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As I mentioned briefly early, the Heroes volume finale isn't bad. In fact, I would categorise it as quite good. I think for a few reasons:

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But mostly because Worf is the US President. Nope, the Star Trek casting never gets old. And yes, I probably will be tuning in next volume because apparently there is something wrong with me. But then Bryan Fuller has made me hopeful for this show. But I swear, if I get even a wiff of another Sylar redemption arc, I'm off faster than Daphne.

I've decided that while Sanctuary shall be never a particularly accolade worth show, it is fantastic in a completely cracky way. The season finale two-parter has Magnus team up with Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Nikola Tesla (i.e. the old crew) and the Invisible Man's invisible Granddaugher - and it is awesome in the way only having fictional characters and historical figures bitching at each other can be.

I'm also still on a Stargate thing at the moment. I keep on meaning to watch Atlantis, but I can't seem to find the time. Add it to the big list of shows I'm going to watch one day when I discovery the secret of having free time (along with Battlestar Galactica) Watching a show as it comes out every week isn't bad, but trying to watch a seasons worth of episodes in week - or however long I can rent them for – is a bit too much of a mission for me at the moment.

I was initially incredibly sceptical about the new spinoff Stargate: Universe, which appears Star Trek: Voyager with annoying twenty-somethings, which is particularly ironic since the 'younger and sexier' concept has already been mocked mercilessly by the original show. But then Robert Carlyle was cast and now I don't know what to think. I love Stargate, but it's not the kind of franchise that attracts people with Baftas. I'm worried the franchise may be a bit tired, and apparently Atlantis sucks this season, but then Unending happens to be one of my favourite episodes of television ever and that was the 214th and final episode of SG1, so maybe age has nothing to with the ability for good television. Potential there, maybe? I dunno.

Anyone know when Ashes to Ashes is going to start up again? It's been far too long since the last series ended.
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Being that my travel plans have been postponed, for the first time in what feels like forever, I've actually had free time.

In recent television, the SJA finale was wonderful. The Brigadier was underutilised I thought, I was expecting something a little more School Reunion-ish. But Mrs. Wormwood was the magic. Heroes managed to shock me and come out with an episode which I would actually describe as 'good'. Meanwhile the latest Sanctuary episode was so god-awful I cringed all the way through. At least it was laughably awful rather than offensively awful. Hopefully, Sanctuary's sudden drop in quality is an anomaly and Heroes's sudden rise is not.

I was given by my wonderful flatmates a copy of The Dark Knight for Christmas and I've been checking out the special features today, of which it's pretty light on. However, I really kind of love those little Gotham Tonight fake news segments. I'm a big fan of fake non-fiction. Instead of watching that universe, it takes you inside it. I always thought back when The West Wing was my major fandom, how wonderful it would be to pick up a news magazine and see Bartlet on the front.

Also watched the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 again (aptly named 200), which is quite possible one of the greatest episodes of television ever since it's pretty much a fourth wall bending prodigy of itself (and nothing escapes the lampooning), and also Star Trek, Farscape, Thunderbirds, The Wizard of Oz, Ewoks, the recent plethora of zombie movies, 'younger and sexier' television, shipper pandering and batshit paternity revelations. Best bit in my opinion is not one of the skits, but simply the bit where Teal'c calmly says "I do not understand why everything in this script must inevitably explode."

And finally, watched a wonderful little docudrama, The Worst Journey in the World, about Aspley Cherry-Gerrard written by and staring Mark Gatiss. Cherry-Gerrard's another Antarctic explorer, blamed by some at the time for failing to save Scott, Bowers and Wilson. He was eleven miles from where they died, but didn't press on, instead obeying Scott's order not to risk the dogs. Anyway, the winder before the ill-fated pole expedition he went the journey with Bowers and Wilson to retrieve an Emperor Penguin egg. It was horrific, but they all survived, Bowers and Wilson to die later and Gerrard to be psychologically scared for life. More interestingly is that Cherry-Gerrard is a bit more meta about his experience than most if not all other polar explorers, posing the question of whether the suffering was worth anything. I really need to get a hold of and read his book.
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Apparently the BBC are making another adaptation of Day of the Triffids, which is nothing short of fantastic. It's one of my favourite books and the origin of my love for carnivorous plants in science fiction. I've seen the 1950s movie, which completely departs from the book, but not the 1980s mini-series, which I really should watch. Although, it'd be hard to beat 28 days later…, which, although it switched the plants for zombiesthe infected (tis very important to distinguish between zombies and the infected, because real zombies don't run (oh Simon Pegg, how I love you)) was a brilliant adaptation. Problem is, it's hard to make killer plants not laughable. I can't wait to see how they're going to pull that off.

Also, ABC is making a new sci-fi television series, Flash Forward. The premise sounds a bit weak (the world jumps forward in time two minutes) and I'm betting on cancellation within six months, but it's got both Jack Davenport and Joseph Fiennes set to star in it. XD Sadly for British accent admirers, they're playing Americans. Oh, Jack. Why can't you go back to playing British?

Also, watched the latest episode of Sanctuary and really, I can't help but love this show more and more every week. There's still something I can't put my finger on that it's missing. Maybe it's just that it feels like it's got so many similarities with so many other shows that it hasn't quite got an identity of its own yet. But where shows like Torchwood and Heroes sometimes take an idea that I like and don't pull it off, it takes those same ideas and most of the time pulls it off wonderfully. Although, it could be because it keeps on jumping genres that it can't seem to find itself (this week it was claustrophobic thriller, last episode it was crime procedural with a supernatural spin and the episode before that an action/adventure horror). Or maybe it's because the show's working with a tiny budget. But the show is so close to being brilliant.

And reason number #267 why Helen Magnus is awesome: she owns a freaking submarine. And not one of those tiny little brightly-coloured research things - she owns a proper military-style one.
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I've fallen very much in love with Sanctuary and while usually I'm the last to jump on a bandwagon, not many people are watching Sanctuary, so I'm pimping it out a bit because it a great little show and more people should be watching it.

How I think to describe it is a mixture of Torchwood, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the graphic novel, not the movie) and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends with a slight hint of Gilmore Girls and Heroes.

Basically, it's about a monster rescuing and hunting team, consisting of doctor, leader and all round awesome Helen Magnus (who has fast become one of my favourite characters on television) her more trigger-happy field-agent daughter Ashley (it's those two who give the show the its slight Gilmore Girls feel), Henry the snarky tech-guy, the big hairy humanoid butler who is quite possibly Big Foot and the n00b forensic psychiatrist Will Zimmerman. They all run around with guns either saving 'abnormals' from the world or the world from abnormals and doing all this from their base, a gigantic mansion known as 'The Sanctuary' which functions as an abnormal refuge, prison, research centre and medical facility.

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