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Apr. 20th, 2010 12:04 pm
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About that SJA casting news

Cut for squee, excessive exclamation marks and spoilers )

Also my brother rung me up yesterday for what has become a weekly phone conversion about Doctor Who, so I had to listen to him go on about how much Eleven sucks, the Victory of the Daleks was an awesome episode, Martha was the worst companion ever and Donna was too old and not pretty enough to be a good companion. The fact I share genes with him scares me.


Oct. 3rd, 2009 02:45 pm
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Haven't been up to much lately. Have been watching a lot of TV though:

Flash Forward - I've seen the first two episodes of this show and I am completely hooked. The first episode was sort of the half way point between Lost and the first season of Heroes – Lost in its visual style and feel, but Heroes in it's theme of 'can you change the future?' - but in the second episode it comes onto its own. The second episode opening with the kids I felt was absolutely fantastic. Plus the writers seems to subscribe to the Steven Moffat school of making everyday things as creepy as hell to scare the audience.

Plus, on top of the awesome regular cast, which includes Joseph Fiennes, Jack Davenport and John Cho (Shakespeare! Norrington! Sulu!), Alex Kingston was in the pilot, Shohreh Aghdashloo's got a guest role and I believe Gina Torres is going to be in the next episode. Oh, and I actually give a damn about the love triangle. That so rarely happens. But then, the husband is Joseph Fiennes and the other man is Jack Davenport and there's a cool fate vs. free will aspect to it, so it's one of the hottest and most interesting love triangles that I've come across.

Only major problem that needs to be fixed is the clunky exposition dialog. It's not a Heroes level of bad, but it's still bad enough to let the show down.

Glee - Still ridiculously in love with the show, although I'm finding the pacing and the amount of things happening in an episode a bit weird. My favourite bits of late were the football team dancing to 'Single Ladies' and the sing-off between Lea Michele and Kristen Chenoweth to 'Maybe This Time'. And I ship Kurt/Finn.

House - The opening was so very good it nearly made up for the disappointment I felt with the season five finale. Nearly. It depends where the Huddy story goes (hopefully away to die). The next one was back to the same old, and was a bit of a miss. Although I've moved from hating Foreman/Thirteen to just finding the relationship boring, which I suppose is a positive step.

SJA - In case you haven't seen them: pictures have emerged of David Tennant's guest stint, and they are very squee worthy. Although, I do have concerns about the episode based on it's title.
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Being another unknown, there's really much to say about the new companion other than I really like her hair and I hope her character's going to be Scottish rather than another Londoner. It struck me on seeing a photo of her just how young Team TARDIS 2010 is going to be.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I was always a bit 'meh' about the idea of a Doctor Who movie, but when I was watching Star Trek XI recently I was thinking to myself about how cool it would be to watch other beloved sci-fi TV shows on the big screen with movie grade special effects, so I’m all for it now. Can I put a vote in for Ten and Donna team up there. Tennant being the iconic Doctor of the new series would have to be involved, and I've had my fill of one-off companions at the moment – I prefer it when I can create some attachment to the character - so I'd definitely be for bringing back Donna and/or a post-crush Martha. A multi-Doctor story with Nine and Eleven. Even better if they can get One through Eight in there somewhere somehow. And I'd imagine it'd be a Dalek story. Because, really, they would be the villain in a big screen version of the show.

Also, awesome news that Ten's going to be in an SJA story, and in a major role too, not a cameo.

I finished watching Law & Order UK and really hope there's a second series. I thought the main prosecutor guy was a bit dull, but other than that it was excellent. Best thing about it is that it reminded me why I have a huge great big crush on Jamie Bamber, because I really didn't find him all that attractive in BSG. While I did have my moments of Apollo love, I usually found him dull at best and down right annoying at worst. Anyway, L&O UK has got me re-watching Hornblower at the moment for poor doomed Kennedy.

Finally, I checked out the pilot of The Middleman and I love it. Major bonus points for Wendy mentioning she reads Astro City. So I'll watch the rest of that series when I have a chance.
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Being that my travel plans have been postponed, for the first time in what feels like forever, I've actually had free time.

