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I love this show so much right now. So much so I've lost all ability to write a review that isn't 98% capslock and exclamation marks.

SAAAAAMMMMM! Okay, it was only old LoM clips, but: SSSSSAAAAAMMMM!!!!!! And Gene burnt his jacket which was heartbreaking. Still think Gene having murdered Sam is far to obvious and there's another twist.

(Seriously, what do I have to do to get some kind of answer about what happened to Annie. All I want to know is if she stayed in the police force. WHY WONT YOU GIVE ME AN ANSWER, SHOW?)

JACKIE! It's so appropriate than an episode investigating the death of Sam Tyler, another famous Tyler shows up

Litton! Litton being brought down by Keats. Wow. Way to establish that Keats can bring down Gene by taking down another Gene. Keats just went up so much in the villain stakes. (I still don't hate him though).

Loved them breaking into teams. And then the girls team winning (cos Alex and Shaz are a freaking awesome team, so of course they won). Ray got to show off that he's a great cop again, figuring out who shot the innocent bystander (who was the history teacher from Skins – Casting win).

RAY SAW STARS! And Shaz knows!

But you know what the absolute best bit of this episode was? That duet of Danny Boy by Shaz and Ray, and the focus on the line 'if I am dead, for dead I well may be.' And then they became friends and OMG it was gorgeous. Oh, show, you're going to break my heart with those two, aren't you? Your going to have them pass on into the afterlife and I'm going to ball my eyes out because I adore them both to pieces.

So question is, why are Shaz and Ray different from Chris? Or, why Chris different from Shaz and Ray. He hasn't had a Life on Mars moment and he hasn't seen stars. And I don't know why and I haven't got any good guesses unless next week is going to be Chris's LoM episode. Really, they've only got one episode left to do it with, because 3x07 has to set up 3x08 so can't be Chris-centric.

Damn, if the show continues to be this fantastic going into the last few episodes, I fear the sheer epic amounts of squee may slay me dead.
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