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Apr. 20th, 2010 12:04 pm
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About that SJA casting news

Cut for squee, excessive exclamation marks and spoilers )

Also my brother rung me up yesterday for what has become a weekly phone conversion about Doctor Who, so I had to listen to him go on about how much Eleven sucks, the Victory of the Daleks was an awesome episode, Martha was the worst companion ever and Donna was too old and not pretty enough to be a good companion. The fact I share genes with him scares me.
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The weather website that I frequent has a little temperature bar always with “x layer(s) of clothing are recommended to stay comfortable in these conditions” written underneath. I wonder how hot it has to be for it to recommend 0 layers (‘maturity’ is my middle name).

I listened to The Haunting of Thomas Brewster a couple of days ago. And yes, there’s ghosts and TARDIS stealing and sinister fog that dares comparison The Poison Sky. But really this audio is all about the fact that Five bought a house lived as an English gentleman for a year AND GREW A BEARD. I would happily pay to see Five with a beard. (I will not act like an insane shipper and point out that the Doctor settled down for a year waiting for Nyssa proving their true love – or at least if I do point this out I shall do it sneakily in parenthesise).

Does anyone know if with The Key 2 Time Big Finish is cutting down on the Five/Nyssa audios? Because I will be inconsolable if they are.
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Arc of Infinity

I'd been looking forward to watching this serial for a while, since it's the only time Five and Nyssa are together without Tegan, and thanks to Big Finish, the two of them alone are one of my favourite TARDIS teams. I was not disappointed, since I really enjoyed this serial – I watched it in two days. I didn’t know it was partially filmed in Amsterdam before watching it (but how could I not know now after the gratuitous 'look, we're on location, in AMSTERDAM!' chase scene). Also besides The Five Doctors (which I don't think counts because I was too busy squeeing at all the Doctors and companions), this was my first major exposure to Gallifrey and all is political machinations.

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Torchwood – Lost Souls )

Speaking of audios, how excited am I that Catherine Tate's doing an audiobook, The Forever Trap. After David Tennant's Donna voice in Pest Control, which was endearingly bad, I can't wait to hear Catherine Tate's Tenth Doctor voice.

And finally On those casting rumours )
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I’m loving all this stuff about the Large Hadron Collider and how its going to be the end of the world and all that. It seems to very Doctor Who. In fact Torchwood's coming to the rescue (screw the testimony of scientists and court cases - it's that which conclusively tells me we're doomed). Although, I thought the black hole Sarah Jane's got locked up in her attic was the Whoniverse's sneaky reference to CERN and the LHC.

I finally finished The Power of the Daleks. It took me a month to listen to the episode reconstruction. I don't quite know why, but I struggled with it where I didn't with the First Doctor episode reconstructions I've listened to. Possibly because I wasn't familiar with Ben and Polly before I started it, and this is the third Second Doctor serial I've gone near.

Anyway, I quite like Polly. Ben I initially didn't like very much. Again couldn't quite put my finger on why. He did seem to be always shouting and without the performance to match it can grate. But I've warmed to an indifferent by the end of the serial.

"We are your servants" has to be the creepiest phrase a Dalek can utter. When (because with the Daleks it is always a 'when' and not an 'if') the Daleks show up again on the New Series, I'd love them to do something similar, with the Daleks pretending to be good and nobody believing the Doctor.

I do wonder whether it was a conscious decision of the writer and producer to have in the serial after the first ever regeneration the Doctor referred to as 'the examiner' throughout. I also though the denials from the Doctor that he was the Doctor in the first episode was also quite nifty. Sort of using reverse-psychology to point out that the new bloke is in fact the Doctor.
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Poor Timelash. You’ve just got to feel sorry for it since the making of documentary on the DVD sole function seems to be answering the question of why is Timelash crap? I didn't think it that bad. If I was a Doctor Who fan during the 1980s, I'd probably be mortified by it. But watching it know knowing that the DVD practically comes with a warning that it's bad, and there's not chance of non-Who fans watching it, it's not the worst thing in the world. I can even point out some good things: Herbert was adorkable, and the unexpected reference to Three and Jo was lovely (although it seemed random at times and not random-in-a-good-way).

However, the serial does suffer from Six and Peri interaction that comes off more as bullying than banter, but that's not a problem limited to just Timelash, and I cannot like Six while I feel he is being so horrible to Peri, or the show when the Doctor-Companion relationship makes me uncomfortable.

