Mar. 19th, 2010

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In this season: our heroes get a cool ship and swiftly have their assess handed to them. Odo discovers his people – angst ensues. Dax suffers from all the Dax-centric episodes being incredibly dull this season. Quark introduces some Klingons to the concept of white collar crime. Kira gets a Cardassian daddy. Odo gets a Jem'Hadar son. Dukat missed his calling as a home security system developer. There's a sex pollen episode. Some heavy-handed moralising lets down an otherwise great time travel episode (there are hippies!). Bashir goes all Dr Frankenstein on Kira's dull boyfriend. In the cutest storyline ever, Nog becomes the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. Odo's hopelessly in love with Kira. O'Brien dies, but nobody cares because they get a new one. My favourite Vulcan shows up briefly in the mirror universe episode. Sisko deals with the fact he may be the Bajorans' Jesus, and if that wasn't BSG enough, Garek tortures Odo (RDM has definitely arrived on the writing staff). Sisko and Jake bond in a gorgeous Flight of the Phoenix episode while Bashir and O'Brien get drunk and sing 'Jerusalem' (badly). While we meet Quark and Rom's mum and Sisko meets his future wife. It's Kira vs The Kai round five, with a Bajoran civil war on the cards. Sisko becomes and captain at last and the season finale is an awesome homage to The Thing.

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So on to season four in which now with the Romulans and the Cardassian's crippled, the only the Federation and the Klingons stand between the Dominon and conquest of the Alpha Quadrant. And oh, yeah, and the Founders are everywhere, they look human and they have a plan. (In cool stuff found on YouTube, somebody did the DS9 credits BSG style (shot for shot) and it's really impressive).


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