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Title: Detour
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: Lin/Tenzin
Rating: All-ages

Summary: A few months ago, Lin was a promising young police officer. Now she has to find a new path.

Notes: Set in the same AU as "Avalanche". It's called the President Beifong AU on AO3, even though I haven't really gotten to any of the presidential stuff yet. This fic comes with thanks to multivitamins and praticamente-innocua, which between them gave me the strength to start recovering from The Cold I've Had Since March.

While the welcoming party's attention was on the Avatar, Lin climbed gingerly down from Appa and all but collapsed in Tenzin's arms. )

Another update of the RL variety...

May. 24th, 2017 06:14 pm
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I finally sold my car! \o/

The guy who bought it gave me $200 cash for it (which is about what I was expecting) and towed it off as soon as I handed over the title. He's taking it back to his place to break down what he can for parts, and then he's donating it to the local fire department to use for training. So, you know, that works. I got some money for it, plus it's going to be put to a good purpose.

Unnamed Nonprofit is closing at lunchtime on Friday, so I'm heading to the MVA afterwards to turn in my plates and tags. Luckily, it's literally next door to my apartment complex, which is very convenient when it comes to walking home afterwards. Then I can cancel my car insurance, find out what my renters' insurance will be going up to (since I was getting a multi-line discount), and not have to worry about any of that anymore.

Now that I've actually managed to sell my car, I'm feeling much more positive about making it to VividCon. I've got cash in hand for the car itself, plus by the time you add in the small refunds I'll be getting for my car tags/car insurance as well as the fact that my car insurance won't be renewing three days before VVC? That should be enough to cover the costs of the con, especially since I don't have to worry about airfare.

(That said, I'm waiting until June to register. Just to make certain nothing else unexpected happens. Because 2017 has been hell, and I don't trust it.)

Speaking of cons, I'm seriously considering going to Philly in November for PAX Unplugged. The cost of the con itself is very reasonable, and since it's in Philadelphia it's much more plausible for me to pay $20(ish) to just spend a few hours on a bus to get there. The big cost would be a hotel, but I'm hoping that either roommates and/or staying somewhere other than downtown would help.

I'm finally playing Mass Effect: Andromeda thanks to my mom buying it for me out of the blue. I haven't had a lot of time to play yet, but I'm hoping to spend a fair bit of the holiday weekend digging into it.

On the cat front, Garrus has been doing... okay(ish). He's definitely extremely clingy when I first get home from work in the afternoons, and he's being more vocal than I've heard him in the entire 3+ years that he's been here. I'm looking into adopting another cat so that he'll have someone to keep him company during the day, as it's very obvious that a lot of the problem is that he's home alone for 8+ hours on weekdays. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure at least some of it is that he misses Tali specifically, but I'm getting the impression that's not all of it.

I'm supposed to get Tali's ashes back in the next day or two (although I won't be surprised at all if it's pushed back until sometime next week thanks to the holiday weekend). While I'm slowly getting used to not looking for her, I think that's definitely going to hurt. I already know where she's going to be staying, though, so the fact that I've prepared that much will hopefully help a little.


May. 24th, 2017 09:06 am
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I have been so sluggish and depressed this morning, it's pretty intense. Got better when I decided to suggest at our June staff meeting that when our hours change in July - to be open not as late on Friday night and earlier on Saturday, which will mean both of us need to work five days - instead of us switching off working Mondays (when we're closed) and Saturdays, why doesn't she just work Mon-Fri and I'll work Tues-Sat, except when we need to trade for Reasons? Because switching would mean regular one-day weekends, and thinking about that was seriously making me want to cry. Because I have no social life and no family, working on Saturdays isn't the hardship for me that it is for her, so why not just put me there.

As you can see, last night I did sew again, inserting a long and somewhat wavy triangle into the sleeve seam. (I actually had to piece the triangle in one as well ಠ_ಠ) It's still a little tight at the end of the seam, so I might cut a tiny bit into the triangle and hem that along with the rest of the opening. Tonight: hemming the opening, making piped cuffs, sewing them to the sleeve along with the trim pieces. Tomorrow night: setting the sleeve into the armscye. Friday night: Putting lining on the neckline bands, adding hooks and eyes, trying on and having a meltdown when it won't fit (I assume).


