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So I've been listening to Muse's latest effort, The United States of Eurasia, and would George Orwell's estate please let Mathew Bellamy write 1984: The Opera already, since he's clearly got it in him and trying to get it out. Anyway, I like it. But then I love the OTT.

Meanwhile, I have three, three, BSG/Doctor Who crossover plot bunnies eating away at my brain at the moment. The Ten, Donna and Martha on New Caprica one's actually partially written. But I have no idea why most of my plot bunnies for each fandom inevitably drags in the other. Possibly because deep desire to see Laura Roslin to kick Ten about a bit. Or him try to pull that "don't you think she looks tired" bullshit on the one politician I've seen in anything ever who has managed to use her health problems to cement her grip on power.
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I'm very late to comment, but I love Eleven's costume. And I have exactly the same Converses as Amy Pond. Except I've worn holes in the soles of mine so I can't really wear them anymore.

Speaking of Eleven, over the past few days I watched Neverwhere. It's really too late to jump on the Paterson Joseph for Eleven bandwagon, isn't it? Not that I have any problem with Matt Smith and I'm really excited about seeing him in action (2010 is not coming quickly enough).

Anyway, Neverwhere was good, a bit predictable in the big bad (particularly if you've read Sandman) but I loved the setting and I'm sure everyone who plays the UK version of monopoly can appreciate one of the characters being an actual angel called Islington. Unfortunately it was completely let down by it apparent production budget of £2.50 and some choices of direction which might possibly have been interesting in 1996, but have not aged well. Watching it I couldn't help but wish for a movie remake, because it'd be Harry Potter meets Pirates of the Caribbean (I couldn't help but compare the Marquis de Carabas with Jack Sparrow) and the lead character just screams for James McAvoy to play him. But it's apparently 'in-development' so I'm not holding my breath.

(I'm becoming very bitter with Hollywood at the moment since nothing I want to see adapted ever makes it out of development hell. And if I don't want to see it adapted, it tends to be one of the biggest movies of summer.)

I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen Harry Potter yet. I'll get there maybe next week or the one after that. I kind of blew my movie budget being dragged to see Star Trek for the second time last week. Well, not so much dragged as tagged along with Flatmate and her kid brother. I've decided the movie is doing something a bit wrong since the thirteen year old kid brother came out with the impression that Kirk was smarter than Spock, and also the question “So, Spark, is he a Cylon?”
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Damn it Torchwood, exploiting my soft spot for characters who are civil servants and using it to keep me on tenterhooks.

I do have a huge soft spot for civil servants though. I was actually way more upset about what happened to Yvonne Hartman in Doomsday than I was about anything to do with the forcible ending of Ten and Rose's co-dependence. Of all the things Laura Roslin did in BSG, which included election fraud, ordering a genocide and baby stealing, one of the few things I can't get over were those few times she was mean to Tory (even after what Tory did in The Ties that Bind) and in fact what happened to Tory is my biggest Daybreak gripe, and I was totally a Percy Weasley apologist in Harry Potter fandom.

And then if you tally up my favourite characters in various fandoms, a hell of a lot of them work for the government in some kind of fashion: Nymphadora Tonks and aforementioned Percy Weasley, James Norrington and Weatherby Swann in PotC, nearly every character that has ever worked or been affiliated with UNIT in DW along with Yvonne Hartman and now John Frobisher, Billy, Gaeta and Tory in BSG, and, although technically elected officials, in my mind I lump them in with the above lot: Harriet Jones, Harvey Dent and Laura Roslin. There is most definitely a trend.

I blame The West Wing, it being my major fandom through my wilderness teenage years and nearly every character being a noble and put-upon civil servant.

As for the episode, I could have done with out the slime and certainly the slime sound effects. Reminded me of Aliens of London Saying that, oh I would laugh so very hard if the 456 turn out to be the Slitheen. And then I would throw things.
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Being another unknown, there's really much to say about the new companion other than I really like her hair and I hope her character's going to be Scottish rather than another Londoner. It struck me on seeing a photo of her just how young Team TARDIS 2010 is going to be.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I was always a bit 'meh' about the idea of a Doctor Who movie, but when I was watching Star Trek XI recently I was thinking to myself about how cool it would be to watch other beloved sci-fi TV shows on the big screen with movie grade special effects, so I’m all for it now. Can I put a vote in for Ten and Donna team up there. Tennant being the iconic Doctor of the new series would have to be involved, and I've had my fill of one-off companions at the moment – I prefer it when I can create some attachment to the character - so I'd definitely be for bringing back Donna and/or a post-crush Martha. A multi-Doctor story with Nine and Eleven. Even better if they can get One through Eight in there somewhere somehow. And I'd imagine it'd be a Dalek story. Because, really, they would be the villain in a big screen version of the show.