It also suffers from being a serial from the 1980s. I adore Nyssa and Five and I like Ace and what I've seen so far of series 26, but generally I prefer watching 60s and 70s serials since majority of the 80s companions are either bland or unappealing, the music is so awful at times it makes me want to hide behind the sofa and it's at this point that the special effects become truly cringe-worthy. It was interesting on the making of doco that someone pointed out that JN-T wanted the companions to be 'girly', hence why Peri spends most of the serial tied up and screaming. I didn't realise it was official policy before. Anyway, all that is also not restricted to just Timelash.

Also I recently listened to The Boy that Time Forgot. Which is good but I'm not regarding it as canon. It was a retcon too far, one of those things - like River Song knowing the Doctor's name - that just didn't sit right with me. I do have to give Big Finish much credit the giant spider freaking me out. It was the most effective giant spider this arachnophobe has ever come across (probably because and sound effects and imagination are usually far more effective than CGI, model and prosthetics).

And Here There Be Monsters reminded me why Barbara is so just incredibly fantastic. She doesn't do all that much, but what she does do is just so very Barbara: awesome and understated. At the head of my personal pantheon of companion worship stands Barbara (and Sarah and Donna).
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I watched The Five Doctors with my flatmates. Flatmate One decided that Anthony Ainley was hot and proceeded to drool over the Master. Flatmate Two decided that Two is the best Doctor ever, with haircut being her sole judging criterion. Everybody mocked the triangles and I found myself apologising for the Sarah vs. the hill of very slight gradient. Actually, the Sarah fall thing wasn't half as awful as I had expected it to be. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty bad, but listening to fandom you would think it was the worst moment in Who history (for me that's the entirety of Revelation of the Daleks)

It occurred to me sometime after watching it that The Five Doctors would be in 1983 what The Stolen Earth (and to a lesser extent Journey's End) was to fans this year: one big long squee fest, although incomplete with the lack of Tom Baker and the real One. Yes, it's a bit rubbish in places, but who cares? It's five Doctors. And Susan! The Brigadier! Sarah Jane!

I have one major complaint – there was not nearly enough bickering. You can take your Death Zones and Yetis and Rassilon robots, all I'm here is for the Doctor bickering with his selves. But they spent barely any time together. The The Three Doctors is far superior in this respect (actually in most respects).

One and Tegan are quite possibly the greatest TARDIS team that never were. I don't like Tegan that much, but I think it's very little to do with the character, but rather she's paired with the wrong sort of Doctor. Five's so very lovely and she would work far better with a grumpy Doctor, like One. Poor Turlough just seems to not want to make an impression on me - negative or positive - at all.

In other pairings, this serial contained the most Foe!Yay I've seen after the Sound of Drums. It was the Master's line about a universe without the Doctor being unbearable that did it. You actually had to feel quite sorry for the Master in this serial. He is actually for the most part just trying to help. And One couldn't even figure out who he was.

I couldn’t help but notice Sarah ends up with the coasterseal of Rassilon. There's something that it would be brilliant to see show up in her attic. I think 'X item should show up in Sarah's attic' is a very common phrase in my journal, like 'Y classic monster should be in the new series' and 'Actor Z that Meddow has a crush on this week should be Eleven' (you know I've been crewing at the bit since TDK to say how brilliant a Doctor Aaron Eckhart would be in spite of being American).

The commentary with David Tennant, Phil Collinson and Helen Raynor was excellent, and the making of doco one of the best. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to listen to the other commentaries. I hope I didn't miss out on much.

Next DVD I plan to watch is Timelash. Wish me luck.
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I watched Time-Flight. First two episodes were absolutely terrible for one reason: Kalid. A horrendous mix of Arabic stereotypes topped off with the ugly green prophetic mask which leaked snot when he 'died'. Worse than Talons in my opinion.

Thankfully, Kalid goes away at the end of episode two and I could focus on what was so very right about this serial: the concorde flight crew. They made this serial with their attempts to help the Doctor. Concorde flight crew for series five companions! Of course there are no longer concordes, so we'll maybe just have to make do with Flight of the Conchords aboard the TARDIS.

Meanwhile they've released the April novel information and it's Ten travelling alone with no Companion. Which means we've been given the grand total of four novels featuring Donna. (in comparison Martha got 13). I haven't read the novels in the past though I am intending to read the September batch featuring Donna when they're released, because, well - Donna. Anyway, it looks like Donna's been shafted by spin-off media.

