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I have been so busy lately. I'm hoping to have a weekend in which I can catch up on things and write a bit of fic, maybe do a picspam. The problem with being busy is that it leads to be tired which lead to me doing not much of anything.

Anyway, things that I've been meaning to post about all week:

1. I realised that Vincent and the Doctor is Amy's Companion tries to change history to save a life/lives, just like the Aztecs (Barbara), Father's Day (Rose) and Fires of Pompeii (Donna), except that it was a different take on it as the Doctor for once was in on it (probably knowing they'd have no success) so there was no great debate.

In a bit of drive by episode love, I have to say, as much as I love Vincent and the Aztecs (I quite like Father's Day too), Pompeii I still rate as my favourite, namely because I saw an exhibit on Pompeii earlier this year which included the plaster casts they made of people smothered by ash, and it's harrowing. Plus, Donna is utterly awesome to the point of making the naysayers finally shut up, Catherine Tate shows off why she is one of the best (if not the best) actresses to have played a Companion, and there's bonus Peter Capaldi.

But also, and leading into another thing I'm going to talk about it, my personal fanon is that it's one of the major reasons why Children of Earth happened, as in, in my fanon is that I don't think it's a coincidence that the father of the Frobisher family which did not survive CoE is the spitting image of the father of the family that survived Fires

2. I'm a bit hesitant about the new series of Torchwood that's been announced, for a number of reasons. I loved Children of Earth and was quite happy with it being a series finale, but also with the new series being set partially in America, I suspect that's lessened the chances of having Lois, Alice and Johnson join the team, or that we'll get a day in the life of Bridget Spears episode (okay, there was probably little chance of that happening ever, but it would be awesome - maybe I'll just have to write fic).

3. World Cup! World Cup! World Cup! I'm really into it this year because New Zealand's in it for the first time since the 1982. Oh, I so badly want us to score a goal.

When the All Whites are inevitably knocked out, I'm going to have to go a find some random arbitrary thing with which to use to pick a team to support. Last time I rooted for whichever team came from the country IMO had the best food. I ended up supporting Italy quite a bit.

4. Forth and finally and because I can, more Thick of It BAFTA pics, cos I love this cast and also because there's bonus Freema Agyeman and Jane Lynch )

ETA: Gah. My photobucket account which is entirely used for fandom purposes somehow knows of my facebook page, which is all about RL, or at least my photobucket account is prompting me to 'like' it. 1. How does it know who I am on facebook? 2. Make it stop! I keep my fandom stuff and my life stuff very separate so not cool, internet. Not cool at all.
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Number list of mostly random but sometimes related thoughts time!

1. The other day I was thinking about who in RTD's Who universe, the same ideas keep on being used throughout with new spins on them (for example, the idea behind Father's Day was used in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane, and that evolved into Turn Left, or the repeating motif of the bride, and something occurred to me: cut for speculation based on casting spoilers and the ending of Children of Earth )

2. Watched V and was really disappointed. The buzz coming out of comicon was that it was brilliant, but the dialogue was appalling at times, the characters really thin and the whole thing was executed with the subtly of an anvil (it really doesn't get more heavy handed than a crucifix falling over and shattering as the space ship enters orbit). Plus it felt so rushed.

3. The latest episode of House was also disappointing. Although is about time the writers managed to find an excuse to get Hugh Laurie back in a period costume.

4. In other Hugh Laurie-as-the-Prince-Regent related win: I cannot believe I did not know of the existence of this Annie Lennox music video until a couple of days ago. Though really, who would pick John Malkovich over Hugh Laurie?

5. I miss Blackadder.

6. I've really gotten into FlashForward after the last episode. But then, how could I not with the casting that show has. Last episode had Sulu, Shakespeare and River Song investigating some crazy nihilist cult lead by Leoben. Not to mention, the huge disaster at the heart of it was apparently caused by the alliance of Meriadock Brandybuck and Steve from Coupling.

7. A trailer for Invictus has been released which is a movie I really want to see for many reason, rugby being one of the few sports I will actually watch on occasion, and I do remember watching that particular World Cup match when I was a kid (of course, I was cheering for the other team, and it will be interesting to see how the media in NZ covers the movie since it's widely believed that the All Blacks were deliberately poisoned before that match). I really want to see some day a movie made about another the 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand, which was another time rugby and apartheid mixed. I just think the mixture of the two teams playing against each other against the violence between police and rioters outside the stadiums would make for an awesome sports movie. That's me though, if I made a sports movie it wouldn't be feel good flick, it would be about violence, politics, racism and New Zealand's screwed up national psyche.

8. Finally, I have developed a crush on David Strathairn. Is that weird?
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So I’m rather bummed about Wales losing out to Fiji. Looks like I’m going to have to switch allegiances back to New Zealand. No Wales. No Tonga. This tournament's getting really boring.

