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Quick Yuletide rec: just a pawn, waiting to advance by anonymous. The Hour/1984 – George Orwell. Not a true crossover, but an AU

Recommended because an AU version of The Hour set in the 1984 universe is just pure genius. Given the 1950s UK setting and the emphasis on truth, lies and paranoia in The Hour, I can't think of a more perfect match. It's very bleak, but then as 1984 is the setting, if it wasn't bleak, I'd be disappointed. But what's really going for it is that even though there's a considerably darker twist on the characters, Freddie, Lix and Randall are all so very heartbreakingly Freddie, Lix and Randall.

Anyway, read. Read even if you haven't watched the Hour – it's an AU and so familiarity with the characters and canon is not required.

Also: I think reading 1984 as an impressionable teenager is a major factor in my love of messy doomed romances. Hmmm. Thank goodness Twilight wasn't around then.

Remix Rec

May. 24th, 2010 12:09 pm
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The remix_redux fics are out and I have a rec.

It's been far too long since I've really been involved with Harry Potter or thought much about it, but having one of my old HP fics remixed has brought it all back. And I get to use this icon, which I don't get to use enough.

Getting to the rec: Bellum omnium contra omnes is a remix of my earlier fic Familiar Debate

Why should you read it? Because it's about Percy, the character I loved but many despised or worse, was at that point treated as evil by some sections of fandom. It's about his role in the Weasley family as the different one and his views on the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix showing that his actions are not of someone who is wilfully blind, but of a person who believes in democracy, government the rule of law, or at least, not putting the future of the country in the hands of what he sees as yet another exclusive cult of personality with no democratic oversight. While the Order may not be tyrannical or to be feared, Percy's view is still a legitimate viewpoint. And because it says that in a way that is better than the original fic did.

Also, what I love about it is that the author retained the original dialogue, so it can be read along with original, the 'remix' being that the point of view has changed from Bill to Percy.

Has anybody managed to guess what I wrote?
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I've been watching The Thick of It's latest series and I really haven't talked about my love for that show enough. When I watched In The Loop I said at the time that it was the best film I'd seen this year, and that still stands, and The Thick of It is the television series that In The Loop was spun off from.

Best way to describe it is the anti-West Wing. It's a sitcom about British politics following the work of the staff of the fictional Ministry of Social Affairs and Citizenship; Ollie, Glenn and Terri and their Minister Hugh or Nicola (depending on the series); and it subscribes to a view of politics which is about winning, spinning and in which government staff are all vaguely incompetent and the character you find yourself rooting for is the monstrous chief of government communications Malcolm Tucker who wanders around the show ripping other characters to shreds with profanity laden rants and incredibly creative and graphic threats. He's kind of from the same mold of anti-heroes as Gregory House, Bernard Black and Gene Hunt, but with a lot more rage and swearing.

In the grand tradition of brilliant British comedies, there's only been a few episodes made (sixteen in total, three of which have yet to air), but as the series's have been spread out, it's fascinating watching as the political context the characters are acting in mirrors the situation in Britain at that time – the first six episodes being during the Blair years, the two specials being about Blair's stepping down and the current series is the Labour party under siege and trying desperately to cling on to power.

But basically you should watch it because it's the most hilarious show on television and to prove it, I have found YouTube clips:

Tucker's Law
Sauna with Pavarotti
The Ipod Rant
Goldfish Bowl Roast
They Spelt Your Name Right and Everything

This series the Minister has changed to Nicola Murray and I wondered how it would work at first, because unlike the rest of the MPs on the show, she's actually quite sympathetic, but it's actually improved the show, I think, since I love the Malcolm-Nicola dynamic. And hell, I ship it.

And for those of you reading who do watch The Thick Of It, I have a Thick Of It/Torchwood crossover fic rec: Spinners of Earth by [ profile] degroove in which Malcolm and Jamie take on the 456. This is the way it should have gone down.

Peter Capaldi has to get some kind of MVP award this year, because between his role as John Frobisher on Torchwood and his role in Malcolm Tucker In The Loop and The Thick of It, he's been the best thing in both the best television shows that I've watched this year and the best movie that I've seen this year.


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