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That vid I've been working on for the last while – it's finally done. I can have my life back. So yeah, I vidded The Thick of It, and the vid's shippy to boot.

Title: Kiss With A Fist
Vidder: [ profile] meddow
Fandom: The Thick of It
Music: 'Kiss with a Fist' by Florence + the Machine
Spoilers: The Thick Of It episode 3x08
Summary: Malcolm Tucker and Nicola Murray in all their fucked up glory.
Vidder's Notes: Only seatbelts, cushions and careers were harmed in the making of this vid.

Download link: Small: 18Mb Avi (Divx) Large: 38Mb Avi (Xvid)

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault

The stream quality isn't good at all. I recommend downloading.

I've been waiting for this little vid bunny for ages. After my last vid, I decided I wanted the subject matter of my next vid to be something less dark. Plus I wanted something not too complex in terms of effects as I've just switched from WMM to Adobe Premiere Elements and I'm still finding my way around. I had a hell of a time exporting it though.

While the show is shot deliberately to be as unframed a stark as possible and the dialogue is really the show's signature, TTOI is actually ridiculously fun to vid because there's just so much movement. Not only to the cameras constantly move, but the actors are always giving these great big gestures. It makes for a great source. I do have a problem with talking heads though, as was to be expected I suppose given the source material.

Making this I also had a thought: In sixteen episodes and a movie, Malcolm has never once been punched. That somehow seems baffling.
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