturday (while open), so there will be no more alternating 3- and 2-day weekends, which means that any time we switch Mondays/Saturdays, one person gets Saturday-Monday off and one person only gets Sunday off. It's not objectively a huge deal, but one of the very few good things about working here was the flexibility and the long weekends. Most frustrating, because I can't even deal with it by going, "well, I'm going to get a different job and open a new chapter of my life!" since I'm already trying that.

- We had a special events committee meeting and I could barely function in it because all I could think about was how deeply I resented board members for coming up with ideas for me to follow up on or criticizing what we're doing because they don't spend enough time with us to realize some problems aren't our fault (e.g. whining that we don't send out enough press releases, when the issue is that not every news outlet we send them to publishes them; complaining that some of our presenters are sucky/barely relevant, when it's not like we have people queuing up to present and I know approximately 10 people in this county). Or signing up to work one shift (or not sign up to work any) at an event where I'm working 5-15 hours of unpaid overtime.

Okay, but on the positive side!

+ I put in for Koa, CoK, and Thick as Thieves at the library on the same day, hoping they would come in the proper order for me to finish the reread first but knowing they wouldn't, and they didn't, and so now I'm reading TaT! It's sooooo gooooood, Eagle of the Ninth meets The Goblin Emperor!

+ I just confessed that lately the board is making me completely nuts, like they've gotten less tolerable or something, and Sue agreed and said that maybe that's why she's been sleeping poorly and feeling not-great, so we're totally on the same page as far as that goes and I'm not a horrible, bitter person.

+ So maybe I couldn't have the green dress on display in the house - the Cranford dress, despite being massively bigger than the form, looks quite good in situ and somehow matches the room well despite being, um, brown-on-brown.

+ I didn't write very much over the past two days, but what I did write I'm pretty happy with. Needs editing, obviously, but this draft is turning out so much better than the first ... I'm going to have to do a compare/contrast thing here one of these days.

(no subject)

Jun. 21st, 2017 05:57 pm
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I feel so stupid. I spent weeks making dress forms and even dressed one before realizing that the house/period rooms are no place to display antique textiles, since there are bright shining windows everywhere and the front door is opened at least twice a day! So I got to see my pride and joy on display for a day, and tomorrow I'm bringing my Cranford dress in to put on the form. The other one I will just put in collections storage for the next time I can include clothing in an upstairs, gallery-space exhibition. FFS.

(My pride and joy doesn't actually fit on the form. I made it so small so that it would fit as many dresses as possible, but this dress has dimensions of roughly 26" in the bust and 22" in the waist. So not only did I make a huge, obvious error in not thinking through where I was going to put these dress forms, I made a huge, obvious error in not measuring the gown that I was thinking of dressing in the first place. Blerg.)

Not sewing tonight - I've put the bones of the bodice together and need a breather. Tomorrow I'll cut out sleeves of the proper size and make them up; hopefully will also set them in. In theory I'm writing fiction tonight instead, but so far that's ... not happening.

Continues ridiculously hot

Jun. 18th, 2017 08:16 pm
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Started in on sewing the bodice - I had to recut all the front pieces of the lining from my muslin, and I'm not 100% sure whether it's going to work (my bust-to-waist curve-in is a lot sharper than on the original, a recurring problem). Tomorrow I'll be cutting out the pretty cotton, and trying to be very very good about matching it at the enter front. Fortunately, that's really the only place that requires matching. Also fortunately, I found my piping twine in a box.

Watched a lot of Catherine Cookson today; what was up with her and pseudo-incest? And also pedophilia?

This weekend I've been working on a frankly random sort of project for my blog - I was GBooksing for clothing references in the mid-18th century, and I came across the script of Polly Honeycombe, a 1760 play about novel-reading. In the preface, there's a list several pages long of books that were available for lending in a circulating library, and I decided for some reason that I should copy this list; try to find readable copies of as many as possible on GBooks, Project Gutenberg, and the Kindle store (for free or 99c); and put the authors and dates of publication on the list. Having done that (it's 5.5 pages!!), now I'm figuring out how to contextualize it. TBH it's interesting and I think I can say some cool things about the writing profession and especially female authors, but I do keep coming back to the word "random". Hopefully people will come away knowing more about Eliza Haywood and Sarah Fielding, and maybe try out a few 18th century novels.

