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[ profile] harveyrachel. There's not fic that has been posted there yet, but I think the fact that a community now exists is a good sign. I feel a bit guilty wanting some good Harvey fic but not contributing any myself. Blame my work load and RTD, I'm too busy trying to fix the ending to Journey's End.

Speaking of Doctor Who, a fanvid rec: Glorious vidded by [ profile] rhoboat. More than any song Muse has ever recorded (except maybe for Knights of Cydonia) this song has been asking for a Doctor Who fanvid to be made of it (and that's quite something to say when you take into consideration I'm talking about Muse. Half the songs they've written seem to be about lonely emos in space). Anyway, [ profile] rhoboat's made an absolutely wonderful one about Rose, Martha and Donna. It's just such a prefect summary of them and their journeys and nearly everything I love about the news series and it's the kind of fanvid I'd show non-fans to get them hooked.

I only just discovered both this community and this ship: [ profile] donna_gene. Possibly the best cross over ship ever, because somehow Donna Noble and Gene Hunt would just be perfect together. It totally happened in Turn Left after alt!Donna got hit by the truck. If they ever do decide to bring on the show the (ex) Missus, Catherine Tate would be my first choice of casting.

And speaking of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, I've been re-watching both the second season of Mars and Ashes, one episode after the other (so the first episode of Mars, followed by the first episode of Ashes) and have discovered something: I've prefer Ashes to Ashes to the original, and I'm not actually sure why. But also, I desperately want Annie to show up on Ashes to Ashes in the future. I want to know what she's been up too. Hopefully she's still the most competent cop in the Manchester area, but whether she's been struggling to get recognition or whether she's been promoted. And she possibly would be able to give us more about the mystery of what happened to Sam. Plus, she's was Sam's confident so I'd like to see her take on Alex.

I'm still incredibly 'do not want' about the American remake. I think my dislike of the show has been made worse by the executive meddling, because now it's looking like it has a chance of being actually half-way decent, which means it might not be cancelled and instead it gains a level of public recognition that makes it overshadow the original. That, and not a Viva Laughlin, is the worst case scenario in my view. Harvey Keitel (as much as I love him) and Jason O'Mara should not be people first thoughts as the actors in the roles of Gene and Sam over Philip Glenister and John Simm. So, any people on my flist who want to watch the American version, I implore you to watch the British version first. It's only sixteen episodes in total and it's fabulous.

My mother has been watching both the second and third series of Stargate SG1 and because of this so have I. Years ago I was so into that show, but I seemed to have lost interest about the time they started with the cast changes, first the Daniel-Jonas-Daniel and then they killed off Janet. By the time O'Neill was promoted I'd given up. And then last episode I caught it had mysteriously turned into Farscape. It's one of those shows where the team dynamic is the draw for me, and once they started messing with the team, it just wasn't the same. But season two and three have the old team, and it's wonderful: O'Neill! Daniel! Teal'c! And Sam, who is one of my favourite TV characters of all time.
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Everyone is talking about it: TDK. My flat is actually having issues over TDK. We can't all go see it together until Saturday, which is leaving a split between those who have decided every girl for herself and see it as soon as she individually can, and those who do not want to leave the others out. I fall into the latter category, but them I'm still miffed about everyone seeing Mamma Mia without me, but I'm the one with the freest schedule. I can go see it on the really really big screen on Thursday if I wanted to. Gah. Loyalty to friends vs Batman.

The Moffs 'snub' of Spielberg is the number one item on imdb's movie and TV news, causing me to lol. If it were me and it was Tintin vs. Doctor Who, I'd pick Doctor Who (doesn't everyone dream of being the DW show-runner, or is that just me?)

I've gotten back on track with my mission to watch the entirety of Classic Who, and even better, I'm watching a Second Doctor serial: The Seeds of Death. I've neglected him a bit. The only other Second Doctor serial I've seen is The Invasion, which bored me. Admittedly its one of the better Cybermen stories I've seen, but it really could have benefited from being a four-parter rather than an eight-parter. It just dragged on an on and on and there wasn't even a Cyberman until episode four.

