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I have been so busy lately. I'm hoping to have a weekend in which I can catch up on things and write a bit of fic, maybe do a picspam. The problem with being busy is that it leads to be tired which lead to me doing not much of anything.

Anyway, things that I've been meaning to post about all week:

1. I realised that Vincent and the Doctor is Amy's Companion tries to change history to save a life/lives, just like the Aztecs (Barbara), Father's Day (Rose) and Fires of Pompeii (Donna), except that it was a different take on it as the Doctor for once was in on it (probably knowing they'd have no success) so there was no great debate.

In a bit of drive by episode love, I have to say, as much as I love Vincent and the Aztecs (I quite like Father's Day too), Pompeii I still rate as my favourite, namely because I saw an exhibit on Pompeii earlier this year which included the plaster casts they made of people smothered by ash, and it's harrowing. Plus, Donna is utterly awesome to the point of making the naysayers finally shut up, Catherine Tate shows off why she is one of the best (if not the best) actresses to have played a Companion, and there's bonus Peter Capaldi.

But also, and leading into another thing I'm going to talk about it, my personal fanon is that it's one of the major reasons why Children of Earth happened, as in, in my fanon is that I don't think it's a coincidence that the father of the Frobisher family which did not survive CoE is the spitting image of the father of the family that survived Fires

2. I'm a bit hesitant about the new series of Torchwood that's been announced, for a number of reasons. I loved Children of Earth and was quite happy with it being a series finale, but also with the new series being set partially in America, I suspect that's lessened the chances of having Lois, Alice and Johnson join the team, or that we'll get a day in the life of Bridget Spears episode (okay, there was probably little chance of that happening ever, but it would be awesome - maybe I'll just have to write fic).

3. World Cup! World Cup! World Cup! I'm really into it this year because New Zealand's in it for the first time since the 1982. Oh, I so badly want us to score a goal.

When the All Whites are inevitably knocked out, I'm going to have to go a find some random arbitrary thing with which to use to pick a team to support. Last time I rooted for whichever team came from the country IMO had the best food. I ended up supporting Italy quite a bit.

4. Forth and finally and because I can, more Thick of It BAFTA pics, cos I love this cast and also because there's bonus Freema Agyeman and Jane Lynch )

ETA: Gah. My photobucket account which is entirely used for fandom purposes somehow knows of my facebook page, which is all about RL, or at least my photobucket account is prompting me to 'like' it. 1. How does it know who I am on facebook? 2. Make it stop! I keep my fandom stuff and my life stuff very separate so not cool, internet. Not cool at all.
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I watched this movie a few months ago, and it's stuck in my mind for some time, because it is a very memorable movie (as you shall see if you read further) and also because that due to the presence of Mr Peter Capaldi, it has become my crack Malcolm Tucker backstory. And after being inspired by a conversation over at [ profile] the_thickofit, here I go, picspamming an 1980s movies you all shall probably never watch, but if you read the below, you shall see that his movie really does have to be seen to be believed.

A quick run down before we begin. The Lair of the White Worm is a so-bad-it's-good horror-comedy film from 1988 made by Ken Russell. It took a lot of creative licence with the Bram Stoker novel of the same name. The reason it caught my attention was that it happens to star a young Peter Capaldi and a young Hugh Grant, who are both very hot in this movie. It's completely bizarre in a kind of awesome way (two words: Snake Vampires), and the ending is definitely fantastic.

The film's basically one giant piss-take of the common horror trope that female sexuality=evil, so it of course goes completely over the top with the promiscuous evil doer, the sacrificial virgin and more phallic symbols being wielded around than you can shake a stick at.

Word of warning: this film passes the Jamie McDonald test of movie quality, meaning there will be blood. And also, there will be tits.

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I wanted to do a big 2009 picspam, but could not decide on a format. Then and idea struck me: since I'm forever lamenting entertainment awards' inability to make the right decision, why not do my picspam in an award sort of format, with the awards categories themselves completely made up and arbitrary so I could just picspam things I liked this year and could find photos of. Good idea, yes?

With no further ado...

Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Torchwood and The Thick of It )
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I've been watching The Thick of It's latest series and I really haven't talked about my love for that show enough. When I watched In The Loop I said at the time that it was the best film I'd seen this year, and that still stands, and The Thick of It is the television series that In The Loop was spun off from.

