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And that is how you do a series finale. Well, almost.

Pretty freaking major spoilers for Ashes to Ashes 3x08 within )
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I haven't made a substantive post in ages. So here is one which I have decided shall contain good news and awesome things:

1.Heroes got cancelled! I view this as a good thing because I believe with no more canon being created it'll make it easier for me to believe that season two onwards never happened and Heroes was a one-season wonder.

2. I can't believe they cast Allison Janney on Lost. Allison freaking Janney. That is both a) awesome and b) a enormous pain in the ass because that means I may have to actually go and watch the entirety Lost even though she's only in one episode (thus is the power of Allison Janney)

3. In random stuff on Youtube that's amusing me this week, somebody made a compilation of nicknames characters call each other on The Thick of It. No nickname is used twice and it clocks in at over nine and half minutes.

4. Armando Iannucci's got funding for a new movie (a lot of funding when compared to the budget of In the Loop), one written by him and Will Smith (not that Will Smith, the other one who plays Phil in TTOI). Yay!

(And I'm going to nag you all once again to watch In the Loop because with it having being released on DVD everywhere now, there is no excuse of not having seen the movie anymore and you all should because it's one of the funniest comedies of all freaking time and it may even change the way you view politics).

5. Oh, my goodness do I love Ashes to Ashes at the moment. I do have a couple of criticisms (which are ongoing), but generally, I am so in love with this season. Nobody I know IRL watches the show (I know a few people who tried the first series but decided it was inferior to Life on Mars and stopped watching) and they tend to give me quizzical looks when I rave on about it. But this season is amazing.

But my particular love of the season comes from my new-found OT3: Ray, Shaz and Chris.

Cut for raving which includes spoilers for 3x07 and speculation )

And now I'm off to watch Star Trek: Generations because I realised the other day that I haven't watched the movie in ages and I fell like watching Kirk die.
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I love this show so much right now. So much so I've lost all ability to write a review that isn't 98% capslock and exclamation marks.

If I am dead, for dead I well may be. )

Damn, if the show continues to be this fantastic going into the last few episodes, I fear the sheer epic amounts of squee may slay me dead.
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Quick vidding related PSA that I can't be arsed putting into a separate post: 1. I now have a vid master list and 2, since I finally figured out to how to fix the aspect ratio problems and because it's been bugging me for months, I've uploaded a fixed version of Kiss with a Fist. So if you want a copy in which Malcolm
and Nicola don't have strangely elongated faces, you can now can have one.

So, Ashes to Ashes. It was not quite up to the standard of the preceding two episodes.

They've got a message for the action man )
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Another fantastic episode. If it keeps this level of quality up, it'll be the best season of not only this show, but of the franchise.

And her Daddy has told her to go )

Next week seems to have Bryan Dick and Marianne from TTOI. Casting win!
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I know I was disappointed with last week, but this week was AWESOME! (Take that as a warning that there will be capslock and excessive exclamation points in the below review).

Ashes to Ashes )
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Ashes to Ashes 3x01 )
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1. So it's kind of official that The Thick of It has had eight more episodes commissioned for next year. As you can imagine, I'm ridiculously happy. But next year seems so far away. And I desperately want to know whether the forth series will focus on the election, or just skip it and have the winners in power, or follow Nicola and Malcolm in opposition (And, I suppose there is the outside chance that Labour will actually win the election, and the show can just continue as was).

2. I feel I should be more exited about the new series of Doctor Who than I am, but I just can't find it within me. Still, I'm looking forward to the new episodes and I'm prepared to fall in love with Eleven and Amy.

3. I am really exited about Ashes to Ashes though, but trying to remain spoiler free. Oh, I want Sam to be a bit part of this season. I want Annie to show up. I want Ray to get an awesome storyline (I'm not sure how it happened, but somewhere in season two, Ray became my favourite character). I hope it doesn't disappoint.

4. I've entered Remix...Redux this year. I've never done it before, so this should be fun.

5. Generally though, I feel I'm in a better place with my writing than I was this time last year. I completed two very small pieces of fanfic last year, and I certainly wasn't making up for it with original writing. I had this huge self-doubt block last year and I seem to have moved past it. Still, I have my short attention span to contend with.