Also, awesome news that Ten's going to be in an SJA story, and in a major role too, not a cameo.

I finished watching Law & Order UK and really hope there's a second series. I thought the main prosecutor guy was a bit dull, but other than that it was excellent. Best thing about it is that it reminded me why I have a huge great big crush on Jamie Bamber, because I really didn't find him all that attractive in BSG. While I did have my moments of Apollo love, I usually found him dull at best and down right annoying at worst. Anyway, L&O UK has got me re-watching Hornblower at the moment for poor doomed Kennedy.

Finally, I checked out the pilot of The Middleman and I love it. Major bonus points for Wendy mentioning she reads Astro City. So I'll watch the rest of that series when I have a chance.
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I'm kind of into numbered lists at the moment:

1. I hate is when one silly little thing ruins my entire day, but somebody ate the curry I'd been saving for lunch. It was korma with chicken, spinach, green beans and mushrooms and it was gorgeous, even if I do say so myself because I made it. I discovered somebody had eaten it five hours ago, and I am still not over being annoyed about it.

2. Thanks to the parental units making a trip through duty free, I have feijoa vodka. I love feijoa vodka

3. I’m always falling for television shows in which the characters burst into song, and Glee is no exception. I watched the pilot and it's love. If you can, watch it. It's not quite as oddball as Blackpool or Flight of the Conchords, but it so very adorable. It is officially the show I am most excited about come the fall schedule.

4. You've got to check out these two Star Trek picspams, [ profile] sparkly_stuff's I'm on a Ship, coz it's freaking hilarious, and [ profile] liviapenn's gender swapped recast. Catherine Tate as Scotty, ya'll. If only wishing made it so.

5. Finally, after he moaned through the first three seasons when we were watching them, we've actually managed to convert my flatmate's boyfriend to BSG. Bwah ha ha ha ha .

6. I have become thoroughly convinced that Utopia/Sound of Drums (+ The Christmas Invasion & The Last of the Time Lords, I suppose) is RTD blatantly paying homage to elements of BSG. And now I've thought it, I cannot un-think it and the parallels they are so very there, down to a diegetically used song with a Hendrix connection.

7. It's weird, but I have the biggest movie cravings for westerns at the moment. Probably because I watched Dances with Wolves for the first time ever and it was so pretty, the landscape has a bit of a romantic appeal for me right now.
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Even though I hate most procedurals (with the exceptions of House, Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes), I've decided to check out the first episode of Law & Order UK because, I miss BSG so much I'd watch any member of the cast in anything, even procedurals so I'll very likely check out Lost and Found when it comes out for Katee Sackhoff, and Mary McDonnell's episodes of The Closer when they air, and kind of want to watch Dollhouse even though I don't like the premise just because Tahmoh Penikett is in it as an FBI agent (there is a definite trend there: star in BSG and become a TV cop)

Plus I can't help but think of as 'Apollo and Martha fight crime!' Although, if I had to pick a random character from Doctor Who and BSG to team up together an fight crime, I'd probably pick Jack Harkness and Gaius Baltar, or Donna Noble and Saul Tigh, or Ten and Laura Roslin, or Nine and Starbuck, or the Master and Head!Six, because all those team ups would be dysfunctional in completely entertaining ways.

But I digress. Surprisingly, I really liked it despite figuring out things a long time before the characters and will probably catch the rest of the series.

Also, I've been really enjoying House lately. I've been a bit 'meh' about the show through most of season five, but lately I've gotten hooked again. This may have everything to do with bringing back a certain character I adore, and Chase and Cameron finally getting actual lines and even scenes and plotlines. Hell, Thirteen and Foreman seem to have become 60% less annoying, leaving Cuddy the only character bugging me. I really hope the show keeps Amber around next season. She wouldn't be the first character on a TV show to exist solely in another character's head.
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I liked it a lot, enough to make me feel all excited about the next specials )

And yay! Lindsey Duncan next time!
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Weighing in on those Doctor Who spoilers emerging about Ten's last adventure…

Major casting spoilers )
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I've been listening to the Forever Trap the past few nights. It's one of BBC's Doctor Who made-for-audio books and it's actually the second time I've listened to it, but it is so much win. The wonderfully Who-ish (i.e. delightfully bonkers) premise is the Doctor and Donna get conned into becoming residents in the trans-dimensional luxury apartment block from hell which has through an negligently indiscriminate housing policy become a anarchic disaster area. The resolution I think is a bit weak, but I think it's brilliant because firstly, Catherine Tate reads it, and she's always brilliant (and she gets to do lots of voices) and secondly, because it's pretty much two hours of the Doctor and Donna wandering around together and bantering. Even though there's no David Tennant, the chemistry comes through.