Best way to describe it is the anti-West Wing. It's a sitcom about British politics following the work of the staff of the fictional Ministry of Social Affairs and Citizenship; Ollie, Glenn and Terri and their Minister Hugh or Nicola (depending on the series); and it subscribes to a view of politics which is about winning, spinning and in which government staff are all vaguely incompetent and the character you find yourself rooting for is the monstrous chief of government communications Malcolm Tucker who wanders around the show ripping other characters to shreds with profanity laden rants and incredibly creative and graphic threats. He's kind of from the same mold of anti-heroes as Gregory House, Bernard Black and Gene Hunt, but with a lot more rage and swearing.

In the grand tradition of brilliant British comedies, there's only been a few episodes made (sixteen in total, three of which have yet to air), but as the series's have been spread out, it's fascinating watching as the political context the characters are acting in mirrors the situation in Britain at that time – the first six episodes being during the Blair years, the two specials being about Blair's stepping down and the current series is the Labour party under siege and trying desperately to cling on to power.

But basically you should watch it because it's the most hilarious show on television and to prove it, I have found YouTube clips:

Tucker's Law
Sauna with Pavarotti
The Ipod Rant
Goldfish Bowl Roast
They Spelt Your Name Right and Everything

This series the Minister has changed to Nicola Murray and I wondered how it would work at first, because unlike the rest of the MPs on the show, she's actually quite sympathetic, but it's actually improved the show, I think, since I love the Malcolm-Nicola dynamic. And hell, I ship it.

And for those of you reading who do watch The Thick Of It, I have a Thick Of It/Torchwood crossover fic rec: Spinners of Earth by [ profile] degroove in which Malcolm and Jamie take on the 456. This is the way it should have gone down.

Peter Capaldi has to get some kind of MVP award this year, because between his role as John Frobisher on Torchwood and his role in Malcolm Tucker In The Loop and The Thick of It, he's been the best thing in both the best television shows that I've watched this year and the best movie that I've seen this year.

Oh Dear

Aug. 14th, 2009 11:11 pm
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Hollywood's complete inability to come up with an original idea is only second to the writing of female characters in romcoms when it comes to making me despair about the current state of big-budget entertainment, and rebooting Battlestar Galactica again, so soon after it was just successfully rebooted, just proves how ridiculous it's getting. First of all, why? The 2003 reboot only provided six years of acclaimed television, lasted longer than the original series and spawned a spin-off. Was is not successful enough? Secondly, there is no way comparisons would not be drawn. And I understand it, if they return to the original material (I haven't actually watched the original series), there would be no Roslin or Six (or any of the other skin-job model Cylons for that matter), Baltar would be properly evil rather than, well, Baltar, and Starbuck, Boomer and Admiral Cain would all suddenly be men. Weird.

I watched The Edge of Darkness recently, a political thriller about nuclear weapons from the BBC, which aired originally in 1985. It is bloody good. Basically, it's about a cop who witnesses his daughter's murder which causes him to investigate and in turn become involved in a conspiracy involving governments, environmental protesters, secret agents and some wonderful larger-than-life characters. It gets a bit nuts, but just when I think its skirting the edge of credibility, I remind myself that the French government sent secret agents half way around the world to blow up anti-nuclear protest ship in Auckland Harbour the very same year it aired, and so things really were a bit crazy back in the 1980s.

While normally when I watch old TV, I kind of have to adjust my mindset to take into account the low budgets, sub-par effects and the plodding pace, going on twenty-five years after it originally aired it holds up. It seems the BBC actually spent money on it, and the direction and pacing holds up by today's standards. And thinking about its impact, I think it's clear Ashes to Ashes in particular borrows heavily from it, and the daughter hanging about the main character after her death makes me wonder if it was the first time the ghost trope was used on television. These days, its hard to think of television shows that don't have characters talking to dead people.

I also re-watched Children of Earth, and if any one character gets to come back, can it please be Johnson? I've decided she's my favourite of the new crop, as not only is she incredibly competent and morally ambiguous but for a purpose, but they also bothered to give her a degree of compassion, a quality writers don't usually bother with in secondary characters of that nature. Plus, I want Alice back, but that might be because Johnson/Alice is my Torchwood OTP, as messed up as it would be. Oh, and I want Lois as the new Ianto and creepy dude as the new Tosh, because they'd get left behind in the hub while the rest go on missions, and watching Lois constantly one-uping creepy dude to keep him in line could make for great entertainment.