I've actually had a huge epiphany regarding my ability to finish things lately. I'm one of those people who like to think they write or creates for themselves. Certainly, I writing things I want to read. But I figured that the dynamics of the fandom I'm writing in motivate me to actually stick with something and finish it. I've had a huge TTOI output lately because it's such a small but enthusiastic fandom, making me really want to contribute. I've got a few DS9 things in the works at the moment, similar situation. Remus/Tonks sub-fandom within Harry Potter was the same, but with the added bonus of that I was railing against the overwhelming Tonks hate and I'm very motivated when I'm railing against something. The majority of the Donna fic I wrote I wrote back in the days when it seemed all of Doctor Who fandom was up in arms about Catherine Tate's casting, so that was me railing again something again. Funny enough, as soon as the majority in DW fandom recognised Donna was awesome, I was less productive. Last year though I was hanging out in BSG fandom, and not to criticise people because the individuals in BSG fandom are wonderful, the fandom as an whole was so bitter and burnt by 4.5, it just wasn't motivating.

So apparently, give me a small fandom, or an unpopular standpoint in a large one, and I'll actually finishing something for once.
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I wanted to do a big 2009 picspam, but could not decide on a format. Then and idea struck me: since I'm forever lamenting entertainment awards' inability to make the right decision, why not do my picspam in an award sort of format, with the awards categories themselves completely made up and arbitrary so I could just picspam things I liked this year and could find photos of. Good idea, yes?

With no further ado...

Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Torchwood and The Thick of It )

Five Things

Aug. 9th, 2009 02:06 pm
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From that Five Things Meme. Feel free to give me more as I love doing these sorts of things.

For [ profile] ishie

Top Five things to crossover with Battlestar Galactica )

Top Five ways I would have ended it if I were in charge )

For [ profile] airie_fairy

Top Five Teenage Characters )

For [ profile] artic_fox

Top Five moments where I wanted to bitch-slap the Doctor )
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1. I redesigned my lj. I'm kind of proud of it because for the first time, I myself did the header and modifications to the colour scheme myself (from a layout from [ profile] the_fulcrum). I went to a bit of a BSG theme. Next up is to redesign my profile.

2. Speaking of BSG, I signed up for the [ profile] bsg_bigbang. Twenty-thousand words by October. I learnt my lesson from the [ profile] tardis_bigbang last year – no time travel plots with twists that do my head in when writing it. Instead it's going to be a nice linear more character driven New Caprica story.

3. Lame video store that did not have any Star Trek movies besides the franchise-killing Nemesis bought itself Star Treks I through V. I'm going to check them out one of these days.

4. In the mean time, I watched Blade Runner for like the first time ever and not only did I understand how much Red Dwarf: Back to Earth was a spoof (I knew it was a bit of a spoof, but I didn't realise the extent), but also, I get the deal with the pigeon in the BSG final now. It was very educational. Kind of like when I watched The Untouchables and finally understood why there was a baby in pram in every single movie made in the 1990s.

5. I'm stoked Jack Davenport's pilot got picked up as a series. Shame Katee Sackhoff's didn't. I know it was basically Law & Order: Cold Case in a market already oversaturated with procedurals, but I for one would have watched it for Katee Sackhoff.

6. I don't think the season finale of House was as good at the episodes leading up to it. And I'm so used to season finales of House having some massive twist, I kind of guessed it a minute into the episode – which possibly ruined it for me. Still, I hope Amber sticks around for at least the first couple of episode of next season.

7. The latest episode of Ashes to Ashes, however, I think was one the best yet so far. I'm loving the mystery at the heart of it.
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Watching Battlestar the second time with my flatmate is tonnes of fun. She's not been spoiled at all, so I'm living vicariously through her shock at various revelations. Plus its fun how much she agrees with me about things, such as how Billy was the most eligible bachelor in the fleet (we'd both marry him in a heartbeat). Although her starting to sing My Heart Will Go On every time the Adama theme plays in background (the theme with the bagpipes that actually does sound a lot like the beginning of My Heart...) is kind of wearing on my nerves.

Anyway, we're up to Lay Down Your Burdens Part One. Should be fun to see her reaction to part two's ending. And, yay, the New Caprica arc, with is just absolutely fantastic and heartbreaking when I watched it the first time, hopefully it hold up the second time, because those four episodes + the season two finale are currently in my mind examples of the pinnacle of television (along with In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Noel and Two Cathedrals from The West Wing, and Human Nature/Family of Blood, Blink and Midnight and a whole heap of Rome).

