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Finished my festivid entry last weekend, so now I have a new challenge. Trope bingo

food porn au: apocalypse secret child secret twin / doppelganger de-aged
au: space kiss to save the day soul bonding / soulmates au: daemons fake relationship
immortality / reincarnation accidental marriage FREE

sharing a bed handcuffed/bound together
au: cop / detectivegame nightau: were / vamp / supernaturalau: historical
kidficau: circuspresumed deadholidayroad trip

It's really fun. I mean, I'm currently writing an au: were/vamp/supernatural fic for The Hour, which sounds ridiculous, which on a level it is, but it's actually become a really fun exercise in world building since to pull that off, I've got to come up with a plausible explanation for why vampires and werewolves would exist in London in 1957 and what the world would be like if that happened, and what it would be like if they worked as a team on a TV news show. Anyway – I am having fun.

(FYI, I very much believe the key to good crossovers, AUs and crack is you've got to take your premise seriously and properly run with it).

In other things: Watched Call the Midwife as am in a 1950s mood, and is that not just the most perfect little drama ever? It's just magnificent and I want to hug it for being just so wonderfully humanist and not at all soapy and all about women.

Also watched Les Mis. I did not cry. Which is pretty damning really, since I cry at everything, including the trailer for The Impossible which aired right before the movie. I just didn't connect. But aside from my lack of connection, it was very well done.
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1. So it's kind of official that The Thick of It has had eight more episodes commissioned for next year. As you can imagine, I'm ridiculously happy. But next year seems so far away. And I desperately want to know whether the forth series will focus on the election, or just skip it and have the winners in power, or follow Nicola and Malcolm in opposition (And, I suppose there is the outside chance that Labour will actually win the election, and the show can just continue as was).

2. I feel I should be more exited about the new series of Doctor Who than I am, but I just can't find it within me. Still, I'm looking forward to the new episodes and I'm prepared to fall in love with Eleven and Amy.

3. I am really exited about Ashes to Ashes though, but trying to remain spoiler free. Oh, I want Sam to be a bit part of this season. I want Annie to show up. I want Ray to get an awesome storyline (I'm not sure how it happened, but somewhere in season two, Ray became my favourite character). I hope it doesn't disappoint.

4. I've entered Remix...Redux this year. I've never done it before, so this should be fun.

5. Generally though, I feel I'm in a better place with my writing than I was this time last year. I completed two very small pieces of fanfic last year, and I certainly wasn't making up for it with original writing. I had this huge self-doubt block last year and I seem to have moved past it. Still, I have my short attention span to contend with.

I've actually had a huge epiphany regarding my ability to finish things lately. I'm one of those people who like to think they write or creates for themselves. Certainly, I writing things I want to read. But I figured that the dynamics of the fandom I'm writing in motivate me to actually stick with something and finish it. I've had a huge TTOI output lately because it's such a small but enthusiastic fandom, making me really want to contribute. I've got a few DS9 things in the works at the moment, similar situation. Remus/Tonks sub-fandom within Harry Potter was the same, but with the added bonus of that I was railing against the overwhelming Tonks hate and I'm very motivated when I'm railing against something. The majority of the Donna fic I wrote I wrote back in the days when it seemed all of Doctor Who fandom was up in arms about Catherine Tate's casting, so that was me railing again something again. Funny enough, as soon as the majority in DW fandom recognised Donna was awesome, I was less productive. Last year though I was hanging out in BSG fandom, and not to criticise people because the individuals in BSG fandom are wonderful, the fandom as an whole was so bitter and burnt by 4.5, it just wasn't motivating.

So apparently, give me a small fandom, or an unpopular standpoint in a large one, and I'll actually finishing something for once.
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I've been working on this fic for the [ profile] femgenficathon and I've gotten over my fear of writing in a new fandom, got most of the characters and tone right and pulled it back from being too talky (all my fics seem to start off with way too much dialog and I have to cut tonnes of it out). But somewhere along the way, it stopped being gen. Well, it's borderline, but since I'm pretty conservative in my definition of gen, I wouldn't be comfortable with it classifying it as such. It's not a problem, I can just post it outside of the ficathon, it's just amusing to me that it happened. I blame BSG and the insane level of UST between the political elite on the show and the love dodecahedrons.