Five Things

Aug. 9th, 2009 02:06 pm
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From that Five Things Meme. Feel free to give me more as I love doing these sorts of things.

For [ profile] ishie

Top Five things to crossover with Battlestar Galactica )

Top Five ways I would have ended it if I were in charge )

For [ profile] airie_fairy

Top Five Teenage Characters )

For [ profile] artic_fox

Top Five moments where I wanted to bitch-slap the Doctor )
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Movie Rec: I saw In the Loop yesterday and it's the best film I've watched at the movies all year, and also the funniest movie I've watched in longer than that. It's a political satire about a British cabinet minister who after a bit of a gaff about a potential war in the Middle East, finds himself in Washington being used as a puppet by both the anti-war and pro-war portions of the US Government. It's got some of the most glorious and creative insults, threats and curses in cinema history (oh, how I would like to see what the airline version of the film would be like - probably a five minute film of various characters looking at each other). Best character has to be Malcolm Tucker, who is both the villain and the guy you find yourself rooting for just because he has some to the best lines and is the most competent of the bunch, and if you weren't already thinking Peter Capaldi is brilliant after Torchwood, you will be after this.

Plus, it also adds a lot of weight to my current theory that the best things dealing with Iraq are the things in which the word 'Iraq' is never used.

And speaking of Torchwood actors, I was reading that John Barrowman might not be around for series four as he may be on Desperate Housewives, and all I could think of was how this would be brilliant.

I said it in my review of Day Five, but now that the immediate reaction's worn off, I stand by not wanting to see Jack Harkness again. First of all, I think pop culture needs a cull of emo immortals because the 'Everyone I know dies while I stay eternally young, pretty and healthy' thing has been done to death and I am absolutely utterly and truly sick of it.

Secondly, I don't think Barrowman's got the acting chops to really do the devastation to Jack at the end of Day Five justice in a long term sort of capacity. He does a great intergalactic playboy and he did really well for Barrowman in CoE, but I often cringed when it came Jack's big emotional moments through series one and two of Torchwood.

But mostly, I'm just sick of TW!Jack. Doctor Who!Jack was wonderful. I loved him with Nine and adored his appearances with Ten, but he's well and truly dead. I don't think a post-Day 5 Jack could show up on DW unless the write the character so OC the Torchwood watching audiences would throw things. TW!Jack always seemed to me to be a different character because they were trying to peg the fun, action-sidekick into the dark and brooding leader role and managed to mess up what I liked about the character doing it, creating this character I hated because he wasn't the character I loved.

Anyway, the character had gone, his leaving was upsetting, but also it felt right. I hope they don't bring him back. Plus, there's Gwen, Johnson and - if they want to keep it in the family - Alice, who could all act as replacements.
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I'm sure I'm not the only one out there a little miffed that the show had ended and the are no more chances and neither BSG, Mary McDonnell nor Bear McCreary ever once got a nomination for an Emmy (for Best Drama Series, Best Actress and Best Composition respectively). There's a whole bunch of other awards BSG's missed out on nominations for over the years, but those are the three most glaring. Saying that, I wonder what the Emmys and it's anti-sci-fi stance will make of Caprica. I've watched the pilot and if I had to make it into an equation, it would be (Mad Men + The Sopranos + Rome + Gossip Girl) x (Blade Runner + Frankenstein). So it's almost half Emmy bait, half Emmy poison.

On the other hand, yay about Flight of the Conchords getting a bit of love!

Torchwood has left me wanting to write a brief thing about darkness in story telling and 'dark' premises for stories and why I like them. So here I go. I don't like the term 'dark' namely because it the way it's banded about in fandom it implies that something with a 'dark' ending is not realistic, in that it's purposely hyper-depressive. I think that's because dark fic is a genre of fanfic in which the writer often does make it deliberately and ofter unrealistically depressing for misery's sake. Whereas – and maybe this is a result of my outlook on humanity – I tend to find entertainment labeled 'dark' to be just more realistic than usual entertainment. People hurt others, people die and bad things sometimes happen to good people, and good things sometimes happen to bad people. That for me is what the world is like, and when that happens in something I'm watching or reading, I just see it as a reflection of life.