In recent television, the SJA finale was wonderful. The Brigadier was underutilised I thought, I was expecting something a little more School Reunion-ish. But Mrs. Wormwood was the magic. Heroes managed to shock me and come out with an episode which I would actually describe as 'good'. Meanwhile the latest Sanctuary episode was so god-awful I cringed all the way through. At least it was laughably awful rather than offensively awful. Hopefully, Sanctuary's sudden drop in quality is an anomaly and Heroes's sudden rise is not.

I was given by my wonderful flatmates a copy of The Dark Knight for Christmas and I've been checking out the special features today, of which it's pretty light on. However, I really kind of love those little Gotham Tonight fake news segments. I'm a big fan of fake non-fiction. Instead of watching that universe, it takes you inside it. I always thought back when The West Wing was my major fandom, how wonderful it would be to pick up a news magazine and see Bartlet on the front.

Also watched the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 again (aptly named 200), which is quite possible one of the greatest episodes of television ever since it's pretty much a fourth wall bending prodigy of itself (and nothing escapes the lampooning), and also Star Trek, Farscape, Thunderbirds, The Wizard of Oz, Ewoks, the recent plethora of zombie movies, 'younger and sexier' television, shipper pandering and batshit paternity revelations. Best bit in my opinion is not one of the skits, but simply the bit where Teal'c calmly says "I do not understand why everything in this script must inevitably explode."

And finally, watched a wonderful little docudrama, The Worst Journey in the World, about Aspley Cherry-Gerrard written by and staring Mark Gatiss. Cherry-Gerrard's another Antarctic explorer, blamed by some at the time for failing to save Scott, Bowers and Wilson. He was eleven miles from where they died, but didn't press on, instead obeying Scott's order not to risk the dogs. Anyway, the winder before the ill-fated pole expedition he went the journey with Bowers and Wilson to retrieve an Emperor Penguin egg. It was horrific, but they all survived, Bowers and Wilson to die later and Gerrard to be psychologically scared for life. More interestingly is that Cherry-Gerrard is a bit more meta about his experience than most if not all other polar explorers, posing the question of whether the suffering was worth anything. I really need to get a hold of and read his book.
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Watched Einstein and Eddington and completely loved it. A big interest of mine is the interaction of science and politics, so it was completely up my alley. And, of course, cast love. Rebecca Hall should be much more famous than she is, she's a wonderful actress.

The latest two-parter of SJA, the Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith would have been brilliant if not for the fact that Sarah's actions were completely OOC and actually made me not like her. I've never been more disappointed in the writing of the show. If they'd just gotten Sarah's motivations right. Thank goodness for the trio and Sarah's awesome mother, who saved those two episodes for me.

It got to the point where I almost gave up on Heroes. With It's Coming the Sylar storyline has finally caused me to despise the majority of the show and lose all faith in the writers' ability to get the show back on track. I say almost, because then in The Eclipse, Part One, Bennet's back to not only having lines, but being a badass sustaining my interest for another week, damn it. But I'm actively looking for a reason to stop watching the show.
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Oh, SJA. Making me all misty eyed this week.

Mark of the Berserker Parts One and Two (Mostly Part Two) )

Who Stuff

Nov. 9th, 2008 02:31 pm
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With all the names being chucked out for Eleven, I'm surprised I haven't seen Stephen Mangan put out there. He's got fantastic comic timing (and is particularly brilliant at improv apparently), a good enough actor to have me rooting for Guy to get the girl in Green Wing despite Guy being a complete wanker, and he's a bit funny looking but still oddly attractive. I think he'd make an excellent Doctor.

Photo )

So I had a thought, does David Tennant leaving at the end of the specials mean we're never going to have a chance of seeing the Tenth Doctor on SJA (if SJA gets a third series)? Cos I really want Ten and Luke in a room together being adorakable and if that never happens, it shall be a tragedy. Plus, I'd love to see the frosty reaction to the Doctor from all the supporting adult characters on that show, since Rani's parents know Sarah's heart got broken badly and Clyde's mum thinks Luke's dad ran out on Sarah, and, well, it'd be hard not to think Ten is Luke's father.