May. 22nd, 2017 07:24 pm
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I really meant to actually sew today, but it just didn't seem to happen. I did trim down the armscyes enough to get my arms through, woo, which means I'm at the worst point for assessing fit and appearance - the no-sleeves-and-no-fastenings stage. Is it like this for other people? Whenever I hit this part in any sewing project, it always looks like utter crap and I want to completely scrap the whole thing because it seems like it will never work. But I figure that if I solidly sew every evening, I should be able to finish in just a couple of days - which means that if it really doesn't work, I have time to get Dad to ship me the 1860s dress I left down in East Greenbush ... or I guess I could just wear my Cranford dress, tbh. While it has its own issues, being too tight is not one of them.


May. 20th, 2017 10:46 am
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So, yes, I've been mentioning this in other posts for some time now, so it's about time that I typed one up on the subject. As I've said before, I'm currently trying to sell my (nonworking due to a starter issue) car and my (in almost new condition) bicycle on craigslist. And, wow, I've had some responses that deserve being shared.

Some of my favorites:

* The person who sent me a lot of questions about my car before asking what I wanted for it. (Which, by the way, is listed in the post itself.) Their response when I said "[insert dollar amount here] or best offer" was an almost immediate "... oh, you want money?"

* The person who I went back-and-forth with via e-mail for several days, to the point where we where we were talking about arranging for him to come see the car. He then asked where we should meet. I replied back pointing out that, since the car won't start until it has some work done (which not only is in the subject line and body of the craigslist post, but was also the subject line of every. single. email. that we'd been sending to each other), we'd need to meet at my apartment complex since that's where it was parked. Somehow, despite all of that, he'd managed to miss the fact that the car has starter issues and wouldn't turn on.

* The person who offered me $50 for the car but only if I'd pay for it to be towed to him (which definitely costs more than $50 in this area). And who then kept sending me e-mails for days after I told him "no" and stopped replying to his messages.

* The thirteen different people (so far!) who've sent me e-mails asking about which motor the car has in it, how many miles it has, etc. despite all of that information being listed very clearly in the craigslist post.

* The guy who, for something like two weeks straight, kept making plans to come see my bicycle only to never send me a message on the day we'd arranged asking the address to meet (as I told him I'd send him more information once he was sure he could make it). I'd get an e-mail something like 12 hours later saying that "something had come up" and making plans to meet on a different day.

* The guy who sent me several e-mails asking about my bike before asking for more information about where I'm located. (Not the address, just general info.) Which was already in the craigslist post. He then disappeared for several days, making me assume he'd realized how far MoCo is from NoVA (where he just moved), before sending an e-mail asking to come see my bicycle the next day. I said "sure" - and didn't hear anything from him for three days. Then he sent an e-mail asking to meet last night. I said "sure" - and, yet again, didn't hear anything back from him until 2am this morning (after I'd already gone to bed) asking if he could meet me first thing this morning to take a look at the bike. I sent him an e-mail and a text when I woke up this morning at 9am, but I haven't heard any reply.

* The guy who called me several inappropriate terms, over the course of five e-mails, because I wouldn't sell the bicycle to him for $25. I was going to make him look like a bad guy to his girlfriend, because he'd already promised to buy the bike for her! How dare I not accept his offer!?

* The woman who very clearly knew absolutely nothing about bicycles but was trying to buy one for her still-a-fairly-young-child grandson. (I explained to her just why my bike wasn't a good option for a kid and pointed her towards some places to get more information about what would be appropriate.)

And that's not counting the dozen or so people not mentioned who've sent me some e-mails asking about my bike and/or car, some of which have gone so far as to ask when would be a good time for them to come see them, only to disappear into the ether without another word.

Another one of those RL updates...

May. 20th, 2017 10:06 am
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It's been a tough week, for obvious reasons, but things are slowly going back to as normal as they can be. Garrus seems to be settling in to the new status quo, although he's definitely sleeping more than usual. I'm not entirely certain if it's because he's depressed and missing Tali, though, or if it's more due to her not being here to wake him up. Their sleep schedules were always a bit off, and she would wake up from her naps sooner than him and immediately make certain that he joined her in being awake.