I fully understand why people don't want realistic in their entertainment and particularly the entertainment that doubles as their fandom, since often it acts as an escape. But I often find dark programmes more uplifting, because at the same time, while I don't like the term, the term 'dark' does conjures up an image which explains why I do like 'dark' things (i.e., it's metaphor time!). If you light a candle in a room with the lights on, the light given by the flame is lost and unnoticed. If you light a candle in a room in a dark room, you notice the light given off by the flame. I like 'dark' things because it places the good things - heroic actions, love, happiness, quiet moments, etc - in greater relief making them feel more important, more uplifting and be more appreciated.
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Spoilers )

I'm going to go curl up into a ball now.
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Damn it Torchwood, exploiting my soft spot for characters who are civil servants and using it to keep me on tenterhooks.

I do have a huge soft spot for civil servants though. I was actually way more upset about what happened to Yvonne Hartman in Doomsday than I was about anything to do with the forcible ending of Ten and Rose's co-dependence. Of all the things Laura Roslin did in BSG, which included election fraud, ordering a genocide and baby stealing, one of the few things I can't get over were those few times she was mean to Tory (even after what Tory did in The Ties that Bind) and in fact what happened to Tory is my biggest Daybreak gripe, and I was totally a Percy Weasley apologist in Harry Potter fandom.

And then if you tally up my favourite characters in various fandoms, a hell of a lot of them work for the government in some kind of fashion: Nymphadora Tonks and aforementioned Percy Weasley, James Norrington and Weatherby Swann in PotC, nearly every character that has ever worked or been affiliated with UNIT in DW along with Yvonne Hartman and now John Frobisher, Billy, Gaeta and Tory in BSG, and, although technically elected officials, in my mind I lump them in with the above lot: Harriet Jones, Harvey Dent and Laura Roslin. There is most definitely a trend.

I blame The West Wing, it being my major fandom through my wilderness teenage years and nearly every character being a noble and put-upon civil servant.

As for the episode, I could have done with out the slime and certainly the slime sound effects. Reminded me of Aliens of London Saying that, oh I would laugh so very hard if the 456 turn out to be the Slitheen. And then I would throw things.
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I have decided Gwen and Rhys are the second coming of Zoe and Wash off Firefly. Ianto's family is awsome. For the first time since Cyberwoman I find myself liking Ianto just for the presence of his family.

I think in Frobisher RTD's perfected his skill of writing incredibly sympathetic yet slightly morally dubious civil servants. Now I desperately fear for his life.

Hurray for PC Andy! I still want a Rhys and PC Andyspin-off in which they fight slight rubbish aliens.

Also, I agree entirely with the many people on my flist who have pointed out that the structure feels like an old school Who serial, which makes it all the better.

I've never been so in love with Torchwood. Who knew watching the first season Torchwood had this in it?
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I have watched the first episode of Torchwood's Children of Earth and it's good. It's really good. There were plot twists I didn't see coming and creepy kids and all sorts. I hope it stays as good for all five episodes. Yay for the presence of Peter Capaldi and Paul Copley (a.k.a Matthews of Hornblower) and I want to know more about the character of Alice Carter. Shame about the lack of Martha and Mickey, but at least the former got a mention. My major complaint is the thus far lack of PC Andy and not enough Rhys.

I've been watching even more Star Trek, and also my flatmate's stance on Kirk's led to a bit of an obsession on my part of comparing and contrasting the different captains to see if I subjectively come up with an objective decision about which one was the best, and I've come to the conclusion based on what I've watched that yes, if you want the Earth saved, you really want Kirk since that is what he is very, very good at. However, if you want a planet, an alliance or the values of the Federation saved, you want Picard. If you want the actual Federation saved (values be damned), you want Sisko. And if you want someone to save you, you want Janeway. And, erm....Archer's good if you want a speech about human values or a cure for insomnia, I suppose. (I have watched four episodes of Enterprise now and still find him dull and lacking in personality).

But I've come to the realization that I really just do not like TOS. I figured I didn't like the episodes as a kid because of the 1960s-ness, but I can quite happily watch 60s Doctor Who and the terrible special effects and general 60s-ness off it don't bother me too much at all, whereas TOS is a struggle still. Maybe if TOS was in black and white, or had Daleks, or Barbara, then I might find it enjoyable, i.e. black and white makes all manner of bad sfx forgivable, a half decent unredeemable villains and an awesome female lead would got far to win my affections (I know TOS did let its female characters occasionally do something useful, but the instances are so few and far between I find it disheartening).