Meanwhile, I've been watching season two of Ashes to Ashes. I wasn't initially really all that sold on the changes in it since season one spoilers )

Anyway, the writers have turned me around and I'm sold. Plus points for Hot Dad off SJA showing up in episode two.
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1. A trailer has been released for season two of Ashes to Ashes. Finally. It's been far too long since season one and I'm all excited because about it having the Falklands War as a backdrop.

(There's also a trailer for Planet of the Dead about, but I assume everyone's seen it already).

2. I've signed up for the [ profile] femgenficathon which shall hopefully get me writing again. Although I've no idea what fandom I'm going to write in (I seem to be all over the place when it comes to fanish love at the moment).

3. I'm currently rental-stalking the cast of Battlestar Galactica as a method of getting over the show. Sadly and surprisingly, the cast between them haven't made that many movies between them available at the average rental place, so that's going to over pretty quickly. Once it's over, I'm going to need something else to distract myself with. Hence, very important poll:

[Poll #1376719]
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As I mentioned briefly early, the Heroes volume finale isn't bad. In fact, I would categorise it as quite good. I think for a few reasons:

Brief Listy Thing )

But mostly because Worf is the US President. Nope, the Star Trek casting never gets old. And yes, I probably will be tuning in next volume because apparently there is something wrong with me. But then Bryan Fuller has made me hopeful for this show. But I swear, if I get even a wiff of another Sylar redemption arc, I'm off faster than Daphne.

I've decided that while Sanctuary shall be never a particularly accolade worth show, it is fantastic in a completely cracky way. The season finale two-parter has Magnus team up with Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Nikola Tesla (i.e. the old crew) and the Invisible Man's invisible Granddaugher - and it is awesome in the way only having fictional characters and historical figures bitching at each other can be.

I'm also still on a Stargate thing at the moment. I keep on meaning to watch Atlantis, but I can't seem to find the time. Add it to the big list of shows I'm going to watch one day when I discovery the secret of having free time (along with Battlestar Galactica) Watching a show as it comes out every week isn't bad, but trying to watch a seasons worth of episodes in week - or however long I can rent them for – is a bit too much of a mission for me at the moment.

I was initially incredibly sceptical about the new spinoff Stargate: Universe, which appears Star Trek: Voyager with annoying twenty-somethings, which is particularly ironic since the 'younger and sexier' concept has already been mocked mercilessly by the original show. But then Robert Carlyle was cast and now I don't know what to think. I love Stargate, but it's not the kind of franchise that attracts people with Baftas. I'm worried the franchise may be a bit tired, and apparently Atlantis sucks this season, but then Unending happens to be one of my favourite episodes of television ever and that was the 214th and final episode of SG1, so maybe age has nothing to with the ability for good television. Potential there, maybe? I dunno.

Anyone know when Ashes to Ashes is going to start up again? It's been far too long since the last series ended.
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[ profile] harveyrachel. There's not fic that has been posted there yet, but I think the fact that a community now exists is a good sign. I feel a bit guilty wanting some good Harvey fic but not contributing any myself. Blame my work load and RTD, I'm too busy trying to fix the ending to Journey's End.

Speaking of Doctor Who, a fanvid rec: Glorious vidded by [ profile] rhoboat. More than any song Muse has ever recorded (except maybe for Knights of Cydonia) this song has been asking for a Doctor Who fanvid to be made of it (and that's quite something to say when you take into consideration I'm talking about Muse. Half the songs they've written seem to be about lonely emos in space). Anyway, [ profile] rhoboat's made an absolutely wonderful one about Rose, Martha and Donna. It's just such a prefect summary of them and their journeys and nearly everything I love about the news series and it's the kind of fanvid I'd show non-fans to get them hooked.

I only just discovered both this community and this ship: [ profile] donna_gene. Possibly the best cross over ship ever, because somehow Donna Noble and Gene Hunt would just be perfect together. It totally happened in Turn Left after alt!Donna got hit by the truck. If they ever do decide to bring on the show the (ex) Missus, Catherine Tate would be my first choice of casting.