And also, with Steven Moffat taking over the reigns and since SJA is a RTD thing, does that mean the chances of one of the SJA kids becoming a companion are less? This would be unfortunate since Clyde would make an excellent companion. As would Rani, Luke and Maria, but I really want Clyde most of all. He's a practical, funny, pop-culture referencing wanna-be Banksy with considerable world saving experience, I'd love to see him aboard the TARDIS.

You know, if they do sever the spin-off's, I really hope Big Finish gets the licence to use the characters, and sooner rather than later. It seem such a shame to have all these wonderful characters and for them just to have them disappear.
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The Sarah Jane Adventures...

There is a time and place for an interview and being chased by a clown from outer-space is not it )

Happy activation day! )
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Normally I try to put my thoughts into some kind of cohesive order. Today, I'm just writing as I watch.

The universe never stops weirding you out )
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It's time for the Earth-bound (for the most part) adventures of Girl!Doctor

Kaagh who has been watching too many Conan DVDs )
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I’m loving all this stuff about the Large Hadron Collider and how its going to be the end of the world and all that. It seems to very Doctor Who. In fact Torchwood's coming to the rescue (screw the testimony of scientists and court cases - it's that which conclusively tells me we're doomed). Although, I thought the black hole Sarah Jane's got locked up in her attic was the Whoniverse's sneaky reference to CERN and the LHC.

I finally finished The Power of the Daleks. It took me a month to listen to the episode reconstruction. I don't quite know why, but I struggled with it where I didn't with the First Doctor episode reconstructions I've listened to. Possibly because I wasn't familiar with Ben and Polly before I started it, and this is the third Second Doctor serial I've gone near.

Anyway, I quite like Polly. Ben I initially didn't like very much. Again couldn't quite put my finger on why. He did seem to be always shouting and without the performance to match it can grate. But I've warmed to an indifferent by the end of the serial.

"We are your servants" has to be the creepiest phrase a Dalek can utter. When (because with the Daleks it is always a 'when' and not an 'if') the Daleks show up again on the New Series, I'd love them to do something similar, with the Daleks pretending to be good and nobody believing the Doctor.

I do wonder whether it was a conscious decision of the writer and producer to have in the serial after the first ever regeneration the Doctor referred to as 'the examiner' throughout. I also though the denials from the Doctor that he was the Doctor in the first episode was also quite nifty. Sort of using reverse-psychology to point out that the new bloke is in fact the Doctor.
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It's been posted around quite a bit, but if you happen to have missed it: The Sarah Jane Adventures Season Two trailer featuring loads of Clyde (hooray for their being more of Clyde! He's my favourite of the trio and he was sadly given very little attention last season).

I feel I haven't said it in a good six months, so I shall say it again: I freaking love this show. If it were a person I'd hug it and ruffle its hair and buy it chocolate and never ever let it go because it's just so very earnest and hopeful and cute.

You've got the three teens, reminiscent of the Harry Potter trio but without horrifically wanky ship wars and Emma Watson bringing them down. You've got Maria, the mini!Sarah, Luke who's so adorakable he could be the Tenth Doctor's son (those two need to meet – that moment in JE was not enough) and Clyde, who's sits at the half way point between Mickey and Captain Jack with maybe a smidgen of Donna.

And then there's Sarah. It could have been so easy for them to have Sarah in the Obi Wan role of dispensing wise advice to her protégés, but instead she's the main character and a considerable amount of the stories have her struggling with something; whether it's her sudden motherhood, getting older, or, you know, fighting aliens and saving the planet. In fact, one of the main themes seems to be that adults are just as confused and unsure about life as teenagers, which is really quite refreshing. And it's just so good seeing an Old School companion get the new series treatment of having her life pre-Doctor fleshed out and getting character development. One of the best bits of JE was Sarah's comment about the Doctor having such a huge family – it also perfectly summed up the message of the first series of SJA.