And speaking of bad old Star Trek, I watched the TNG pilot, Encounter at Farpoint and it is just so very very bad. Terrible sets, terrible acting, terrible direction, terrible plot. Screw assigning blame to what killed the franchise, it's a miracle the franchise survived early TNG. Did remind me that what I was very young, my favourite Trek character was Tasha Yar (coz that worked out for me).
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Arc of Infinity

I'd been looking forward to watching this serial for a while, since it's the only time Five and Nyssa are together without Tegan, and thanks to Big Finish, the two of them alone are one of my favourite TARDIS teams. I was not disappointed, since I really enjoyed this serial – I watched it in two days. I didn’t know it was partially filmed in Amsterdam before watching it (but how could I not know now after the gratuitous 'look, we're on location, in AMSTERDAM!' chase scene). Also besides The Five Doctors (which I don't think counts because I was too busy squeeing at all the Doctors and companions), this was my first major exposure to Gallifrey and all is political machinations.

Read more... )

Torchwood – Lost Souls )

Speaking of audios, how excited am I that Catherine Tate's doing an audiobook, The Forever Trap. After David Tennant's Donna voice in Pest Control, which was endearingly bad, I can't wait to hear Catherine Tate's Tenth Doctor voice.

And finally On those casting rumours )
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I’m loving all this stuff about the Large Hadron Collider and how its going to be the end of the world and all that. It seems to very Doctor Who. In fact Torchwood's coming to the rescue (screw the testimony of scientists and court cases - it's that which conclusively tells me we're doomed). Although, I thought the black hole Sarah Jane's got locked up in her attic was the Whoniverse's sneaky reference to CERN and the LHC.

I finally finished The Power of the Daleks. It took me a month to listen to the episode reconstruction. I don't quite know why, but I struggled with it where I didn't with the First Doctor episode reconstructions I've listened to. Possibly because I wasn't familiar with Ben and Polly before I started it, and this is the third Second Doctor serial I've gone near.

Anyway, I quite like Polly. Ben I initially didn't like very much. Again couldn't quite put my finger on why. He did seem to be always shouting and without the performance to match it can grate. But I've warmed to an indifferent by the end of the serial.

"We are your servants" has to be the creepiest phrase a Dalek can utter. When (because with the Daleks it is always a 'when' and not an 'if') the Daleks show up again on the New Series, I'd love them to do something similar, with the Daleks pretending to be good and nobody believing the Doctor.

I do wonder whether it was a conscious decision of the writer and producer to have in the serial after the first ever regeneration the Doctor referred to as 'the examiner' throughout. I also though the denials from the Doctor that he was the Doctor in the first episode was also quite nifty. Sort of using reverse-psychology to point out that the new bloke is in fact the Doctor.
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I've just been watching The American President. I haven't watched it in a while and it is my absolute favourite romcom.

"I didn’t send 466 to the floor to win you back."
"And I didn't come back because you sent 466 to the floor."

I am such a dork.

Anyway. There is a need for me to post today. Today is the one year anniversary of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which means it is the one year anniversary of the death of James Norrington, which means it is the beginning of the trend of every single favourite character of mine always having to die.

Seriously: Spoilers for Harry Potter, Heroes, Rome, Ashes to Ashes and House )

Will the needless slaying of adored characters please end.
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Finally got around to watching Exit Wounds, and I can’t believe Torchwood made me feel so sad. Had that happened at the end of the first series, I think I would not have cried, rather I would have cheered.

Still, the plot really was quite crap, but though the season it did manage to get me to give enough of a damn about the characters to care. Big improvement then from last season.

And can PC Andy and Rhys get their own comedy spin-off in which they investigate threats to the planet by slightly rubbish aliens? Tin Dog and Tin Dog Investigations or some such. The two best characters on Torchwood saving the planet from bubble wrap - it’d be brilliant!

Who Soon

Apr. 5th, 2008 11:43 pm
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I haven’t watched Torchwood yet (though already spoiled, I read about it last week – I swear I wasn’t even looking for spoilers, I really did just stumble upon them this time). I was putting it off, and then ended up watching When Harry Met Sally with the flatmates (DVD player has crapped out, so whenever we want to watch something these days we have to crowd around my laptop).