I was thinking about how those two are my favourite TARDIS team, and possibly my favourite television duo and I've decided my biggest criticism of the season four is that after TUATW, they were barely together. But then, thinking about it, the Midnight and Turn Left split was unavoidable and because those plots were about one coping in the absence of the other, and I loved both episode, so that’s okay and they were together through TSE/JE, sort of. So actually, my bone to pick with Silence/Forest since it did split them up for what seemed like the majority of the two-parter, and when they were together, it was all about River.

I don't mind River. I could have liked her a lot more if she hadn't come so shortly after The Doctor's Daughter and if we knew that it was actually going to be a storyline in the future, rather than another one-off character seemingly inserted just to die and make the Doctor a bit more miserable (they really shouldn't do that more than once a season). And while Alex Kingston and David Tennant acted their socks off, they just didn't seem to have as much chemistry. I do think it would be awesome if we meet one of his future companions out of chronological order, although the seeing them die and then getting to know them may be a bit too depressing.

Speaking of two-parter Doctor romances, with the Doctor regenerating, can they please bring back Joan Redfern? I adored her, and I'd love an episode in which they're accidentally reunited and there's the awkwardness of the Doctor running into someone who doesn't want to see him when he's got a new face. Actually, I just want to see what she got up to afterwards. Of all the characters of the new series after Donna, she's the one I want the most to be revisited. Their parting scene was so heartbreaking. Maybe I should write it as fanfic. (Damn, now I have an eleventh Doctor plot bunny, but since I have no idea what he's going to be like, I can't write it.)

Anyway, I'm at the phase where I'm doing season four retrospective. I'm going to say these two things it again, because maybe if I say it enough, it will happen. They should really bring back Donna before Ten regenerates. And I hope David Tennant and Catherine Tate work on another project together because those two are magic.


Jan. 4th, 2009 11:01 am
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After the initial "Who?" reaction, it struck me that the Eleventh Doctor looks freakishly like an ex of mine. Thank goodness he doesn't sound like my ex, or season five could be very weird for me.

Beyond that, I'm reserving judgment until 2010.

(Actually, I think a storyline in which the Doctor is so young looking he struggles to be taken seriously has potential, so I'm kind of heading out of neutral towards positive in my opinion. And I was certainly surprised by the decision, which is what I did request yesterday).
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Okay, I'm going to say this before the casting news is announced. I really really want Catherine Tate as the next Doctor. Hell, kill of the Doctor and have the DoctorDonna take on his mantle replace him. Really, I don't care who the next Doctor is, I just want Donna or Catherine Tate back.

There. I said it. I feel better now.
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Oh dear. That was bad. Normally I don't mind RTDs batshit ideas because they're usually quite fun and he tends to restrict them to one or two an episode. But this was just unrestrained batshit and the bits in between, such as the humour and the emotional story of Morrissey!Doctor, just didn't seem to work well enough to make me forgive it or add any kind of cohesion to the mess.

Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style. )

At the end of the day, I felt the episode felt a bit tired and strained. The humour just wasn't as funny as it had been through season four and it was the worst episode I think the show's produced since 42. Maybe it was the result of it coming on top of Journey's End and the crew was spent.

Who Stuff

Nov. 9th, 2008 02:31 pm
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With all the names being chucked out for Eleven, I'm surprised I haven't seen Stephen Mangan put out there. He's got fantastic comic timing (and is particularly brilliant at improv apparently), a good enough actor to have me rooting for Guy to get the girl in Green Wing despite Guy being a complete wanker, and he's a bit funny looking but still oddly attractive. I think he'd make an excellent Doctor.

Photo )

So I had a thought, does David Tennant leaving at the end of the specials mean we're never going to have a chance of seeing the Tenth Doctor on SJA (if SJA gets a third series)? Cos I really want Ten and Luke in a room together being adorakable and if that never happens, it shall be a tragedy. Plus, I'd love to see the frosty reaction to the Doctor from all the supporting adult characters on that show, since Rani's parents know Sarah's heart got broken badly and Clyde's mum thinks Luke's dad ran out on Sarah, and, well, it'd be hard not to think Ten is Luke's father.

And also, with Steven Moffat taking over the reigns and since SJA is a RTD thing, does that mean the chances of one of the SJA kids becoming a companion are less? This would be unfortunate since Clyde would make an excellent companion. As would Rani, Luke and Maria, but I really want Clyde most of all. He's a practical, funny, pop-culture referencing wanna-be Banksy with considerable world saving experience, I'd love to see him aboard the TARDIS.

You know, if they do sever the spin-off's, I really hope Big Finish gets the licence to use the characters, and sooner rather than later. It seem such a shame to have all these wonderful characters and for them just to have them disappear.

Doctor Spec

Nov. 2nd, 2008 02:26 pm
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I've figured out who the next Doctor is going to be…

Keira Knightley.

