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I wanted to do a big 2009 picspam, but could not decide on a format. Then and idea struck me: since I'm forever lamenting entertainment awards' inability to make the right decision, why not do my picspam in an award sort of format, with the awards categories themselves completely made up and arbitrary so I could just picspam things I liked this year and could find photos of. Good idea, yes?

With no further ado...

Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Torchwood and The Thick of It )
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With fall tv premiers happening soon, this is about the time when I go on a tv cull, deciding what to watch and what to not watch. But this year, I seem to be watching very little so I don't need to drop things to make room. Of the new shows last year, the only one I really checked out was Fringe, and I got bored of that pretty quickly and stopped watching. I keep on meaning to give up Grey's Anatomy, but somehow I keep watching despite myself. Last season's House finale disappointed me a lot and I loathe Huddy, real or imaginary. (For me it's House/misanthropy, House/Wilson/misanthropy or House/Wilson/Amber), but I'll probably still end up watching that as well.

But yeah, in new shows I'm quite excited about Glee, because the pilot was adorable, I seem to love musical television shows and I loved Popular back in the day, which was by the same guy (anyone else remember that show? It was a lot more witty than normal teen fare). Flash Forward's getting a bit of hype, and I can't help but love the cast, but the central premise seems just a bit dull. I'll check out the pilot, but if it doesn't get interesting quickly or turns out to be as frustrating as Lost, I'll probably not watch.

In the battle of the next potential BSGs, I'm really exited about V, which unfortunately doesn't premiere until November. I've got little to go on aside from buzz, but the buzz is good. I've seen the pilot for Caprica, which has an even further away premier date of January. I liked it a lot, but it's more Rome than BSG. That's not a bad thing as I loved Rome and I'll certainly watch Caprica, but the setting gives it such a different feel to its parent show and its certainly weird that my mental comparison goes first not to the show that spawned it, but to a completely different and not at all related show. But then, I think of BSG as Rome in space, since, aside from the religious aspects, it has a similar mixture of military matters, political intrigue and personal drama. Actually, it struck me the other day that Lee and Zarek from Sine Qua Non to Blood on the Scales are kind of like Octavian and Mark Antony, the inexperienced adopted son vs. the second in command for to be the heir to Julius Caesar's (Roslin's) throne. (And if Zarek is Mark Antony, I would suppose that would make Gaeta Cleopatra...).

Anyway, back to what I was talking about, Stargate: Universe actually has the most BSG-esq premise, but I'll only watch if it gets good reviews. I trust the Stargate writers to do lighthearted, snarky and slightly cracky. I don't trust them to be able to pull off serious, intelligent and dark.

One thing I have noticed lately is that aside from the likes of Doctor Who, Grey's and House, most of the television I watch these days I don't watch when it originally airs. Lately I seem to discover it on DVD some time after it originally aired and often after the series has ended (as is what happened with Rome, BSG and Life on Mars), and by the time I've gotten into it everyone else has moved on. So I'm determined to be more onto it with my show watching.
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I'm sure I'm not the only one out there a little miffed that the show had ended and the are no more chances and neither BSG, Mary McDonnell nor Bear McCreary ever once got a nomination for an Emmy (for Best Drama Series, Best Actress and Best Composition respectively). There's a whole bunch of other awards BSG's missed out on nominations for over the years, but those are the three most glaring. Saying that, I wonder what the Emmys and it's anti-sci-fi stance will make of Caprica. I've watched the pilot and if I had to make it into an equation, it would be (Mad Men + The Sopranos + Rome + Gossip Girl) x (Blade Runner + Frankenstein). So it's almost half Emmy bait, half Emmy poison.

On the other hand, yay about Flight of the Conchords getting a bit of love!

Torchwood has left me wanting to write a brief thing about darkness in story telling and 'dark' premises for stories and why I like them. So here I go. I don't like the term 'dark' namely because it the way it's banded about in fandom it implies that something with a 'dark' ending is not realistic, in that it's purposely hyper-depressive. I think that's because dark fic is a genre of fanfic in which the writer often does make it deliberately and ofter unrealistically depressing for misery's sake. Whereas – and maybe this is a result of my outlook on humanity – I tend to find entertainment labeled 'dark' to be just more realistic than usual entertainment. People hurt others, people die and bad things sometimes happen to good people, and good things sometimes happen to bad people. That for me is what the world is like, and when that happens in something I'm watching or reading, I just see it as a reflection of life.

I fully understand why people don't want realistic in their entertainment and particularly the entertainment that doubles as their fandom, since often it acts as an escape. But I often find dark programmes more uplifting, because at the same time, while I don't like the term, the term 'dark' does conjures up an image which explains why I do like 'dark' things (i.e., it's metaphor time!). If you light a candle in a room with the lights on, the light given by the flame is lost and unnoticed. If you light a candle in a room in a dark room, you notice the light given off by the flame. I like 'dark' things because it places the good things - heroic actions, love, happiness, quiet moments, etc - in greater relief making them feel more important, more uplifting and be more appreciated.


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