Spoilers )


Aug. 10th, 2008 12:47 pm
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After much terrible weather the sun has finally come out and some inconsiderate neighbour has decided to make sure everyone cannot leave their homes or open their windows since the street stinks like rotting fish.

I finally caught House's Head/Wilson's Heart and it was very sad. I think I found it far sadder than my flatmates since I adored Amber and House/Amber/Wilson is my House OT3whereas everyone I know seemed to hate her. I have no idea why.

I can't wait so see how House tries to fix his relationship with Wilson this time, it seems like they may have broken up for good, and well, it wasn't entirely his fault, but it was enough of his fault for Wilson to be justified in holding it against him until the end of time.

I seem to be all about OT3s these days what with Bruce/Rachel/Harvey as well.

Meanwhile I'm starting to find myself getting all excited about season three of Heroes, even though I'm quite sure it's going to be as bad if not worse than season two. Was it the spoilers that’s got me interested in the show again? The trailers? Nope. It was the cast photo that really drove home why I like the show:

The insane levels of prettiness (casting spoilers) )

I think it's official that Heroes is the show I just cannot quit.

My excitement about SJA series two should go without saying. I'm loving nearly every one of the spoilers that has leaked out about it. The big challenge is for it to be as good or even better than the first series, since it set a pretty high standard.
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I finally caught Fragments because I wanted to see the origins of the UNIT controversy for myself and beyond ranting at the Torchwood writers and RTD I think the simple answer is that it was not UNIT.

Yes, it may have been UNIT at the time, but it was five years ago and isn’t the UNIT now because
1. Martha would not work for an organisation that, and
2. Sarah would not be loosely affiliated with an organisation like that, and
3. I don’t think they would be able to pull the wool over both Sarah and Martha’s eyes.

Besides, it really doesn’t sit well with the General in TCI that began a rant about the importance of Articles of War before being killed, or the occasional times they’ve been referenced in SJA since if they are a big bad organisation worse than Torchwood, then would they really be bothered bailing Sarah out when she’s arrested?

So the obvious conclusion is that either for a brief period around 2003 rebel fraction of UNIT broke of from the original and locked Tosh up, or UNIT came under new management and lost their way a bit, and this ended when an alliance of the old 70s crowd – The Brig, Liz, Jo, Sarah, Benton, Yates et al – found out about it, exposed them and brought them down.

That is my fanon and I’m sticking to it until The Sontaran Stratagem comes along at least.
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I'm still going on with the Torchwood watching. I think I'm managing about two a week.

How on earth do you take Jack Harkness – a character I loved when he first appeared in Doctor Who – and after a few episodes have me rooting for his team to kick his arse?

I have no idea, but that was what I was pondering while watching End of Days.

The Jack characterisation is my general bother with this episode. On the on hand we have Jack One, with his very heroic good guy Doctor Who characterisation. Yes, he had a past, but that was all over with after the Doctor Dances. He doesn’t fire his gun, he falls in line behind the Doctor and never suggests any action even close to being morally dodgy.

Then we have Jack Two, the Torchwood characterisation, in which it is pointed out by Owen that he has been erasing people’s memories, shooting people dead and generally being a grey mysterious figure.

I know why there are two Jack characterisations. Jack One has to cater for a general audience. However, Jack One and Jack Two just don’t mesh. You don’t see Jack Two at all when Jack One’s in action which makes you sit there and wonder where the hell Jack One is when watching Jack Two since he seems to have had a personality transfer. Which just makes me pissed at Jack Two.

And End of Days managed to prove that just because something has a giant monster in it, does not necessarily mean I will enjoy it.

On the other hand Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was jam packed with cracktastic goodness. Torchwood should always be like that.

So the Torchwood crew spent a bit of time in the episode moaning about Jack had just abandoned them, so I thought, instead of a review, I could make a few suggestions of potential Jack replacements should ever to swan off with the Doctor again. And every new boss needs to first of all motivate the team with a speech don't they?

Donna Noble )

The SJA Trio )

Gene Hunt )

Noah Bennet )
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It is a very good day to be a Sarah Jane fangirl.