Also: the trailer for The Lovely Bones has come out. To be honest, I haven't read the book, but I'm all kinds of excited because of the Peter Jackson factor. While I love the Lord of the Rings movies and thought King Kong was great, I actually think Peter Jackson is at his best mixing fantasy with period suburbia, like he did in Braindead, Heavenly Creatures and The Fighteners, and I'm really excited to see him return to that kind of film making.

And because I'm bored and coz I love making numbered lists:

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really. And I will answer them all in a new post.
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1. I redesigned my lj. I'm kind of proud of it because for the first time, I myself did the header and modifications to the colour scheme myself (from a layout from [ profile] the_fulcrum). I went to a bit of a BSG theme. Next up is to redesign my profile.

2. Speaking of BSG, I signed up for the [ profile] bsg_bigbang. Twenty-thousand words by October. I learnt my lesson from the [ profile] tardis_bigbang last year – no time travel plots with twists that do my head in when writing it. Instead it's going to be a nice linear more character driven New Caprica story.

3. Lame video store that did not have any Star Trek movies besides the franchise-killing Nemesis bought itself Star Treks I through V. I'm going to check them out one of these days.

4. In the mean time, I watched Blade Runner for like the first time ever and not only did I understand how much Red Dwarf: Back to Earth was a spoof (I knew it was a bit of a spoof, but I didn't realise the extent), but also, I get the deal with the pigeon in the BSG final now. It was very educational. Kind of like when I watched The Untouchables and finally understood why there was a baby in pram in every single movie made in the 1990s.

5. I'm stoked Jack Davenport's pilot got picked up as a series. Shame Katee Sackhoff's didn't. I know it was basically Law & Order: Cold Case in a market already oversaturated with procedurals, but I for one would have watched it for Katee Sackhoff.

6. I don't think the season finale of House was as good at the episodes leading up to it. And I'm so used to season finales of House having some massive twist, I kind of guessed it a minute into the episode – which possibly ruined it for me. Still, I hope Amber sticks around for at least the first couple of episode of next season.

7. The latest episode of Ashes to Ashes, however, I think was one the best yet so far. I'm loving the mystery at the heart of it.
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1. A trailer has been released for season two of Ashes to Ashes. Finally. It's been far too long since season one and I'm all excited because about it having the Falklands War as a backdrop.

(There's also a trailer for Planet of the Dead about, but I assume everyone's seen it already).

2. I've signed up for the [ profile] femgenficathon which shall hopefully get me writing again. Although I've no idea what fandom I'm going to write in (I seem to be all over the place when it comes to fanish love at the moment).

3. I'm currently rental-stalking the cast of Battlestar Galactica as a method of getting over the show. Sadly and surprisingly, the cast between them haven't made that many movies between them available at the average rental place, so that's going to over pretty quickly. Once it's over, I'm going to need something else to distract myself with. Hence, very important poll:

[Poll #1376719]
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The first of [ profile] jadeddiva's requests, and one from Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. This is meme is making me become nostalgic for all those fandoms I no longer write in.

Anyway, you can read the original here

Absence and Memory )
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Requested by [ profile] minerva_fan. You can read the original here.

The thing about What Happened to Rose Tyler is that it's me writing Sarah writing an editorial, so there's really two authors. And so I did two commentaries:

Sarah Jane weighs in on her article )

And my commentary )
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It's that first sentence meme, nicked from a few people on my flist. Except I decided to post a bit more than the first sentence but rather a hefty chunk of couple of abandoned fics because having looked back on it, I like what I wrote and the fact that it shall never see the light of day saddens me a bit.

Read more... )

Conclusion: Far too much of what I write is never posted.
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It recently came to my attention that I have a month and a half to write a 20,000 word Doctor Who fic (because I signed up and then forgot about it). But it’s all good, because I came up with a plot yesterday. Unfortunately I feel kind of stink because to avoid canon issues, I’ve set it in The Year That Never Was, which means, because none of the characters are Martha, any attempt to save the planet is doomed to failure. And I know that you can write something with an unhappy ending, but it does feel kind of wrong, and you can’t even get the satisfaction of some character growth, because they’re not going to remember any of it. It is rather unsatisfactory

Spoilery thoughts on the Four Season DW Trailer )

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching a lot of Green Wing lately, and seem to be developing a crush on Stephen Mangan. And I love that show so. much. It's actually rather impossible to explain just what I love about it, because it just is brilliant. Why did it have to end? I want a third series.
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My grand idea for November is to complete a whole bunch of fics I’ve been picking at for the past couple of months. Lately I just seem to have this thing where I don’t seem to complete anything I’ve been writing.

