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First of all, quick vid rec: One Girl Revolution by [ profile] arefadedaway. Why? Because it's got every awesome female character I have ever idolised in this vid (it's got characters from Doctor Who, Stargate, Firefly, PotC, Harry Potter, P&P, Heroes and many, many more), which is a celebration of awesome female characters in general.

First of all, watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, which was very good. I can see why everyone seems to be crazy about Roslin/Adama what with those two arguing who is in command. I'm not a fan of Jamie Bamber's American accent. I like him a lot more as poor doomed Kennedy on Hornblower. Is lack of explosions a legitimate criticism? I wouldn’t criticise a period drama for lack of destruction on a massive scale, but in a miniseries in which the vast majority of humanity is killed off, I would expect a few more fireballs. Anyway, I liked it very very much, but can't see myself becoming too fannish about it, but then I know who the final Cylon it already. Next up to watch is the first season.

Also watched Tipping the Velvet which was also very good. For those who've never heard of it, it's a miniseries based on the book by Sarah Water's following the Dickens-like adventures of Nancy as she goes from an oyster girl to male impersonator and then through a few other jobs, and it's a fascinating look at what like to be a lesbian in Victorian London. The voice over bugged me a bit, the direction got a bit weird at times, particularly when it tries to put a music hall spin on dramatic scenes and I wasn’t fully convinced by the lead actress at times, but the rest of the cast was brilliant. I've really got to read the book. I'm part of the way through The Night Watch.

Finally, I've been reading the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman and I’m in love. I'm in love with the universe and the mythology, I'm in love with the writing and the art, I'm in love with Dream and quite a few of the other characters. I've read the first and second 'Absolute' volumes in the past few days, with each book large enough to house a board game. I want to say something coherent about how brilliant it is, but I love it so much all that comes out right now is lots and lots of incoherent gushing so I shall summarise and say this: It say it's freaking amazing and I don't want reading it ever end! (But sadly I know it finished at issue 75).

But it's a pain. I read the wikipiedia entry and accidentally found out some information about the end that I didn't want to know. Damnit. While I'm a bit of a spoiler whore when it comes to television, I don't like to be spoiled when it comes to books, graphic novels, movies and the like. I went out of my way to remain spoiler free when reading Y: The Last Man, which is the last graphic novel series I got into. BTW, has anyone else read to the end of that series? It's been over six months since I read the final volume and I still feel I need a bit of group therapy to get over what happened to one of the characters, and I don't want to say what or who because it will spoil it for others.

Finally, the day is drawing near and I'm still very 'do not want' about the Watchmen movie. Grr. I think I'm going to be one of those terrible snobby people who dismisses all fans that watched the movie before they read the graphic novel. Actually, I think I'm one of those people already. Sorry guys. But after a few years of going on about how brilliant Watchmen is to people and getting funny looks of either 'WTF?' or 'you read comics?!', I'm just a little bit bitter about it becoming mainstream.
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Finally got my hands on the latest and last edition of Y: The Last Man and I have not raved on about this series enough and I feel I should because I've seen few people on LJ talk about it and it seems to have no fandom. It think it's been somewhat estabilished in this journal that I'll read anything Brian K Vaughn writes but this is his best work.

Basic plot is that there's been a massive gendercide with all mammals containing the Y chromosome dying horrifically all at once and for reasons unknown, and one guy, Yorick Brown, and his Monkey are left alive. I have to admit, it's not an initially promising premise. This is the one time I've seen it done right. Usually when there's a society of women, there has to be a man come along and prove to them that men are not all bad. But Y does it right, with women's views on the occurrence being as varied as they should be – with at the extremes some believing it’s a blessed purging of the Y chromosome and others killing themselves. It can be a little heavy handed at times when it comes to pointing out disparities between men and women in pre-gendercide (and thus current) society, but at other times uses them to be darkly funny. For example, Australia becomes the dominant world naval power, because it's one of the few countries that let women on its submarines.

But, more importantly, there's never a shortage of fascinating female characters. There has to be: Yorick's a bit rubbish and has a death wish. He needs 355 and Dr Mann to keep him from getting himself killed. 355 is the highlight of the series for me. A secret agent who is loathe to admit to herself or anyone else that she's human and who is tired of being a killer but does it anyway without complaint because it's her job, is completely oblivious to pop culture (to Yorick's eternal despair) and happens to have an enormous soft spot for Yorick and is knitting a scarf in her spare time. And she and Yorick develop the most wonderful relationship with trust and banter. And there's also Dr. Mann, Hero, Beth I, Beth II, Rose, Natalya and many many more.

It's gorgeous drawn by Pia Guerra (who is currently doing Doctor Who: The Forgotten) and the last few issues made me nearly cry for the ending being nearly prefect and beautiful and so very sad.

If you're going to read one comic book series in your life, I'd say go for this one.
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Calling people on my flist involved in House fandom: anyone know any good House/Amber/Wilson, or just Amber gen or Amber/Anyone fics I should read? Not being in the fandom, I'd really appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

I've been raiding the graphic novel section of my local library, and have stumbled across Astro City, which is a gorgeous series about the lives of superheroes and the citizens in a world where they're the accepted norm. It differ from the usual tales by focusing on issues that don’t often come up, such as there's an issue following the city's leading hero and heroine on a date.

And I picked up Runaways vol. 1, which is about a bunch of teenagers rebelling from their supervillain parents. It's written Brian K Vaughan, whom I've become a fan of after reading Y: The Last Man (I'm also ridiculously excited that Pia Guerra is illustrating Doctor Who: The Forgotten). The reason for the raid was that I got antsy awaiting the last volume of Y - I've deliberately avoided spoilers and have been dying to know what happens for months.

In movies watched, I managed to find a romcom staring Cillian Murphy (yes, you read that correctly) and I've continued on with my mission to explore Aaron Eckhart's back category, although Conversations has been on my radar for a while now because of the Helena Bonham Carter factor (I think she's wonderful).

Conversations with Other Women (2005, dr. Hans Canosa)
Assets: Helena Bonham Carter, the guy who plays young Aaron Eckhart is really hot.
Warnings: None

Read more... )

Film Rating: 5
Aaron Eckhart Fangirl Rating: 5

Watching the Detectives (2007, dr. Paul Soter)
Assets: Originality (sort of)
Warnings: It's a romcom, but don’t expect it at all to be like others of the genre

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Film Rating: 4
Cillian Murphy Fangirl Rating: 4 ½


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