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Personally, I’m think that Harry will run Voldemort through with Gryffindor's sword since I really don’t want Harry to cast the Killing Curse, not with what we know what happens to a persons soul once they do.

But I had a thought. In OotP, five stunners to the chest just about killed McGonagall. I think it’s the first and only time in canon someone had to be transferred to St. Mungo’s for treatment because it was that very serious. So, theoretically, if a witch or wizard were to be hit in the chest by say twenty or so stunners all at once, shouldn’t that kill them? And if Harry were to be casting one of said stunners, wouldn’t that be fulfilling the prophecy?

Not quite as dramatic as running a person through with a sword, but it would enable a lot of characters who have a grievance against Voldemort to have a go at him as well.
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Figured I should devote some time to my other fandoms.

The Book Seven Meme )
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Damn it, I had to find out what happened on House and now I’m completely spoiled. When will I learn that spoiler whores never prosper?

As I’m in serious essay research mode at the moment, my brain is in perfect condition to come up with strange theories involving the Harry Potter books so I can write them up on my LJ to avoid doing work. Forgive me if this has already been discussed two million times already.

Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon )
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Writing my CV is depressing. It’s bad enough that I’m trying to apply for a summer position for a career that I don’t want. But my CV is making me feel inadequate. Example – Achievements … (Crickets chirp in the background.)

I went on a bit of writing binge yesterday. I’ve been working on this novel length Neville story, and I wrote the last three chapters (it still needs a lot of work before anyone is allowed to see it) and now I feel so empty. The story is out, on my hard-drive instead of in my head. I think I’m suffering for some sort of writing empty nest syndrome.

I also made more icons )

Oh, and crazy horcrux theory – McGonagall’s biscuit tin is a horcrux. The item once belonging to Gryffindor, safely tucked away at Hogwarts under the Headmistresses noise.

Fic Up

Jan. 31st, 2006 09:10 pm
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I've had a tonne of problems submitting it, but finally my second piece of fanfiction is up a Fiction Alley.

Title: Auror Disciplinary Committee Case 1229
Author: Me
Summary: Sometimes you have to make a choice. For Tonks it was whether to defy the Ministry or not. Now she faces a divided workplace and a disciplinary hearing that will decide her future.

It can be found here.
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I was reading a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge called "Fire, Famine and Slaughter" I which fire, famine and slaughter are represented by three sisters and it occured to me that three sisters seem to show up quite a bit in literature and mythology. So with this in mind I decided to take a look at the role of the three sisters in the Harry Potter universe, what they may represent and what that may mean for both them, the war and Harry. I came up with two possibilities though I am sure there are more out there.

The Black Sisters as Harpies )

The Black Sisters as the Fates )


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