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In short: It was wonderful!

Best thing I've done all year is avoid most of the pre series five (it is series five right? Or are we reverting back to one again?) Doctor Who hype. I really did not know what to expect, and I think that added to the wonderfulness of this episode.

So, Eleven, I love him. I love him to pieces. I think it was the fish-fingers in custard that initially won me over (couldn't agree with him more about backed beans, btw). Matt Smith is perfect for the role, and Eleven's delightfully arrogant and oddball but not obnoxiously so and without Ten's intenseness and not a hint of the lonely god about him (hopefully he's now worked through his last of his kind issues). He reminds me of Five.

And Amy. The young actress who played Amy when she was young was really great. I honestly wouldn't have minded if he took her along at that age. Her sitting on her suitcase broke my heart. I see the show has returned to the old!school habit of having the companions be orphans.

I love older Amy as well, snarky and resourceful, what more could you want in a companion. Love how she was constantly being embarrassed by her friends bring up the 'Raggedy Doctor'. Aww. Nurse guy shall show up again, right? I like him too. They made a great trio.

The story wasn't much, but then it didn't need to be. It was more about establishing the characters. In true Moffat style, it managed to be really scary.

The “Earth is protected” thing was a bit Ten/Christmas Invasion. And, is it? Really? *cough*thefourfivesix*cough* Couldn't help but love the previous Doctors, every single one of them, showing up though.

Olivia Coleman! I adore her. Shame she didn't have a bigger role. And was that Anwar's mum from Skins?

Love the HD look. All the colours this episode were so bright. It really made it feel like a fresher Doctor Who. Love the new TARDIS. My favourite bit is the floor around the console being glass.

Two quibbles: Kiss-o-gram? Really? Would have been cooler if she was a cop (I've wanted a police officer companion for some years now). That sets off buzzers in my brain and bothers me for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on right now (maybe because Amy's job is to do with her looks and being a sexual object). There was bit of controversy about Moffat's writing of female characters, and maybe he should have stayed away from that job. We shall see how it pans out.

And what is it with weddings? I though that was RTD's thing. Apparently not.
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