And, quite frankly, I don't watch the show for the Doctor. If he didn't have a companion to interact with, I'd probably find it very dull. The Doctor-Companion relationship makes this show for me. And yes, I am not all that exited about the specials.
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I finished The Seeds of Death and am still very much in love with Jamie. There's a scene in the fifth episode in which Zoe and Miss Kelly and busy discussing something technical and Jamie sits there and fidgets. I don't know why I love that moment, I just do.

Best bit had to be the fifth episode cliff-hanger with the foam fungus. There's nothing quite like watching the Doctor struggle for his life against foam and balloons. That must have been ridiculously fun to film. Generally, I enjoyed it more than I did The Invasion and I really need to watch more Two.

I know I say this nearly every time I come across a Classic Who monster, but I'd really like to see the Ice Warriors make an appearance in the New Series. Actually, I can't believe they haven't been at least referenced in series four since I'd think the Doctor would enjoy introducing Donna to an actual Martian.

What really needs to exist is a Two-Ten run in with Jamie, Zoe and Donna along for the ride. Ten, Two and Zoe can argue about who's the smartest and Jamie and Donna can sit back, snark at their respective Doctors for a while and then wander off and save the day. And then top it off with a big dose of mind-wipe angst (after Journey's End I'm in no hurry to watch The War Games)

Next up is Time-Flight which I've heard is a bit rubbish, but I've told myself that if I watch Time-Flight I can watch Arc of Infinity, which I've heard if a very good Nyssa serial.
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I listened to Big Finish's Spare Parts last night, in which the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa witness and become a part of the origins of the Cybermen (it could easily be called Genesis of the Cybermen). I intended to listen to the first episode before bed but wound up listening to the whole thing in one go. It's brilliant.

Cybermen are for me on paper the scariest Who monster. Unfortunately their potential rarely gets anywhere on screen. They take out your brain, remove all emotions and you live the rest of your life a cold metal drone, and that's if your lucky. If you're unlucky, the Doctor comes along, plays with your emotional inhibitor chip and the realisation of what you are causes you so much trauma you explode. I'd rather be exterminated. (The resolution of Age of Steel is up there with the Family of Blood punishments in the 'Doctor, you bloody hypocrite!' list).

As criticised as it is for not being very good, I like Rise/Age just because it get the closest to driving this horror home by doing all of the above to poor Alt!Jackie. Rise/Age isn't much like Spare Parts at all (even though its supposedly based on it), however, the taking an innocent person, turning them into a Cyberman and watching them die with the realisation of what they are - that was the biggest similarity. And the Cyberisation of Yvonne Hartman has to be a shout out to poor Yvonne Hartley (who is a cheerful teenage girl).

The big difference in Rise/AoS the Cybermen are a result of one megalomaniac's struggle against death. In Spare Parts, the Cybermen are a result of a civilisation's struggle against extinction (or as the Doctor theories at one point, the natural progression of plastic surgery – I don't really agree with this logic). It seems that a major thesis in Doctor Who the most horrific monsters are created in a struggle for the survival of a species – the Daleks and also the Toclafane fall into this category. I really don't think it's done on purpose by the writers, but it is interesting that some of the Doctor's actions that fandom has found most objectionable have been undertaken by him in an attempt not to let a person die, such as what happened with Ursula in Love and Monsters and River Song. It seems like 'everything has it's time and everything dies' is a cardinal rule of the Whoniverse and it's breaching this rule that creates the most problems.

The whole thing is set in an underground city, reminiscent of an Orwellian London, with the planet slowly crumbling apart. I think it's in large part the setting as well as the story that makes it so chilling. Rise/Age suffered in that the world had to be one we would not mind Rose and Mickey living in.

Anyway, I thought Spare Parts was just great and what I would really really love to see an actual adaptation of it on television. Or just bring back the Mondas Cybermen, because knowing their origins, it make them just a little bit more interesting than the parallel Earth Cybermen.
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Everyone is talking about it: TDK. My flat is actually having issues over TDK. We can't all go see it together until Saturday, which is leaving a split between those who have decided every girl for herself and see it as soon as she individually can, and those who do not want to leave the others out. I fall into the latter category, but them I'm still miffed about everyone seeing Mamma Mia without me, but I'm the one with the freest schedule. I can go see it on the really really big screen on Thursday if I wanted to. Gah. Loyalty to friends vs Batman.

The Moffs 'snub' of Spielberg is the number one item on imdb's movie and TV news, causing me to lol. If it were me and it was Tintin vs. Doctor Who, I'd pick Doctor Who (doesn't everyone dream of being the DW show-runner, or is that just me?)