He's definitely been a bit clingier the past few days, although it does seem to be tapering off the last 24 hours or so. His naps tend to be within sight of me rather than in other rooms, as they have been in the past, and he's been spending all night in bed with me rather than only part of it. (Although, once again, that might just be because there's no Tali to wake him up and not let him sleep.)

I've been fighting a headache (that turned into a migraine for a bit before fading back into just a headache) since Tuesday, but it finally seems to be fading. I made it to work for about half of Wednesday, stayed home on Thursday, and then went in again for a little over half the day on Friday. Luckily I have plenty of PTO, so I had it to spare. Still, it wasn't exactly the best week for it considering several people are out of the office at the moment. That's life, though.

There's still some craigslist-related drama going on in regards to trying to sell my bicycle and car that I totally need to type up a post about at some point. I'm getting closer and closer to saying "fuck it" and just donating the car to charity, at this point. Yes, I'd like some cash up front now, but that way I could at least get a tax credit next year. Besides, the sooner I get it taken care of, the sooner I can get my car insurance cancelled and try to get a partial refund for my tags.

D&D continues to take up quite a bit of my brain space, which is good for distraction-related purposes at least. In our Friday night game, it looks like we're getting ready to start a fairly serious dungeon crawl that's probably going to last quite a while based on the map we were given. I think we're all excited and a bit terrified for it.

Back on the cat front, I'm definitely thinking that I need to find a new companion for Garrus sooner rather than later. I haven't been away for a full eight hours at work yet since Tali died, but just being away for 4-5 hours on the two days that I made it in to the office seemed to be pretty hard on him. He's definitely not used to being completely on his own for extended periods of time. I'm not quite certain how ready I am for a new cat right now, but I do think that he needs someone to keep him company.

If anyone in the DC area knows of someone who's trying to rehome a cat, one who gets along well with others, let me know? I'm mostly keeping an eye on craigslist right now. Local animal shelters are technically an option, but a lot of them tend to require written confirmation from my landlord that pets are allowed and a vet recommendation (and some of them even require things like paycheck stubs as proof of income). All of which, you know, are technically possible for me to get but will take some time and effort due to my work schedule/lack of a car. So I'm looking into one-on-one arrangements first.

Still, I'll just have to see how it goes.

*points to icon*

May. 20th, 2017 06:55 pm
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I didn't realise how much I needed another woman in command of a Starfleet vessel until the Star Trek Discovery trailer came out. A woman! A Chinese woman! A Chinese woman with an accent! Mentoring the main character, who is also a black woman and seems to have some interesting identity stuff happening with regard to Vulcans!

I'm trying to moderate my enthusiasm by concentrating on the fact that Georgiou is not the captain of the USS Discovery, and may therefore be a minor character, or she could even be killed off early on, despite what Wikipedia and IMDB say about Michelle Yeoh's appearance in all 13 episodes.

Buuuuut. I'm excited.

Dumping some links

May. 18th, 2017 02:36 pm
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Because my work browser has way too many open.

Journal of a Lady of Quality; Being the Narrative of a Journey from Scotland to the West Indies, North Carolina, and Portugal, in the Years 1774 to 1776

WE are now got on Board, heartily fatigued, yet not likely to sleep very sound in our new apartments, which I am afraid will not prove either very agreeable or commodious; nor, from what I can see, will our Ship be an exception to the reflections thrown on Scotch Vessels in general, as indeed, nothing can be less cleanly than our Cabin, unless it be its Commander, and his friend and bedfellow the Supercargo. I hinted to the Captain that I thought our Cabin rather dirty. He assured me every Vessel was so 'till they got out to Sea, but that as soon as we were under way, he wou'd stow away the things that were lumbering about, and then all wou'd be neat during the Voyage. I appear to believe him; it were in vain to dispute; here we are, and here we must be for sometime.

