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After the last two wonderful episodes, this one was a disappointment. The Power of the Daleks set during the Blitz? Should have been brilliant. It wasn't.

I'm starting to doubt whether the new series is capable of pulling off a brilliant Dalek story. This was a blatant retelling of The Power of the Daleks which is up there with Genesis of the Daleks, and I would have thought the brilliance of that story combined with Moff's general love of creepiness would have made for one fantastic episode. But I should be used to Dalek disappointment now. The new series hasn't managed to pull off the Daleks all that well. The best was Dalek and that was ages ago.

Anyway, with this episode the pacing was all wrong and the tone was all wrong. It really should have been a two parter just because we needed more of the Daleks pretending to be humanity's servants, with the Doctor going around spouting off how they're the most evil thing in the universe and nobody believing him. There should have been more focus on the devastation of the Blitz, so that it could be put out there that maybe the Daleks are doing something positive if they're stopping people from dying, and the Doctor is acting like and insane jerk for wanting to put and end to them. The reveal of the Dalek's actual plan should have been an episode cliffhanger.

It really annoys me that after The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances that we never got an exploration of the strain and the devastation caused by daily bombing raids.

And it should have been creepy. There were a handful of creepy moments in the episode. Seeing the Daleks casually move past a doorway over the Doctor's shoulder was the best moment of the episode. It needed a lot more of that.

And also, 'We are your sol-diers' not half way as good as 'We are your serv-ants'. Did love the Daleks asking if anybody wanted a cup of tea. How on earth a Dalek managed to make a cup of tea using only a toilet plunger is a question for the ages.

I don't like the new Dalek design. Too colourful. Too plastic looking. I like the Daleks looking like they'd been made out of metal. I wonder why the writers felt they had to reboot the Daleks? That was what happened, they went back to their old genetic sequence and got a new look. But I doubt whether anybody would have cared if the Daleks got a new look without some explanation, and the genetic sequence thing didn't ever have to be brought up.

Finally, really, they stopped a bomb by convincing robot-guy that he's human? And worse, Amy going on about having a crush on somebody you maybe shouldn't followed by a significant look in the Doctor's direction. Please dear Moff, no.

Wow, that's a lot of negative. There were a load of good things about the episode. Amy pointing out to Churchill that they had the key to destroying the Daleks was great, Amy having forgotten the events of Journey's End makes for an intriguing mystery (I presume she wasn't scuba diving), and the Doctor fending off the Daleks with a biscuit was wonderful.

In conclusion, love Mark Gatiss acting in Doctor Who, still not a fan of his writing.
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