And speaking of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, I've been re-watching both the second season of Mars and Ashes, one episode after the other (so the first episode of Mars, followed by the first episode of Ashes) and have discovered something: I've prefer Ashes to Ashes to the original, and I'm not actually sure why. But also, I desperately want Annie to show up on Ashes to Ashes in the future. I want to know what she's been up too. Hopefully she's still the most competent cop in the Manchester area, but whether she's been struggling to get recognition or whether she's been promoted. And she possibly would be able to give us more about the mystery of what happened to Sam. Plus, she's was Sam's confident so I'd like to see her take on Alex.

I'm still incredibly 'do not want' about the American remake. I think my dislike of the show has been made worse by the executive meddling, because now it's looking like it has a chance of being actually half-way decent, which means it might not be cancelled and instead it gains a level of public recognition that makes it overshadow the original. That, and not a Viva Laughlin, is the worst case scenario in my view. Harvey Keitel (as much as I love him) and Jason O'Mara should not be people first thoughts as the actors in the roles of Gene and Sam over Philip Glenister and John Simm. So, any people on my flist who want to watch the American version, I implore you to watch the British version first. It's only sixteen episodes in total and it's fabulous.

My mother has been watching both the second and third series of Stargate SG1 and because of this so have I. Years ago I was so into that show, but I seemed to have lost interest about the time they started with the cast changes, first the Daniel-Jonas-Daniel and then they killed off Janet. By the time O'Neill was promoted I'd given up. And then last episode I caught it had mysteriously turned into Farscape. It's one of those shows where the team dynamic is the draw for me, and once they started messing with the team, it just wasn't the same. But season two and three have the old team, and it's wonderful: O'Neill! Daniel! Teal'c! And Sam, who is one of my favourite TV characters of all time.
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I've just been watching The American President. I haven't watched it in a while and it is my absolute favourite romcom.

"I didn’t send 466 to the floor to win you back."
"And I didn't come back because you sent 466 to the floor."

I am such a dork.

Anyway. There is a need for me to post today. Today is the one year anniversary of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which means it is the one year anniversary of the death of James Norrington, which means it is the beginning of the trend of every single favourite character of mine always having to die.

Seriously: Spoilers for Harry Potter, Heroes, Rome, Ashes to Ashes and House )

Will the needless slaying of adored characters please end.
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Ashes to Ashes 1x07 )
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So, Ashes to Ashes. I have a feeling I should really not like Ashes to Ashes. But I do. I mean, the lead female character is an absolute train wreak, which normally I can’t stand (see: Anatomy, Grey’s), but strangely, Alex Drake’s train-wreak-ness is strangely enjoyable. Probably because she is in (or believes she is in) her own mind, therefore, I don’t care that she’s the kind of person who seems to be incapable of keeping her issues separate from her job and acts ridiculously unprofessionally at times.

Anyway, I kind of want to compare it to Life on Mars, for obvious reasons, but Ashes to Ashes really is it own show. It has its own feel and look and the central dynamic between the two leads of Alex and Gene is so different from Sam and Gene that when you watch one you really don’t sit there thinking about the other. I thought I would desperately miss Sam and Annie, but I don’t really, because you don’t compare them. Though I would like to find out what happened to Annie. And I do miss Creepy Test-Card Girl. I’m probably in the minority about this but I think she was creepier than the Bowie Clown of Death.

I do feel awfully sorry for the character of Caroline Price. I mean, there she is attempting to go about her life and then every now and again this emotionally unstable detective with mummy-issues shows up on her doorstep and acts incredibly weirdly. And you just know Alex is eventually going to come out with ‘You are my Mummy!’ and make herself look like a deranged lunatic. Imagine if that happened to you – scary shit.

Okay, moving on. So you know my theory that Donna is going to die. Well, I had a thought: 2007 – the year that killed everyone fictional – saw the deaths of three of my number one favourite characters in three different fandoms, and only one was resurrected (even more annoying was that the two permanent deaths were pretty lame, only the temporary one was an awesome death, which seems somehow wrong. Though Heroes wins at death).

Well, what if this trend is not temporally confined to a year? Donna really is doomed.

I also suspected that season four is going to be the season of alliteration. Well, Doctor, Donna Spoiler )

Oh, and I say “bleh!” To UNIT now being the Unified Intelligence Taskforce. And how much do you be this topic comes up next time I’m drinking with UN geeks?

And finally I shall end this post with a vid rec. [ profile] calapine remade What About Everything. The original was already one of my favourite vids, the new one is pretty much the best representation of exactly what Doctor Who is all about and why I love it in four minutes out there.


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