Henrietta Liston's journals describing her travels in the United States and the West Indies between 1796 and 1801 (OCR'd and searchable)

HEARTH - Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition, History - lots of domestic manuals, such as The Young Lady's Friend (1838)

Harvard University Library Open Collections Program - Women Working, 1800-1930

Pretty decent glossary for writing about furniture/decorative arts

You Must Remember This, podcast I need to catch up on (but when???)

Transcribed diary of 19 year old William Harrison Combs, born in 1840, as he became the schoolteacher in Springfield, Wisconsin

Calendar for every year in the past


I wish I didn't have two expensive hobbies. I would quite like the $165 Parker Vacuumatic Gold and/or the $100 Sheaffer Balance on this page, or the $175 Parker Challenger in blue marble or $100 Sheaffer Imperial on page two.

(no subject)

May. 17th, 2017 05:49 pm
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It's hot today - over 80 - so I tried putting my hair into a high ponytail. It's grown out to be just long enough, but it's also short enough not to weigh my head down or break/pull out the hair toward the front. Very nice! It looks cute.

As a palate cleanser after Longbourn, I'm now reading Jane Austen and Religion: Salvation and Economy in Georgian England. I'm enjoying it, but it has to be said that it's much longer than it needs to be: the basic theory is that the books are didactic novels meant to show the perils of bad oikonomia (stewardship, household discipline, etc.) and how to achieve good oikonomia, a complementary marriage, and Anglican-style salvation. Clergy marriages are meant to be between people who have a rational mindset tempered with feeling, because of their position in the community and straitened lifestyle, while someone who governs an estate should be and marry a person who has more feeling held in check by reason since they're more of the world. The author argues that even Mr. Collins/Charlotte is supposed to be seen as an example of good oikonomia even though Elizabeth (as a feeling person instead of a reason person) doesn't get it.


May. 17th, 2017 04:35 pm
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I'm honestly not sure it's sunk in yet that Tali is really gone. She was going to turn four in July, so she was still very much a young cat. She was healthy. When I left for work yesterday morning, it was just another day. She was curled up in her usual spot on the back of the sofa, awake but very much not willing to move yet. I kissed her and Garrus goodbye, told them to be good and not destroy the apartment while I was gone... and that was the last time I saw her.

It seems so quiet in the apartment without her, which is odd because she's always been the quieter of the two of them. But she was always the one sitting in the window watching and waiting for me to get home, and whenever I'd walk in the door she'd come running up, climb halfway up the back of my sofa, and then dangle there waiting to be petted. It's why I always called her my monkey cat.

She'd curl up on the back of the sofa or the top of the fridge or a random chair, and then she would stretch so far that she'd often roll right off. And then immediately flip over, all nonchalant, like she'd totally meant to fall off of where she'd just been. She could open almost every drawer and door in the apartment, and the handful of ones that she couldn't open due to her size she'd trained Garrus to open for her. Whenever I took a shower, the odds were high that at some point during it there would be a small black head poking in at the back of the bathtub to get misted with water.

She loved people food. Whenever I opened the refrigerator, she would come running. I had to eat standing up more often than not, because if I tried to sit at the table or my computer desk, she'd come after my food. Just Monday night, I ordered pizza for dinner and made the mistake of trying to eat at my computer, and she made an adorable nuisance of herself the entire time. And she absolutely adored boxes and bags. Whenever anything arrived in the mail, I'd end up leaving the empty cardboard box sitting in my floor somewhere for at least a few days until she got bored with it, because I didn't have the heart to take it away from her.

If she was startled, she would look twice as large as she actually was. Her fur would stand straight on end, and she'd arch her back like the stereotypical black cat from Halloween decorations. The rest of the time, the size difference between her and Garrus was hilarious. They were from the same litter, but he was literally over twice as large as her. And their eyes! His are light green, but hers were so yellow they were almost orange. When you saw the two of them beside each other, it was always so noticeable.

Tali was my demon and my angel. I have a ridiculous number of scars on my arms and elsewhere on my body from her claws, and I still have scratches on my stomach from Sunday night when I got back from my trip to Tennessee and she made her displeasure known for my leaving them for 36 hours. She shedded like there was no tomorrow, and there's a good chance that I'll still be vacuuming up some of her fur for months to come - if not longer.