It’s kind of a pain, I know it’s going to be a downer, so I’m reluctant to watch it and since even though I do like it more now than I once did, I’m still just not that into Torchwood and usually watch it out of some kind of obligation to the mother-show, I don’t have that drive to watch it as soon as possible that I have with Doctor Who.

Eh. I’ll get around to watching it eventually.

Anyway, new Doctor Who soon. I have it all planed out and should all thing go to plan there shall be a mini marathon happening in my flat, of The Runaway Bride followed by Voyage of the Damned and then onto Partners in Crime. Thankfully, I have converted all the flatmates to Doctor Who, even though I remain the only one who likes Donna (or Angry Red-Head as one of my flatmates has dubbed her). I may be the only one watching The Runaway Bride.
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I finally caught Fragments because I wanted to see the origins of the UNIT controversy for myself and beyond ranting at the Torchwood writers and RTD I think the simple answer is that it was not UNIT.

Yes, it may have been UNIT at the time, but it was five years ago and isn’t the UNIT now because
1. Martha would not work for an organisation that, and
2. Sarah would not be loosely affiliated with an organisation like that, and
3. I don’t think they would be able to pull the wool over both Sarah and Martha’s eyes.

Besides, it really doesn’t sit well with the General in TCI that began a rant about the importance of Articles of War before being killed, or the occasional times they’ve been referenced in SJA since if they are a big bad organisation worse than Torchwood, then would they really be bothered bailing Sarah out when she’s arrested?

So the obvious conclusion is that either for a brief period around 2003 rebel fraction of UNIT broke of from the original and locked Tosh up, or UNIT came under new management and lost their way a bit, and this ended when an alliance of the old 70s crowd – The Brig, Liz, Jo, Sarah, Benton, Yates et al – found out about it, exposed them and brought them down.

That is my fanon and I’m sticking to it until The Sontaran Stratagem comes along at least.
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I never posted my thoughts on those last few episodes of Torchwood I watched did I? Well it was a while ago so I can’t remember particularly what I thought other than that Martha is awesome (I wouldn’t be opposed to her joining the show full time) and that there seem to me to be lots of nods to the Alien franchise in Reset and Dead Man Walking.

What I do remember though was my flatmate’s reaction to the series since I lent those episodes her to watch, and of course, she was over the moon at the prospect of lots and lots of Captain Jack.

Anyway, I wandered into the room in some while later, and she looked like a kid who had just dropped her ice-cream cone on the floor. She apparently, in her words, prefers Jack as an anarchist to Jack as a manager.

So SJA remains the preferred Who spin-off in my flat.
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I'm still going on with the Torchwood watching. I think I'm managing about two a week.

How on earth do you take Jack Harkness – a character I loved when he first appeared in Doctor Who – and after a few episodes have me rooting for his team to kick his arse?

I have no idea, but that was what I was pondering while watching End of Days.

The Jack characterisation is my general bother with this episode. On the on hand we have Jack One, with his very heroic good guy Doctor Who characterisation. Yes, he had a past, but that was all over with after the Doctor Dances. He doesn’t fire his gun, he falls in line behind the Doctor and never suggests any action even close to being morally dodgy.

Then we have Jack Two, the Torchwood characterisation, in which it is pointed out by Owen that he has been erasing people’s memories, shooting people dead and generally being a grey mysterious figure.

I know why there are two Jack characterisations. Jack One has to cater for a general audience. However, Jack One and Jack Two just don’t mesh. You don’t see Jack Two at all when Jack One’s in action which makes you sit there and wonder where the hell Jack One is when watching Jack Two since he seems to have had a personality transfer. Which just makes me pissed at Jack Two.

And End of Days managed to prove that just because something has a giant monster in it, does not necessarily mean I will enjoy it.

On the other hand Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was jam packed with cracktastic goodness. Torchwood should always be like that.

So the Torchwood crew spent a bit of time in the episode moaning about Jack had just abandoned them, so I thought, instead of a review, I could make a few suggestions of potential Jack replacements should ever to swan off with the Doctor again. And every new boss needs to first of all motivate the team with a speech don't they?

Donna Noble )

The SJA Trio )

Gene Hunt )

Noah Bennet )


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