I've gotten back on track with my mission to watch the entirety of Classic Who, and even better, I'm watching a Second Doctor serial: The Seeds of Death. I've neglected him a bit. The only other Second Doctor serial I've seen is The Invasion, which bored me. Admittedly its one of the better Cybermen stories I've seen, but it really could have benefited from being a four-parter rather than an eight-parter. It just dragged on an on and on and there wasn't even a Cyberman until episode four.

Anyway, I've seen episodes 1-4 of Seeds so far and am thoroughly in love with Jamie and that slightly ridiculous funhouse chase sequence in episode three. Jamie's just so wonderfully snarky, and good on him for being so since everyone seems to treat him like an idiot. Plus you've got admire a guy who travels through time and space in a kilt.

A quick rec: There's been a lot of Donna fanvids made lately, but Drops of Jupiter by Thebigbluemeany has to be my favourite. The rapid-fire editing won't be to everyone's tastes, but since it's got so much to do with memories which work in that sort of manner, I find it fits. And I love it for being from both the Doctor's and Wilf's perspective and not being incredibly depressing.

Losing Out

Jul. 1st, 2008 05:06 pm
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I was telling my mother today about my mission to watch the entire Classic series of Doctor Who (which has faltered in recent months, but I'll get back on track).

Mum: I used to love those ones with the military.
Me: UNIT?...The Brigadier?
Mum: Yes. The Brigadier!
Me: I love the Brigadier.
Mum: You can't have him. He's mine.
Me: Fine, I'll have Sergeant Benton
Mum: Oh, Sergeant Benton!

Which of course led to a rather long conversation discussing how the Brigadier needs to be brought back, the Cybermen, Daleks, my mother's fear of some blob monster that came from the ocean (I've no idea what she's talking about with that one) and hiding behind the sofa.

Anyway, this has me thinking. Doctor Who was cancelled before I was old enough to take notice (if I watched it as an little, I don't remember), and besides catching one episode each of An Unearthly Child and The Green Death (if I recall correctly) at some point in my teens, I didn't discover the show until I was twenty, which I find to be really sad. This wouldn't be such a big deal if Who was just a TV show, but in my family it really is an institution. Both my parents grew up on the show and my younger cousins are growing up on the New Series. I feel like I'm missing out. I'm part of a generation that didn't hide behind the sofa as a child because there were no Daleks on telly. My generation was ripped off.

Damn you 1989 cancellation *shakes fist*

I suppose at least I got Captain Planet. I can still sing the theme song.
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Stolen from a couple of people on my flist: When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ

There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes

The Fourth Doctor, "Robot"

Quoted for truth more than anything else. What's the point of spending your childhood waiting to become an adult and finally gain the freedom to do what you want, when you want, only to squander it being sensible and 'mature'?
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The best thing about The Doctor’s Daughter had to be the Ten/Donna/Jenny dynamic. I very much want to see AU fics in which Jenny actually goes with the Doctor and Donna and the three of them form some kind of odd family unit – the father, the daughter and the mother/aunt figure – and go and save planets and civilizations throughout the universe and every now and again accidentally-on-purpose kidnap Martha and bring her along too. I am such a sucker for oddball family units, like Sarah's gang on SJA.

Then I realised why I was getting so excited, and it’s because Ten, Donna and Jenny are the closet thing the show has ever had to the original 1960s TARDIS line-up of One, Barbara, Ian and Susan (Ten’s sort of an amalgam of One and Ian). This is quite probably because Donna is the first mature woman we’ve had in the TARDIS since Barbara left and it’s rather rare having two women travelling with the Doctor at once anyway. Not since Barbara and Susan (or Vicky? I haven't seen any Vicky serials yet) have we had anything resembling a female mentor relationship on the show. Anyway, I loved the original TARDIS team, they did become a family unit that travelled around space, and it was absolutely wonderful. I miss that.

Although, even if we do get Jenny back next series, we won’t have Donna and I’m not sold on a Ten and Jenny team TARDIS, just because she’s just a bit too much like her Dad and you would need a level-headed third person in there to break up the hyperactivity.

But I hope I’m not the only one out there mourning the TARDIS team that never was and there are lots and lots of AUs fics to come.
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Revelation of the Daleks has knocked The Visitation out of its position as worst Classic Who serial I’ve watched. Thankfully it was only two episodes. I don’t think I could have taken more of it. Too many characters, too many plots and WTF was with the DJ? Last thing the serial needed was an annoying character with a terrible accent giving a running commentary.