So more for my own personal use and the fact when you publicly announce you’re going to do these things it makes it harder to not too than for any other reason (though feel free to nag me about any of them), here’s a list of pieces I want to complete before the end of the month.

Read more... )

Then December I have to start working on my [ profile] tardis_bigbang fic and that there should be my holiday.
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My flatmate has never seen The Goonies! Obviously my goal in life from this point on is to rectify this sad situation.

Anyway, I’ve signed up for [ profile] tardis_bigbang which is a write whatever you want kind of ficathon, so long as it’s about 20 000 words, which should be interesting. Though my fic idea has been floating around my head for a couple of months now so I managed to get it all plotted out this morning. And when I get going, I can write 10 000 words in a weekend, I think. So hopefully it'll work out.

Also, [ profile] sarahjane_fic’s running a challenge at the moment of fics less than 1000 words in celebration of The Sarah Jane Adventures and I wrote something:

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Author: [ profile] meddow
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 999
Characters: Kelsey, the Fourth Doctor
Summary: Despite her best efforts, Kelsey encounters another alien.

(Between a Rock and a Hard Place)
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I’ve got two million plot bunnies for Harry Potter, but unable to think of where to start, so instead I ended up finishing off my AU response to AWE. Well, it’s pretty finished if I can find a damned quote. Not being able to find it is driving me nuts. Don’t suppose any PotC fans know where I can get a full transcript. I’ve found a transcript of LJ but it ends before the scene I had in mind, the one where Elizabeth and Davy Jones fight.

Also, I don’t suppose anyone wants to lend me a hand and beta it? It’s only *cough*9,736words*cough* but packed full of Norrington and Norrington/Elizabeth goodness (even though the eventual turn out is Elizabeth/Will).
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Meta Rec: [ profile] gm_weasley has written a really good defence of Tonks in DH. To be honest, I’m keeping my head down to avoid reading any DH Tonks wank because I just don’t have the patience for it right now, but I have a feeling it’s out there.

Secondly, Vid Recs

I got so addicted to youtube fan vids last semester, I think they actually kept me sane during the worst of my assessment clusters. Anyway, I thought I would rec some because I really appreciate then and really wish I could make them.

Still Here by asyouxlikeit - PotC - CotBP Norrington – Helped immensely with the grief and because it makes me grin like an idiot every time I watch it.

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by DecadentDream - Heroes – Sylar – I’m not as big a fan of Syler as many who watch Heroes, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying the vid. And the song fits the character incredibly well.

Scattered by di00br - Doctor Who – Tenth Doctor – Okay, use of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands, really endeared it too me, but also the editing is amazing. It’s a really fast cut vid for a fast song and it’s amazing to watch.

The Black Parade by Calapine - Doctor Who – The Doctor & Companions – 44 years of a certain emo Time Lord and his motley bunch of travelling companions in one vid for the win. [ profile] calapine makes awesome vids, that’s my favourite of the bunch.

The Thoroughly Decent Harry Sullivan by chocolatesal - Doctor Who – Harry Sullivan – Because I adore Harry and he is such an underrated companion, and is a hero, or at least attempts to be.

And finally, I’ve done a bit of a fic canon compliance stock-take and discovered that of my Harry Potter fics, 8 are still canon compliant, 4 are a rather dodgy and 11 have been jossed. I also did a bit of a review of my PotC fic, only to find that they pretty much all are AWE compliant. A Good Man is a little bit dodgy, but I think it works.

For anyone interested - the break down )
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[ profile] springtime_gen fic has been submitted and I think I've had my fill of ficathons for a while. Something about a deadline and having to write for someone other than myself (and thus worry they won't like it) takes all the fun out of writing. Not to mention I think it had a bit of a hand in making me catch a cold.

There is though an excellent thing about being sick (other than the fact I don’t have to go to work) I can sit on my butt all day and watch tonnes of Doctor Who and call it 'recovering'.

So recently I've managed to watch The Green Death, Robots of Death and City of Death (the 'death' theme was actually unplanned).