Anyway, I've seen episodes 1-4 of Seeds so far and am thoroughly in love with Jamie and that slightly ridiculous funhouse chase sequence in episode three. Jamie's just so wonderfully snarky, and good on him for being so since everyone seems to treat him like an idiot. Plus you've got admire a guy who travels through time and space in a kilt.

A quick rec: There's been a lot of Donna fanvids made lately, but Drops of Jupiter by Thebigbluemeany has to be my favourite. The rapid-fire editing won't be to everyone's tastes, but since it's got so much to do with memories which work in that sort of manner, I find it fits. And I love it for being from both the Doctor's and Wilf's perspective and not being incredibly depressing.
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So, Ashes to Ashes. I have a feeling I should really not like Ashes to Ashes. But I do. I mean, the lead female character is an absolute train wreak, which normally I can’t stand (see: Anatomy, Grey’s), but strangely, Alex Drake’s train-wreak-ness is strangely enjoyable. Probably because she is in (or believes she is in) her own mind, therefore, I don’t care that she’s the kind of person who seems to be incapable of keeping her issues separate from her job and acts ridiculously unprofessionally at times.

Anyway, I kind of want to compare it to Life on Mars, for obvious reasons, but Ashes to Ashes really is it own show. It has its own feel and look and the central dynamic between the two leads of Alex and Gene is so different from Sam and Gene that when you watch one you really don’t sit there thinking about the other. I thought I would desperately miss Sam and Annie, but I don’t really, because you don’t compare them. Though I would like to find out what happened to Annie. And I do miss Creepy Test-Card Girl. I’m probably in the minority about this but I think she was creepier than the Bowie Clown of Death.

I do feel awfully sorry for the character of Caroline Price. I mean, there she is attempting to go about her life and then every now and again this emotionally unstable detective with mummy-issues shows up on her doorstep and acts incredibly weirdly. And you just know Alex is eventually going to come out with ‘You are my Mummy!’ and make herself look like a deranged lunatic. Imagine if that happened to you – scary shit.

Okay, moving on. So you know my theory that Donna is going to die. Well, I had a thought: 2007 – the year that killed everyone fictional – saw the deaths of three of my number one favourite characters in three different fandoms, and only one was resurrected (even more annoying was that the two permanent deaths were pretty lame, only the temporary one was an awesome death, which seems somehow wrong. Though Heroes wins at death).

Well, what if this trend is not temporally confined to a year? Donna really is doomed.

I also suspected that season four is going to be the season of alliteration. Well, Doctor, Donna Spoiler )

Oh, and I say “bleh!” To UNIT now being the Unified Intelligence Taskforce. And how much do you be this topic comes up next time I’m drinking with UN geeks?

And finally I shall end this post with a vid rec. [ profile] calapine remade What About Everything. The original was already one of my favourite vids, the new one is pretty much the best representation of exactly what Doctor Who is all about and why I love it in four minutes out there.
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I’m bored. I am completely and utter mind numbing bored and there’s not much I can do about it and fandom, my usual refuge in these sort of situations, is not helping. All my fandoms either have ended or have no new canon coming for a while. Doctor Who until at least March and Heroes not at any point in the foreseeable future due to the strike. Though with trailers around for both and both look fabulous, but there have been no juicy spoilers for a while and trailers just won’t cut it since all they do is rub salt in the wound. I’m relying on the weekly Heroes graphic novels for all my fandom kicks. I really need some new canon.

I really want to see Cloverfield. Or drink a Slusho. The lack of an advertising campaign/cryptic references in random places advertising campaign has really worked on me. And, you know - Gigantic Monster. Attacks New York. I'm so there.

You know how I’ve been pretty anti the Doctor/Companion romances in New Who and was practically leaping for joy at finally getting a Companion that’s not going to have a crush on the Doctor. Well, I think Ten/Donna’s my current favourite Who ship. What is wrong with me? Promise me no romance and suddenly I want it.

And in cool fandom things on YouTube: A Fake trailer for The Company Man Movie. I want this to be a real movie.