Because she's the only British actor I can think of off the top of my head that can physically fit into David Tennant's suit. Okay, so that's silly, but I think I raise a serious point: how are they going to fit the new actor into David Tennant's suit? He's pretty skinny and that suit's tight.
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I found out that news very shortly after it was announced, but RL has caused this reaction to be a bit delayed. I'm sad. I'm excited. I'm pretty much how one would hope to be about it.

Read more... )

Anyway, moving on from the announcement to the truly-mind blowing thing of the NTAs. I clicked on a photo of CT yesterday and there was Sylar and my brain imploded just a little bit. I find myself very rarely truly surprised these days, but that did it. Unexpected fandom crossovers are awesome.
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Arc of Infinity

I'd been looking forward to watching this serial for a while, since it's the only time Five and Nyssa are together without Tegan, and thanks to Big Finish, the two of them alone are one of my favourite TARDIS teams. I was not disappointed, since I really enjoyed this serial – I watched it in two days. I didn’t know it was partially filmed in Amsterdam before watching it (but how could I not know now after the gratuitous 'look, we're on location, in AMSTERDAM!' chase scene). Also besides The Five Doctors (which I don't think counts because I was too busy squeeing at all the Doctors and companions), this was my first major exposure to Gallifrey and all is political machinations.

Read more... )

Torchwood – Lost Souls )

Speaking of audios, how excited am I that Catherine Tate's doing an audiobook, The Forever Trap. After David Tennant's Donna voice in Pest Control, which was endearingly bad, I can't wait to hear Catherine Tate's Tenth Doctor voice.

And finally On those casting rumours )
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I watched Time-Flight. First two episodes were absolutely terrible for one reason: Kalid. A horrendous mix of Arabic stereotypes topped off with the ugly green prophetic mask which leaked snot when he 'died'. Worse than Talons in my opinion.

Thankfully, Kalid goes away at the end of episode two and I could focus on what was so very right about this serial: the concorde flight crew. They made this serial with their attempts to help the Doctor. Concorde flight crew for series five companions! Of course there are no longer concordes, so we'll maybe just have to make do with Flight of the Conchords aboard the TARDIS.

Meanwhile they've released the April novel information and it's Ten travelling alone with no Companion. Which means we've been given the grand total of four novels featuring Donna. (in comparison Martha got 13). I haven't read the novels in the past though I am intending to read the September batch featuring Donna when they're released, because, well - Donna. Anyway, it looks like Donna's been shafted by spin-off media.

And, quite frankly, I don't watch the show for the Doctor. If he didn't have a companion to interact with, I'd probably find it very dull. The Doctor-Companion relationship makes this show for me. And yes, I am not all that exited about the specials.
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Everyone is talking about it: TDK. My flat is actually having issues over TDK. We can't all go see it together until Saturday, which is leaving a split between those who have decided every girl for herself and see it as soon as she individually can, and those who do not want to leave the others out. I fall into the latter category, but them I'm still miffed about everyone seeing Mamma Mia without me, but I'm the one with the freest schedule. I can go see it on the really really big screen on Thursday if I wanted to. Gah. Loyalty to friends vs Batman.

The Moffs 'snub' of Spielberg is the number one item on imdb's movie and TV news, causing me to lol. If it were me and it was Tintin vs. Doctor Who, I'd pick Doctor Who (doesn't everyone dream of being the DW show-runner, or is that just me?)

I've gotten back on track with my mission to watch the entirety of Classic Who, and even better, I'm watching a Second Doctor serial: The Seeds of Death. I've neglected him a bit. The only other Second Doctor serial I've seen is The Invasion, which bored me. Admittedly its one of the better Cybermen stories I've seen, but it really could have benefited from being a four-parter rather than an eight-parter. It just dragged on an on and on and there wasn't even a Cyberman until episode four.

Anyway, I've seen episodes 1-4 of Seeds so far and am thoroughly in love with Jamie and that slightly ridiculous funhouse chase sequence in episode three. Jamie's just so wonderfully snarky, and good on him for being so since everyone seems to treat him like an idiot. Plus you've got admire a guy who travels through time and space in a kilt.

A quick rec: There's been a lot of Donna fanvids made lately, but Drops of Jupiter by Thebigbluemeany has to be my favourite. The rapid-fire editing won't be to everyone's tastes, but since it's got so much to do with memories which work in that sort of manner, I find it fits. And I love it for being from both the Doctor's and Wilf's perspective and not being incredibly depressing.
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Even more on Journey’s End. I've done all my grumbling now, so just a few things I forgot to celebrate and a trying to work out a few questions it raised.

Read more... )

And in something not related to DW, but SJA: SJA casting spoilers for the win! OMG! SQUEE!
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Finally, I've managed to get my reaction into some kind of series of rational thoughts and got it down.

Read more... )


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