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Feb. 24th, 2010 04:05 pm
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I have fallen in love with Skins. This is a big deal because I hate teen dramas. I loathe them with every fibre of my being. Of course, there always have been exceptions, I loved Roswell back in the day (but the sci-fi gave it a pass, and it was written by the guy who later did BSG) and Popular (which was deliberately subversive of the genre), and I watch Glee. But generally, I hate teen dramas.

Really the thought pattern for me even watching Skins was because it hired both Peter Capaldi and Chris Addison (who turns up in the forth series), and I figure any show to hire two actors from The Thick of It couldn't be that bad. By the time the Cat Stevens scene happened, I was in keyboard-mashing love with the show.

It's freaking good guys, and I think the two main reasons: tonally its spot on and the characters are fantastic.

Cut for gushing )

Also there's a couple of musical and dance moments that beat anything Glee has come up with so far (watching Skins has strengthened my disappointment in Glee), the humour is hilarious and deliciously risky and occasionally wonderfully surreal, it's gone one of the of the most bonkers car chases ever, and did I mention Peter Capaldi shows up as Sid's foul-mouthed loser dad (in other awesome casting, Bill Bailey and Mark Heap both show up in the second series).

My only real criticisms are that the second series isn't quite as good as the first (although some of the episodes are as good if not better than the first). And with the almost complete change of cast for the third series has me not really rushing to watch it (I understand it had to be done, but I'm actually taking it worse than a regeneration).

So you should watch Skins. And if all my rambling hasn't convinced you, here's a mini picspam: )


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