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The Time of Angels

I'll stick my hand up and say I was one of those people who did not like River on her first appearance. And, yes it had everything to do with another Companion. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead was Ten and Donna's last proper episode together, and there was River Song taking over the Doctor interaction that should have gone to Donna. And also, she knew the Doctor's name. Nobody knows the Doctors name (besides the Master, the Rani and I'd imagine Romana and all the other Time Lords).

However, I freaking adore her now. She did not take over time that should have gone to Amy and the Doctor, and I love her relationship with Amy. Plus, I can't help but love anybody who orders the Doctor around like that. Still not that big on her knowing the Doctor's name, but I seem to have moved past it.

Of note for the future: there was no big, 'You're Amy Pond' followed by a look of horror moment, which leads me to conclude that either 1. Amy's leaving the TARDIS is going to be nowhere near as awful as Donna's, or 2. the Moff hasn't figured out how Amy will leave the TARDIS.

The Weeping Angels were nowhere near as scary this time, which, given that my flatmate gripped my arm so tight during Blink that I got bruises and I had to check my closet every night for a week for stone angels, was something of a relief, particularly since one thing that has changes since 2007 is that I now have a fantastic view of a graveyard from my bedroom window.

One thing that the show has been lacking is a really good new monster that can show up every now and again to menace the Doctor. The Slitheen are hardly the new Cybermen. The evolution of the Weeping Angels is thus acceptable to me because it seems to be making them into a new iconic monster that can show up every few seasons to menace the Doctor and delight fans. They could be the new Cybermen. (And maybe one day in the future, we can pass onto the younger generations how we remember Blink and it was so scary, and they can all scoff).

So yes, the developments that the Angels do kill people, and can in a way talk, and can come out of videotape like the creepy girl in the ring, and also have some evil plan for domination of the universe, all fine with me.

I really want to know what's going on with Amy. At first I thought she may be turning into an Angel herself (and that they're like zombies, and the statues were the crew of the ship), but it with her hand not being stone, it just seems that they've messed with her mind.

I think it's best to judge the two-parter as a whole, but a I really enjoyed this episode and I really hope that next week's episode is not the last of River.

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"one thing that has changes since 2007 is that I now have a fantastic view of a graveyard from my bedroom window"

I'm a bit jealous, you know.

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Wait, you want to be one of the first to die in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

It is quite cool though :)
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I am so on board with your take on River, both on first viewing and now.

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I'm going to have to re-watch Silence in the Library to see if my new take makes me appreciate the episode a bit more.