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My faith in Doctor Who has been completely restored. After being so badly burnt by Who finales, this episode was exactly the antidote I needed. Just because it was happy. It was overwhelmingly happy, and bonkers and funny and did I mention the happy endings everyone got.

My favourite thing was the fairytales. It ended up all being about fairytales, stories of belief and love and they happened over and over again through this episode:

1.For two thousand years, the ghost of a Roman centurion watched over a box containing the body of his love, waiting for the day she woke up.

2.A little girl spent a life time being told her imaginary friend was not real, but she believed and on the day of her wedding, her imaginary friend turned up in his magical blue box.

3.The plastic man believed he was human, and believed so much so, he became human.

3.At the heart of the sun, a woman is trapped, apologising over and over again her lover.

4.The stars are real.

RORY LIVES! Does this mean he's going to be a full time companion next year? Please please please please please please. I want a married couple in the TARDIS so bad. They can be the next Ian and Babs!

Also, I want plastic centurion Rory watching over the box for two thousand years fic, because it's gorgeously romantic, and if there's one thing Rome taught me, it's that Centurions are awesome (Also, anybody desperate for Rory-meets-Titus-Pullo-and-Lucius-Vorenus fic?).

RIVER! She manages to achieve new levels of awesome every time she shows up. I'm dying to know her story, particularly after she took out that Dalek. I've read a theory that she was once a villain of the week and has reformed to a degree, and I'd totally buy it.

Can she please have her own spin-off. Please.

Okay, so Amy. I liked Amy when she first appeared, but I could never get a grasp on her, which did affect my enjoyment of the character. The only thing that I could grasp onto were her commitment issues and the deep wounds left by being left behind as a child, they're what made the character human. Beyond that, she was a cypher.

I thought it was a writing issue, but this episode it all came together. It's been a slow reveal over the season as to who Amy Pond is, the girl with a huge imagination, who doesn't make sense because her life's been leached away from her by the crack in her wall.

THE FEZ. Just...THE FEZ. Oh, Eleven. Never, ever change. I love you so much. Eleven's now approaching being my favourite Doctor ever. I love him talking about stealing the TARDIS, because he reminds me so much of One. All of One's compassion, minus the crotchety. Eleven would be the best Grandad ever. Have I mentioned how brilliant Matt Smith has been all year, I totally buy him as an old man, he does it so well. Even his body language, the way he hutches over when examining something.

Anyway, I thought it was completely and utterly wonderful.

Date: 2010-06-27 07:10 am (UTC)
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The person who caused the TARDIS to explode though has yet to be named.

Date: 2010-06-27 07:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OH YEAH hmm.


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