So tonight it's been 'I want' 'I want' 'I want' and I don't think I'm going to get. But I'm an adult which means I'm allowed to behave like a petulant child. Okay, that’s everything on my mind for the evening. I think I shall return to acting on that Heroes plot bunny that’s be bugging me all week.
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I'm involved fandoms for the characters. It always starts with me wanting more of x character and my fandom obsession of late has been with two characters, Donna Noble from Doctor Who and Noah Bennet from Heroes. It's kind of odd since they’re both very different. Anyway, I bring fic recs, graphic novel recs and fanvid recs connected to both characters. But I also decided to write a bit about just why I adore them in an attempt to capture the reason for my obsessions of late.

Doctor Who – Donna Noble Recs )

Heroes - Bennet recs )
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I have a Youtube channel now, right here. I don’t really plan to use it much, I really don’t have the resources to do many fanvids, or the time, or the patience for that matter. Though I am freakishly proud of my the one I posted this morning. And well, I may eventually do a Norrington vid to Map of the Problematique, or Doctor/TARDIS to Plug in Baby, cause someone has to.

I was watching Hornblower Mutiny today, it’s one of those things I find myself watching at least once a year. If any Norrington fangirls reading this have not seen Hornblower, go rent now. Mutiny & Retribution are the best – Ioan Gruffudd, Paul McGann and Jamie Bamber running around the Caribbean together in period naval costumes.

Also, I’ve gotten my hands on Primeval. It’s been on TV but I’ve always missed it because I’ve been working and only ever caught the last couple of minutes. I’ve heard very mixed things about it so should be fun getting to judge for myself.
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I tried putting this up last night but youtube crashed. Weird. Anyway…

Every now and again I go on some crazy mission to get something out of my head and down into some kind of format and the latest one of these is a Doctor Who vid idea, probably because I’ve been lurking around youtube a lot. So, after two days, a couple of headaches, and a lot of frustration, I present my first ever fanvid…

Title: Take a Look Outside
Music: “Pacifier” by Shihad
Made by: [ profile] meddow
Characters: Ten, Donna
Details Time 4:20, embedded below the cut
Link: Youtube
Notes: Originally it was just going to feature The Runaway Bride but I ended up using some clips from Doomsday including a blink and you’ll miss her appearance by Rose. This is my first fanvid and I would love constructive feedback.

Take a Look Outside )
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Meta Rec: [ profile] gm_weasley has written a really good defence of Tonks in DH. To be honest, I’m keeping my head down to avoid reading any DH Tonks wank because I just don’t have the patience for it right now, but I have a feeling it’s out there.

Secondly, Vid Recs

I got so addicted to youtube fan vids last semester, I think they actually kept me sane during the worst of my assessment clusters. Anyway, I thought I would rec some because I really appreciate then and really wish I could make them.

Still Here by asyouxlikeit - PotC - CotBP Norrington – Helped immensely with the grief and because it makes me grin like an idiot every time I watch it.

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by DecadentDream - Heroes – Sylar – I’m not as big a fan of Syler as many who watch Heroes, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying the vid. And the song fits the character incredibly well.

Scattered by di00br - Doctor Who – Tenth Doctor – Okay, use of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands, really endeared it too me, but also the editing is amazing. It’s a really fast cut vid for a fast song and it’s amazing to watch.

The Black Parade by Calapine - Doctor Who – The Doctor & Companions – 44 years of a certain emo Time Lord and his motley bunch of travelling companions in one vid for the win. [ profile] calapine makes awesome vids, that’s my favourite of the bunch.

The Thoroughly Decent Harry Sullivan by chocolatesal - Doctor Who – Harry Sullivan – Because I adore Harry and he is such an underrated companion, and is a hero, or at least attempts to be.

And finally, I’ve done a bit of a fic canon compliance stock-take and discovered that of my Harry Potter fics, 8 are still canon compliant, 4 are a rather dodgy and 11 have been jossed. I also did a bit of a review of my PotC fic, only to find that they pretty much all are AWE compliant. A Good Man is a little bit dodgy, but I think it works.

For anyone interested - the break down )


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