I'm going to miss her so much.

Thank You

May. 17th, 2017 04:00 pm
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I very much don't have the spoons to try and respond to everyone's comments individually, not right now. But I wanted to post a huge "thank you!" to everyone who donated money towards covering Tali's vet bills/cremation and/or who helped spread the word of it. Thanks to all of you, I have enough money to cover all of the expenses from the vet, plus I should have enough to adopt another cat sometime in the near(ish) future.

I'm trying not to think about that part too much at the moment, because just the idea of it hurts so fucking much. Still, it's quickly becoming clear that it's not going to be good for Garrus to be by himself. I was gone for about four hours today, because I went in to work for the morning, and when I got home at lunchtime it was clear that leaving him alone during the day definitely isn't a long-term option. He needs someone else to keep him company.

Speaking of which, Garrus is doing... okay(ish). This gets a bit long, so I'm going to put it under a cut. )

. . .

May. 16th, 2017 08:00 pm
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Tali died a little while ago.

I got home from work to find her curled up on the floor beside my computer desk, unresponsive. It appears that her leg somehow got caught on the power cable to my computer, and she tried to chew her way loose. I rushed her to the emergency pet clinic, as it seemed to have happened fairly recently, but they weren't able to resuscitate her.

I've set up a YouCaring page to try and raise money to cover the vet bills/cost of cremation. I also have PayPal set up with settiai [at] gmail [dot] com.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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(c/p'd from what I posted to GoodReads)

Good literary fiction novel, not very good fanfiction. The writing is clear and evocative, the characters well-drawn.There is a little too much head-hopping: a semi-universal third person point of view works in Austen because she had an ironic detachment from the characters and the ability to raise an eyebrow even at the flaws of her heroines, but Baker goes so deep into her protagonist's thoughts and feelings that it's truly jarring when we're suddenly involved in another character's brain, but the writing itself is very sharp.

review )

Sewing status:

May. 14th, 2017 08:34 pm
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Gathered the top and bottom of the bodice and attached the neckband and triangles and side linings - I think I should have made the front and back bands longer, but if I cut into the front and back of the armscye a little, it should be relatively comfortable. Sewed together all the skirt panels, hemmed the opening, and pinned up the tuck. (Might sew the tuck tonight, that's simple.) Cut out the sleeves without really enlarging them, because I thought "if the wrist is the right size, then probably the rest of the sleeve is too," but that was very wrong and it's SO tight in the forearm, so I'll have to put a long gusset into the seam. Or else cut out new sleeves - there's probably enough fabric left, but I still entertain hopes of cutting out a flat ruffle from it, but there might not actually be enough for that ... I'll have to do some calculations. Fortunately I can mess with the skirt to buy time.

So, I have potatoes and will have latkes on Friday evening if I don't get a call this week as a consolation. Then I think I will reserve getting myself one of the pairs of catseye sunglasses I was looking at on Amazon as a prize in case they do call. But I feel like the sunglasses should also be on the table as a consolation as well. Basically I really want these sunglasses.

Is this thing on?

May. 14th, 2017 06:35 pm
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So, yes, I'm still alive. Doing horrible at actually posting to DW/LJ, clearly, but that's par for the course nowadays.

Let's see... what's been going on?

Nothing has changed on the car front, as it continues to remain dead. I haven't sold or donated mine yet, although I've had quite a few Adventures™ trying to sell it on craigslist. I'll try to type some of them up at some point in the near future, because it's gotten to the "you have to be kidding me" stage at this point. I've decided that if it doesn't sell by June, I'm most likely going to donate it to one of the many charities that take nonworking cars. If nothing else, I should get a $500-650 tax credit that way, which is better than nothing. And, you know, the car will get towed off and stop sitting out in the parking lot so that I can cancel my insurance/get a partial refund for my tags. (That said? I'm still really hoping someone will give me cash for it.)

No luck finding a part-time job. I'm hoping now that the weather is getting nice maybe I'll have some better luck, but I'm definitely limited by my lack of a car and the fact that I already have a 9-5 job. So many places want me to be there for an evening shift by 5pm, which I can't do because of my full-time job. Grr.