I do wonder who on earth thought the Six-Peri dynamic would be a good idea. He’s basically mean to her all the time – even calling her fat – and although she does make the odd remark back at him, he just comes off as a bully. If they're going to make the Doctor that abrasive he needs somebody who will not take his crap. Thank goodness for Evelyn.

I think I’m going to have to avoid Six for a while after that and maybe watch some more Three. The UNIT gang never cease to make me happy. Or at least re-watch Partners in Crime. Five days and multiple re-watches later I still love that episode to pieces.

Here’s also hoping that The Fires of Pompeii is as good as it’s being made out to be. I do remember last year when 42 was hyped as being a brilliant episode and it turned out to be my least favourite of season 3. As a result I’ve become rather deeply cynical about anything the production crew announces is great (silence, on the other hand, makes me optimistic). Although I do badly want it to be brilliant since sounds like the plot is The Aztecs meets a disaster movie and if they pull it off, it could be fantastic.
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I finally caught Fragments because I wanted to see the origins of the UNIT controversy for myself and beyond ranting at the Torchwood writers and RTD I think the simple answer is that it was not UNIT.

Yes, it may have been UNIT at the time, but it was five years ago and isn’t the UNIT now because
1. Martha would not work for an organisation that, and
2. Sarah would not be loosely affiliated with an organisation like that, and
3. I don’t think they would be able to pull the wool over both Sarah and Martha’s eyes.

Besides, it really doesn’t sit well with the General in TCI that began a rant about the importance of Articles of War before being killed, or the occasional times they’ve been referenced in SJA since if they are a big bad organisation worse than Torchwood, then would they really be bothered bailing Sarah out when she’s arrested?

So the obvious conclusion is that either for a brief period around 2003 rebel fraction of UNIT broke of from the original and locked Tosh up, or UNIT came under new management and lost their way a bit, and this ended when an alliance of the old 70s crowd – The Brig, Liz, Jo, Sarah, Benton, Yates et al – found out about it, exposed them and brought them down.

That is my fanon and I’m sticking to it until The Sontaran Stratagem comes along at least.
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I have to admit, the optimism that has been sustaining the squee over the past couple of weeks is waning. However, for somebody not supposed to be a superhero like Rose and Martha, they’ve certainly gone for the Wonder Woman look for Donna in some of those recently released publicity photos.

And, this has to be said: I want Catherine Tate’s hair!

Also, new trailer’s quite cool. Fire seems to be the big thing there emphasising this season, and that “pfff…we’ll be gone” is quite ominous – yes, I am still predicting that Donna will suffer a dramatic demise. Well, it’s still based on as much fact as the “Donna’s wearing a ring, therefore she must be affiliated with/be the Master,” theory, but I think it’d be true to the character and her symbolic role in relation to the Doctor. Plus it'd give Catherine Tate some nice meaty scenes.

In Classic Who, having watched Castrovalva recently, I think I’ve figured something about myself as a viewer. I’m really not that interested in the actual science in science fiction, I’m really more interested in the horror that can be drawn out of science fiction concepts – whether it’s a giant monster or a dystopia. This would seem to explain why seasons 12-14 of Doctor Who are my favourite.

Then again, really, what is more interesting? “Oh, noes! We’re trapped in a mathematical regression!” Or “Oh, noes! There’s a ventriloquist dummy killing people!”

Though I did love Castrovalva muchly. I wasn’t a bit fan of Five a couple of months ago, but the combination of Resurrection of the Daleks, Time Crash and Castrovalva have endeared him to much a lot, to the point where I’m really starting to adore him. Hell, even Tegan who I have not thought highly of in the past managed to grown in my affections greatly thanks to the ambulance stealing.

Also, pimping for the second time [ profile] loves_them_all’s Companion love posting month. Because what could be better for April than Companion love? (Companion bashing has been getting me down lately). Plus there’s a whole bunch of Companions on the list that I know barely anything about. It should be fun.


Mar. 23rd, 2008 12:49 pm
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OMG, the teaser trailer! SQUEE!

Spoilers )

I signed up for Donna on [ profile] loves_them_all’s companion love posting month, so I get to write a long piece of meta about the wonderfulness of Donna Noble. Yay. (There’s still quiet a few companions and places not taken, I think Romana I and Barbara haven’t been chosen yet, and somebody has to do Babs).

Having continued with the New Beginning, I watched Logopolis. Oh, Four. Sniff.