(The fashion-related thing I got from the preface is that he writes about a woman who needs new clothes for the general mourning on the death of, presumably, George II, because the mourning clothes she'd had made up for Anne, Princess of Orange wore out, and she's apparently planning to get by on one new bombazine sack and petticoat for the whole six months' mourning. Is this because it was normal to wear one outfit every single day? Or was general mourning not really to be worn at all times, just when you're being social?)

(I would ABSOLUTELY be up for staging Polly Honeycombe someday, omg. It's just a one-act farce, and so silly. It would be so fun, even as a reading! Overly-romantic girl and boy, utterly unromantic boy, angry father, comical nurse, drunk mother.)

Doctor Who 10.10 - "Eaters of Light"

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:05 am
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I watched last week's episode at Continuum, while hiding from people in the committee room, and made a terrible discovery: iView streaming quality is much, much better over 4G on an iPad than over the NBN on a new desktop.


That was pretty much the highlight of Gatiss's episode, so let's move on to the triumphant return of Rona Munro.

You never hear the spoilers. )

(no subject)

Jun. 17th, 2017 08:42 am
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Almost finished with first history of white weddings blog post - the end is a bit choppy, but it's always hard to end posts in series, I find. I just want to go back in and add some info from Cinderella Dreams: The Allure of the Lavish Wedding, because I'm trying to get better about using academic sources.

I actually participated in a group critique of people's opening pages on r/fantasywriters, and it was really fun! Definitely preferable to the usual way critique goes on that sub, where people post a link to the first chapter or so of their work as its own thread, and there's just so much to critique that you have to be a bit shallow or leave a lot unsaid. I talked with some people about their openings and one of the mods eventually took pity on me and responded to mine - I'm always leery of sharing my writing, but I did want some advice on whether I was restarting the story in the wrong place. She(? I feel like the mods of that sub skew female) advised me to continue from where I'd left off in the original and then go back and rework, but the original was written in 2013 and ... that's not really such a long time, but when I reread it I'm like, what baby wrote this and why was their style so awkward, so.


Jun. 14th, 2017 04:59 pm
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I just recorded the first episode of the AMBA podcast and ... it wasn't awful? It didn't feel awful, I mean. I don't know how it sounded, I haven't listened to it yet. But it was easier than when I was interviewed for AH, much less pressure. It also turned out a lot shorter than expected. Now I know that I need a much fuller outline to keep me on track, maybe even close to a full script.

Last night I made biscotti with this recipe, which claims to be related to GBBO in some fashion, but it's garbage. Not hot enough, not long enough in the oven (even at a higher heat), and too much flour. I just tried putting a handful back in the oven to see if that would fix them, but all that happened was that the outsides burned. ಠ_ಠ Going to use this tomorrow.

Trying to learn how to edit in Audacity, it is ... very difficult.

98 degrees in Albany today

Jun. 12th, 2017 08:31 pm
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I got a microphone! Owen realized that the one he was going to give me only worked with a specific program, so we went to Best Buy before I drove back here and he bought me a new one. I would have tested it out tonight and even recorded the first episode, but a) I need to finish watching Orange is the New Black!!! and b) it's godawful hot, my apartment is probably 80 degrees and has no air movement.

Although I realized this weekend that AD is actually already doing a podcast, and with that plus FrockFlicks the audience is probably saturated and everyone who sees my blog/FB/etc. posts on the subject of Patreon thinks I'm stupid, but I've been assuming everyone thinks I'm stupid for a long time, so. Still, someone responded to an AH answer - to a follow-up question on a main question that had nothing to do with my area - with

Before this subreddit, I never really appreciated the historical study of things like fashion and beauty standards. But now, as I've come to regard your comments as a treat in any thread, I've grown fond of the subject. Thank you.

Which was really really really really sweet and made me feel good.

(I thought S4 of OITNB was over-the-top and when I finished it, I thought I wouldn't care about watching S5 at all. So I gave the first episode a shot and was hooked all over again!)


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