Spoilers )

ETA: It has come to my attention that 24 episodes = six months. Six months of SJA! XD
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It’s Contrary Jane Bobbie Sue Sarah Lou Sarah Jane Adventures time again.

The Lost Boy - Part One )
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Due to being rather busy I haven’t made any posts lately on the Sarah Jane Adventures and how utterly wonderful it is, because it just is. Of the two Who spin-offs I would recommend it over Torchwood to everyone, and never ever think that just because it’s a kids show it doesn’t have a maturity at the heart of it. So far it’s tackled motherhood, divorce, war (with specific mention of Iraq), aging, consumerism, Alzheimer’s, the UNIT dating controversy and this week it deals with death, specifically the accidental death of a teenager, and it does this without ever feeling like an after school special. And don’t think that it’s small scale, so far the planet has been saved no less than four times and there has been time travel and space travel. Not to mention, it never fails to give you warm fuzzy feelings at the end of a the second part and watching a 59 year old woman kick butt from week to week is good for the soul.

What I’m basically saying is, if you like Doctor Who, and you can watch the Sarah Jane Adventures, and for some reason you are not, well you should be.

Okay, that’s my PSA done for the day. Now onto the main event:

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (parts one and two) )
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Okay, so what I’ve gathered about what is going on in TV land is that there are huge cuts in budgets and staff going on at the BBC due to the government declining to increase the licence fee, which shall mostly affect the news programming and will probably not have an effect on the Whoniverse, but everyone’s holding their breath to see if a second season of The Sarah Jane Adventures is going to be commissioned at the moment and that cannot be helping. And even if it doesn’t have an effect on Doctor Who and related spin-offs, it will have an effect on BBC news programming, and since I swear by BBC World News this is not good.

Meanwhile, in the US, the writers strike has begun, which if it goes on for any decent length of time is going to have huge ramifications for scripted TV there since no more filming is going to happen once they run out of scripts and they’re worried about it to the point where Heroes: Origins (the spin-off) has been pretty much cancelled, and now there’s a rumour floating around that production has been shut down altogether on season 2 of Heroes and it’s now going to be 11 episodes instead of the planned 24. This is very very not good.

Now, there are definitely issues and topic involving these matters that should be carefully discussed and debated, but I don’t care about that right now because they are threatening my TV damn it, so this is personal. Give the BBC money. Give the Writers what they want. I don’t care what has to be done, all I know is that I can't do anything, so just fix it and fix it now!
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I’ve been keeping up what’s been happening on Heroes lately, because I do love that show, in particularly Mr. Bennet. My love of that character knows no bounds. The Heroes writers better not kill off my favourite character, or I’ll…I’ll…whinge about it (and quite possibly get bored with the show and stop watching). I’m not having a very good favourite character year, they all tend to be killed off, and not in particularly brilliant manners either (what is worse – death by stick or death by randomly inserted sentence?). On the other hand, placing HRG in jeopardy is a bloody good way to keep me tuning in every week, and they would have to be idiots to kill him off and I think the writers realise that. After all, there is one general rule to Heroes and that is the further a character is removed from the Bennets, the more boring that character is (there are notable exceptions to this rule, but it holds for the most part). So killing off Mr. Bennet, resident bad ass and father of the year, would be a bad move.

Meanwhile, SJA is having something of a negative effect on me. It’s actually making me consider watching Casino Royale. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I hate James Bond movies. This is completely at odds with my entire family and my best friend who happen to all love Bond films, which is probably why I’ve stuck my heels in and have been so adamant that I will not watch them for so long. Basically, when I was about twelve I decided I despised the treatment of women in the films and haven’t really watched one since. But anyway, I found out Joseph Millson, a.k.a Maria’s lovely too-hot-to-have-a-teenage-daughter father is in it. And now I want to watch. Damn it.

Though my desire to watch Casino Royale is pretty much nothing to the fact that having seen the trailer and something about it on TV, I really really want to see Atonement. This is also somewhat [ profile] artic_fox's fault, since she put it on my radar in the first place. Something to look forward too when I emerge fully of my current assessment hell, I suppose.


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