Meanwhile my Nyssa love grows stronger. I mean, her stepmother turns out to be a pawn in the Master’s evil plans and dies, the Master takes over the body of her loving father and wanders around with his face and her planet gets destroyed, leaving her the last of her kind.

She is just so tragic! And quiet. I want to hug her.

Why is there not more Ten/Nyssa and Nine/Nyssa?

ETA: Book Covers! Can you OD on squee? Because I may be getting dangerously close today.
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I really want to watch Runaway Bride, but I really shouldn’t. There is such a thing as watching an episode too many times, and I’ve got a marathon planed for series four launch day of The Runaway Bride, Voyage of the Damned and Partners in Crime.

Really there is such a thing as watching an episode too many times. Even though I initially loved it, I can’t stand Blink anymore and it’s because every time somebody new wanders into my flat, my flatmate makes them watch Blink (she likes watching their reactions). And they all agree, it’s both a brilliant and terrifying episode, but when you’ve seen it sixty five million times – to the point where you practically know the script off by heart – you start to get loathe it. And don’t get me started on the “Sally Sparrow for companion” crowd (Sally Sparrow is tainted by association).

Sometimes you really need to put something away for a few month/years.

Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really love The Runaway Bride. I think it’s vastly underrated by fandom at large and written off as a simple holiday romp when it shouldn’t be as there are some really brilliant things about it and a lot going on. For example, Donna has her little world (Lance and the wedding) coming crashing down around her in the cruellest way – and in the very next scene gets to see the creation of a world – her planet – which at the same time opens her eyes to something she had been ignoring for so long, and presents her with something else to build her life around. It just works so wonderfully.

Must resist temptation…

Oh, in one degree of Who casting, I was watching an episode of Wild West, in which Catherine Tate’s character gets involved with a handsome American from out of town, and it took me a short while to pick who it was – but it was Captain Jack Harkness. Not the Doctor’s Jack, but the original Jack from Captain Jack Harkness.

And finally, having begun watching the New Beginning, I’m really starting to ship Five/Nyssa.
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So, Ashes to Ashes. I have a feeling I should really not like Ashes to Ashes. But I do. I mean, the lead female character is an absolute train wreak, which normally I can’t stand (see: Anatomy, Grey’s), but strangely, Alex Drake’s train-wreak-ness is strangely enjoyable. Probably because she is in (or believes she is in) her own mind, therefore, I don’t care that she’s the kind of person who seems to be incapable of keeping her issues separate from her job and acts ridiculously unprofessionally at times.

Anyway, I kind of want to compare it to Life on Mars, for obvious reasons, but Ashes to Ashes really is it own show. It has its own feel and look and the central dynamic between the two leads of Alex and Gene is so different from Sam and Gene that when you watch one you really don’t sit there thinking about the other. I thought I would desperately miss Sam and Annie, but I don’t really, because you don’t compare them. Though I would like to find out what happened to Annie. And I do miss Creepy Test-Card Girl. I’m probably in the minority about this but I think she was creepier than the Bowie Clown of Death.

I do feel awfully sorry for the character of Caroline Price. I mean, there she is attempting to go about her life and then every now and again this emotionally unstable detective with mummy-issues shows up on her doorstep and acts incredibly weirdly. And you just know Alex is eventually going to come out with ‘You are my Mummy!’ and make herself look like a deranged lunatic. Imagine if that happened to you – scary shit.

Okay, moving on. So you know my theory that Donna is going to die. Well, I had a thought: 2007 – the year that killed everyone fictional – saw the deaths of three of my number one favourite characters in three different fandoms, and only one was resurrected (even more annoying was that the two permanent deaths were pretty lame, only the temporary one was an awesome death, which seems somehow wrong. Though Heroes wins at death).

Well, what if this trend is not temporally confined to a year? Donna really is doomed.

I also suspected that season four is going to be the season of alliteration. Well, Doctor, Donna Spoiler )

Oh, and I say “bleh!” To UNIT now being the Unified Intelligence Taskforce. And how much do you be this topic comes up next time I’m drinking with UN geeks?

And finally I shall end this post with a vid rec. [ profile] calapine remade What About Everything. The original was already one of my favourite vids, the new one is pretty much the best representation of exactly what Doctor Who is all about and why I love it in four minutes out there.
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I realized I hadn't done a picspam review in ages, which is probably because it's been a while since I managed to get my hands on some new Classic Who. Here we have Planet of Evil from season thirteen, featuring my favourite duo (oh, I am so unoriginal) the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane.

Planet of Evil )


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