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Where three teams of BSG fans (Team Galactica, Team Basestar and Team Colonial One) battle it out for ultimate supremacy and bragging rights. It's loads of fun and if you say I sent you there, my team gets points.

Also, Rosencrantz watched Daybreak Part II for the first time the other day and had the best reaction I've seen so far: “Wow. Starbuck can run really fast.”

Now I've got to go finish that picspam I've been working on for [ profile] picspammy
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[ profile] harveyrachel. There's not fic that has been posted there yet, but I think the fact that a community now exists is a good sign. I feel a bit guilty wanting some good Harvey fic but not contributing any myself. Blame my work load and RTD, I'm too busy trying to fix the ending to Journey's End.

Speaking of Doctor Who, a fanvid rec: Glorious vidded by [ profile] rhoboat. More than any song Muse has ever recorded (except maybe for Knights of Cydonia) this song has been asking for a Doctor Who fanvid to be made of it (and that's quite something to say when you take into consideration I'm talking about Muse. Half the songs they've written seem to be about lonely emos in space). Anyway, [ profile] rhoboat's made an absolutely wonderful one about Rose, Martha and Donna. It's just such a prefect summary of them and their journeys and nearly everything I love about the news series and it's the kind of fanvid I'd show non-fans to get them hooked.

I only just discovered both this community and this ship: [ profile] donna_gene. Possibly the best cross over ship ever, because somehow Donna Noble and Gene Hunt would just be perfect together. It totally happened in Turn Left after alt!Donna got hit by the truck. If they ever do decide to bring on the show the (ex) Missus, Catherine Tate would be my first choice of casting.

And speaking of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, I've been re-watching both the second season of Mars and Ashes, one episode after the other (so the first episode of Mars, followed by the first episode of Ashes) and have discovered something: I've prefer Ashes to Ashes to the original, and I'm not actually sure why. But also, I desperately want Annie to show up on Ashes to Ashes in the future. I want to know what she's been up too. Hopefully she's still the most competent cop in the Manchester area, but whether she's been struggling to get recognition or whether she's been promoted. And she possibly would be able to give us more about the mystery of what happened to Sam. Plus, she's was Sam's confident so I'd like to see her take on Alex.

I'm still incredibly 'do not want' about the American remake. I think my dislike of the show has been made worse by the executive meddling, because now it's looking like it has a chance of being actually half-way decent, which means it might not be cancelled and instead it gains a level of public recognition that makes it overshadow the original. That, and not a Viva Laughlin, is the worst case scenario in my view. Harvey Keitel (as much as I love him) and Jason O'Mara should not be people first thoughts as the actors in the roles of Gene and Sam over Philip Glenister and John Simm. So, any people on my flist who want to watch the American version, I implore you to watch the British version first. It's only sixteen episodes in total and it's fabulous.

My mother has been watching both the second and third series of Stargate SG1 and because of this so have I. Years ago I was so into that show, but I seemed to have lost interest about the time they started with the cast changes, first the Daniel-Jonas-Daniel and then they killed off Janet. By the time O'Neill was promoted I'd given up. And then last episode I caught it had mysteriously turned into Farscape. It's one of those shows where the team dynamic is the draw for me, and once they started messing with the team, it just wasn't the same. But season two and three have the old team, and it's wonderful: O'Neill! Daniel! Teal'c! And Sam, who is one of my favourite TV characters of all time.
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I was tagged by [ profile] jadeddiva and who can resist the awesome power of the tag when combined with the opportunity to pimp oneself out.

WRITER'S MEME: Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of the top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Unravelling Every Remus/Tonks writer has a “Remus and Tonks get together” fic and a “Remus dumps Tonks and runs off to spy on Greyback fic” and this is mine. Except I decided to be different by taking an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind approach and deliver it in a non-linear fashion with two strands, one working forward in time and the other working backwards. It took me four months to be satisfied with it enough to post it I’m still immensely proud I managed to pull that off. Warning to those that click to read: It badly needs a re-beta.

Walking Down Corridors I love the hook. Not sure if it worked at getting people to read it, but I still love the opening line. I’m also proud of my characterisation of Narcissa and Bellatrix, particularly of Narcissa. I wanted her to be a character readers could both hate and empathise with at the same time, just as I was doing while writing it.

The Illusion of Whole You know me and my obsession with exploring the consequences of actions taken in war (I’ve always viewed this fic in that way as a thematic sequel to Ghosts in the Interrogation Room) well this is where I think I pulled it off the best and I managed to combine it with the more personal idea of two people trying to hold on to a dead relationship. But the reason I love this is because I think of all the fics I’ve written, I think the emotions in this are the most real.

Absence and Memory (for some reason I keep on wanting to type that absinthe and memory). I love this because it’s got Elizabeth loving Norrington without her feelings for Will (and thus canon) being sacrificed. I love it because it’s got Norrington’s feeling expressed even though he barely does or says anything and isn’t even in half of it. But most of all I love it because it’s got every reason why I love Elizabeth/Norrington, because it’s repressed, unspoken love, because it’s steeped in misunderstanding as a result and because it’s ultimately doomed.

The Truth of the Matter Essentially Truth is very simple, it’s the same story told three different times in one conversation. I love working with the misunderstandings and prejudices people hold about each other and also the way a different conclusion can be reached from the same information presented in a slightly different way and I think this fic really delves into it better than any other time fic I’ve written using the same device. And I adore it because it’s both funny and bittersweet, that it’s the only time I’ve been really satisfied with Norrington’s voice and because I managed to hassle the “Jack Sparrow is God’s gift to women” idea.

I hate tagging (brings back bad memories of primary school PE class team selection) so feel free to take this off me or request to be tagged.
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I got Tonks for the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest. I know I should probably expand my horizons and write someone I haven’t already written two million times before, but it seems like haven’t written Tonks in ages. And on the expanding my horizons front I’ve got a fic staring Harry Potter in the works (isn’t that one of the signs of the encroaching apocalypse, me writing Harry Potter fic in which Harry Potter actually shows up?).

Anyway, the above link is a pimp. There are still many, many characters up for grabs if anyone should want one.

Go Ghana!

May. 16th, 2006 03:43 pm
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First of all check out the awesome fan art piece [ profile] laverinth drew for me. If anyone on my f-list is unfamiliar with her work, you should be.

I was cleaning out my email a couple of days ago and found out that back in March 03 I created myself an account at the Pit of Voles that I have never used. I completely forgot about it. I can’t even remember what possessed me to get one. I was probably dabbling in West Wing fiction at the time. Anyway, I uploaded Unravelling for shits and giggles and to see the differences between it, Fiction Alley and my LJ.

And finally, I’m not really much of a sports person but I can’t let a Football World Cup go by with me not having a team to support (not like I’ll actually watch any football, I just like being able to support someone). NZ and Wales, the countries I usually support, happen to suck at football. I think I’m going to go with Ghana this year along with anyone playing Australia (all though that goes without saying). Woooh, go Ghana! (Though I reserve the right to switch my allegiance to England at any time).
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So, want to write Hagrid but fear the big man's accent? Well, the rocking [ profile] nomadicwriter has created the hagridizer which translates what you type in into Hagrid’s accent. How freaking brilliant is that?!


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