Money's still a bit tight right now because of that fact, but I'm doing my best to move my budget around enough that I can afford to go to VividCon this year. A lot of it's going to depend on whether I can sell my bike and/or my car, so... we'll see? It will definitely help a bit once I can officially take my upcoming car insurance renewal off my budget spreadsheet (and potentially get a partial refund for the previous payment?), even if I end up donating it instead of selling it.

That said? I'm still hoping for that winning lottery ticket. Just saying.

Critical Role, the D&D webseries that I've been watching for a year or so now, continues to eat my life. As does D&D in general, since I'm now playing in two weekly games and DMing a third. Speaking of which, I should probably type up a post about that at some point too.

... so many posts that I need to make. I guess that's what happens when I disappear from DW/LJ for months, huh?

Hmm. What else? I'm sure there's more that I need to talk about.

Continuing on the fannish front, I'm slowly poking my head back into Doctor Who. I still can't manage to rewatch some of Capaldi's previous series, but I am enjoying this current series more than I was expecting. He feels more like the Doctor to me, which is definitely a good thing.

Also sorta speaking of Doctor Who, I've also been enjoying Eric's TBD RPG, which is another show on Geek & Sundry (who also do Critical Role). Right now, they're playing the Doctor Who RPG, but they're switching to a Star Trek one soon(ish). I'm definitely not as hooked on it as I am CR, but it's still quite enjoyable.

Oh! Here's an important one:

I just got back from a trip to Alabama/Tennessee for the weekend, which was fun. No, wait. Not that word. The opposite. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot better than I expected, mostly because it was my mom's side of the family that I saw. (My youngest cousin got married yesterday.) But still. My family. Things were a bit tense, even with more controversial topics purposefully being avoided on both sides.

That said, I survived. I made it home earlier this afternoon in one piece. And neither Garrus nor Tali appears to have destroyed my apartment while they were left alone for 36 hours. So, hey, I'm counting that as a win.

Doctor Who 10.05 - "Oxygen"

May. 14th, 2017 09:44 am
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This was scary! Which I mention above the cut in case anyone was planning to watch it with children. Unless your children are tough. Which I am not, and I'm glad I was watching it at 9 in the morning like a sensible human.

Spoilers under siege )


May. 11th, 2017 09:43 pm
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I'm leaving off tonight with the neckband piped around the bottom (basted in place) and the leaf-triangles pinned to it, and the bodice is gathered around the top with the little side linings pinned on. This is a lot of layers to sew through, so I'm going to set it aside for tomorrow evening, when I'm fresh.

Taking a step back and looking at this, I'm really impressed with myself. The only historic projects I've done that weren't completely, completely plain - I mean all edges flat hemmed, no decoration at all besides maybe a single tuck - were the Cranford dress (which had the full 1830s sleeves pleated down all around the top of the arm) and my bustle bridesmaid dress (which had the neckline and waist piped, and broad bias bands sewn on the skirt). I've never done anything with thin little piped bands like this and unnecessary applied bits. I'm concerned, as ever, that no matter how much handwork I put in the cut will be off and it will look lumpy and awkward, but if this even only just fits I am going to be so proud of it, and feel so much more ready in the future to try other ambitious projects.

(no subject)

May. 11th, 2017 12:22 pm
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Feeling a bit off today, but I went to work for the afternoon. Glad I did, even though I should probably have stayed away - there's a lot going on, and it would have complicated things to only have Sue here.

I'm going to do a big write-up for this dress on my blog, not quite an old-time dress diary but close, and use all the pictures I took while patterning - because this is easily the worst pattern in Regency Women's Dress. It's the most complicated and really needed several pages and photos to describe, where the order of operations for a lot of the others might not be immediately obvious but if you just read the text they make sense. Fortunately, nobody realized how incredibly deficient it was because nobody else is into the 1820s! So posting it all will let me a) clarify for RWD-readers, b) share more photos, and c) explain why I couldn't put them in the book. Plus it will get the ball rolling for me to write up all the errata.


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