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Well that was ummmmm.....that was ummmm.....

Batshit is the word. RTD has is own special brand of batshit and has been infusing Who with it since he started the show back up. But now it appears that with only four episodes to write this year, the batshit has become super concentrated, resulting in the episode we've all just experienced.

RTD's batshit however, is not a good or bad thing. It just is. Sometimes the results are amusing, like, for example, when it results in Daleks and Cybermen smack-talking each other. Sometimes its not – like when it results in what ever the hell The Next Doctor was (no, you will never convince me that episode was good).

I started out disliking The End of Time's super concentrated batshit but then as it got insaner and insaner, I found myself really getting into it. By the time the cliffhanger came rolling around, and we had John Simm in a dress, and Obama-Master, I'd fallen in love with this episode.

I do not think it will ever be held up as an example of brilliant television, but it was certainly entertaining.

Although, I could have done without the bloody Saxon-cultist. Could they have at least thrown a few men in there? Really, RTD, did we need the gender-fail?

Other stuff:

Couldn't help but love the geriatric Doctor fanclub.


Oh, Hi there Nina from Being Human. Does George know you're a cactus? Mitchell is really going to have to show up on Doctor Who some day.

This episode was very Star Wars.

The DoctorDonna's still fighting. You fight away DoctorDonna! (Was anyone else's first thought when they found out the machine was a healing machine think that it could be used to stabilise Donna's brain?)

I wonder what's going on with Wilf. My first thought was that he's special due to his connection with Donna. I wonder if this is right, or whether Wilf has his own special thing going on.

Speaking of Wilf, I got all weepy at that scene with him and the Doctor in the cafe. When David Tennant began in the role, I didn't really buy him as a old dude stuck in a younger bloke's body, but he was amazing being just that in that scene – and it was made all the more powerful by Wilf being the one he's talking about dying with, something Wilf probably at his age feels himself.

Anyone else think mysterious older woman is Romana?

So, the Doctor's no longer the last Time Lord. Looks like Wilf is the last human for a bit, though. (Donna being unique in being both and apparently counting as neither since the Master's machine didn't work on her).

Donna's got her memories back! Hopefully we get a lot more Donna in the next episode. Yay, Donna!

As for the next episode: Well, I predict that Ten's going to die, but not permanently, he'll regenerate into younger, but still skinny bloke. As for everything else that going to happen, I've got nothing.
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