Was There Any Hope I Wouldn't Comment? )

Now I have The Invasion and The Visitation to watch. This is the best cold I've had in ages.
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I’ve found myself in the position of trying to think of something to do on a Saturday night with significant other that does not involve drinking, dancing or going to the movies (I’m tired and coming down with something and there’s noting on at the movies). But there is nothing to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve those things so shit night ahead.

And I hate hate hate my [ profile] springtime_gen fic and want it to die. Die fic die!


That feels better.

If you are so inclined you can still give me concrit here. The stuff I’ve been getting has been really helpful and I very much appreciate it. Bit disappointed nobody has used the phrase “crazed egomaniacal manic” though.

Hit Me

Mar. 8th, 2007 12:12 pm
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Okay guys. I’ve never done one of these types of things before. Gun’s running an anonymous concrit meme and you can give concrit on me here.
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If I’ve put this out there in a public place then there may be a chance that I will actually do it.

My fanfic goal of 2007 is to actually finish and post all those long fics I have sitting on my computer. I’ve got some monsters sitting on my notebook needing finishing, the worse of which is The Beast Hunts and Night, which is a PotC murder mystery sitting at about 27,000 words. I’ve finished it, I just need to fill in a few gaps, about 1000 words worth of stuff and sort out continuity and edit, but for some reason I just hate it and can’t bring myself to sit down and do it. I fail, I really do.

I want to get at least three of those close to completition fics finished and I’m not going to start anything new until I’ve done it.
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(For me at least) it’s the 23rd of December, which is a special day. And no, it has nothing to do with impending holidays or it being the anniversary of the day Van Gogh cut of his ear – it all about me. It is the one year anniversary of the very first piece of fanfic (No One You Can Save) being uploaded onto the net.

To mark the occasion, I thought I would do some sort of special features type thing and reveal some things about some of the fics I’ve written over the past year. [ profile] le_parapluie once remarked in a comment to a writing meme I did that while a lot of us met through writing, we very rarely talk about it and I really want to talk about it.

So today we’ve got tales of the original concepts, deleted subplots, ongoing themes, where I got inspiration from, how I managed to get a novel length fic from the first verse of an Oasis song and answers to commonly asked questions such as “WTF was with No One You Can Save?” and “Was Tonks taking her clothes off a supposed to be a sexual thing?” (Yes, yes it was).

Read more... )

Obviously, that hasn’t been everything I’ve written in the past year, but not everything I’ve written has much of a story behind it. I think I’ll leave the floor open, if there are any questions relating to anything I’ve written, fell free to ask them. In case you were wondering where to find any of the mentioned fics, my fanfic master list is here
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I’ve seen this meme around where you post the first sentence of the first piece of fanfiction you have posted each month and I thought it would be interesting to do it. If anything it has exposed my habit of starting of stories with the name of a character. I seem to have given it up in recent months though.

January – “Junior Auror Nymphadora Tonks took a deep breath as she entered the room.” – Auror Disciplinary Committee Case 1229.

February – “Buckbeak always thought of himself as special.” – Vanity, Thy Name is Hippogriff

March – “The old suitcase sitting in the corner caught Tonks' eye as she headed for the bathroom.” Unravelling

April – “Kingsley Shacklebolt leaned his knuckles on the table before him, purposely towering over the smaller man sitting across the table.” Ghosts in the Interrogation Room

May – “Neville Longbottom poked his spoon at his porridge, lifting out a large portion.” – Growing

June – “The last thing Remus decided he needed today was being forced to show a teenager the ropes.” - The Ropes

July – “It seemed to Tonks that there existed two parallel Londons.” - Prisoners of War

August – “What is the point of killing Molly Weasley, I wonder while I glance at my sister’s grinning face.” - Walking Down Corridors

September – “From his spot underneath a tree, Harry watched Ron emerge from around the side of the Burrow.” – Two Snitch-Brained Idiots

October – “For all the noise the waves made crashing against the side of the Dauntless, for all the roars of thunder and claps of lightning, for all the desperate screams and yells from the unfortunate men cast into the unforgiving sea, in the depth below the waves it was silent.” – Penance More Will Do

November – Didn’t actually post any new fic other than some chapters of Growing.

December – “Being women of business, it was only natural for the Tortuga whores to take an active interest in the fortune of the local pirates.” - The Truth of the Matter (I haven’t actually posted this yet, but it's not far off being posted I don’t think the first line is going to change between now and then.)


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