Managed to rent Gypsy Woman and watched it last night. It’s a romcom from 2001 staring Jack Davenport, who was pretty much the one factor that got me to rent it in the first place. Imdb gives it a rating of 5.6 and nobody seemed to put any effort into the DVD release so I wasn’t expecting to be particularly brilliant. But I really shouldn’t judge a movie by its DVD cover (or imdb rating) because it’s really good. I mean, it’s not The Lives of Others (which I’ve decided is the greatest movie ever and the one to which all movies should be judged against) but it’s lot funnier than a lot of other by-the-numbers romcoms I can think of, plus it has gorgeous scenery and if the first Jack Davenport movie I’ve seen that’s made proper use of those green eyes. I loved it.

Also, 21 November is the region 4 release of AWE. And apparently there’s going to be deleted scenes *crosses finger and hope this includes the longer ending to DMC.* No word on the commentaries. I know it’s a long shot (particularly given Norrington’s amount of screen time), but it would be awesome if they got Jack Davenport and Keira Knightly to do a commentary like they did on CotBP, that was one of the best commentary tracks I’ve listened too.
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Computer’s fixed and I’m back.

With Prime TV finally getting their arse into gear and Season three of Doctor Who starting tomorrow (yay!) there have been pictures of the Doctor and Donna over TV coverage everywhere. My fangirl heart is pleased.

Also, I’m loving the stuff coming from the BBC regarding season 4 - "Of course, she'll still be brave and heroic sometimes, and she'll save the Doctor's life, but equally... for example, there's one episode where they land on an alien planet, and the first thing she does is go back in the TARDIS to find the right coat!"

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Ten-Donna team is going to be brilliant! I want season four now!

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that if you go through this journal and replace "Doctor Who", "Pirate of the Caribbean" and "Harry Potter" with “All Blacks” "World Cup 2007" and "Rugby" than by New Zealand standards my obsession's would be embraced by the masses. I do hate the fandom double standard between sport and books/TV/movies and it is really bugging me at the moment with wall to freaking wall coverage of rugby in the lead up to World Cup. I’m so incredibly sick of it. There’s something rugby related in every ad break. The New Zealand Herald is counting down the seconds until the World Cup starts on it’s homepage. Make it go away!

I have to warn you this is probably going to be the first of many posts in which I rant about rugby. I feel I have a lot of rage about the topic at the moment, even though I usually enjoy it.

And, in Harry Potter stuff, [ profile] hades3 pointed out to me something I wrote back in January 2006 and had completely forgotten about: "The way the war will turn will be represented by the decision of Narcissa Malfoy." (Actually the whole later part of that entry was pretty much onto it).

Ha ha! Something I predicted was right. This is big for me considering pretty much everything else I ever predicted for book seven turned out to be wrong. *Does happy I was right dance*

Never Again

Sep. 3rd, 2006 04:48 pm
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I am never signing up for something that I don’t know the prompt I’m going to have to write ever again. I’ve got this Norrington fic assignment thing due on 1st October and I cannot get an idea from the prompts I’ve got, and I’ve been thinking about this on and off for a month. The [ profile] femgenficathon was pretty awful in this respect as well.

I just need one line. I'm not sure if this is the way it works for everyone, or if it's just me, but I find writing to be somewhat like bacterial reproduction. All I need is one sentence and it grows from there at an exponential rate in the petri-dish of my head*. Seriously, for half the fic's I've written I can point to the line that started it all. But that one line is not coming. Stupid brain.

Warning – Sport: Thankfully the All Blacks lost to South Africa last night (even though we won the tri-nations like, two weeks ago) The world cup is next year and if we keep on winning things then the populace will get into it’s head that 2007 is finally New Zealand’s year and then everyone will tempt fate and the All Blacks (who cannot handle pressure) will freak out and we will lose in the Semi-finals again. And then someone like Australia or England will win, and that will be just awful.

*I love inappropriate analogies. I just can't help myself.
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With JKR’s revelation about character death I was making a mental list of characters that cannot die or I will cry. So far JKRs only killed of characters I’ve been indifferent about, Sirius and Dumbledore never really appealed to me and though I cried in the movie, I never felt I got attached enough to Cedric to feel bad for him when reading GoF.

Of course that had all changed now I’ve started writing fic. I’ve written from the perspective of Tonks, Remus, Peter, Molly, Kingsley, Snape, Narcissa and Neville, and I will be devastated if one of them were to bite it. Even Peter and Narcissa, who I don’t particularly like but still emphasise with. Though, to be honest, I wouldn’t care much if Snape died. However I want him to survive to antagonise Harry.

Though coming back to what I was on about. I think one out of Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny and Neville is going to be killed, somebody close to Harry and about his age and he cares about. Thinking about this, I came to the realisation that I no longer like Hermione. This is rather sad since I used to like her a lot. But I think a combination of movie PinkPowerRanger!Hermoine, bad Hermione/Snape fics where she treats Harry and Ron like crap and the huge amounts of wank surrounding Hermione pairings has really left a bad taste in my mouth for the character.

I was tagged by [ profile] le_parapluie: Music Meme )

Other people, lets see: I'll tag [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] laverinth, [ profile] fishity, [ profile] author_by_night and [ profile] ragdoll.

ETA: Ghana got knocked out of the world cup by Brazil. And with Michael Owen out with injuries the rest of the tournament, I no longer care about the World Cup.


Jun. 25th, 2006 02:43 pm
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Just been watching Superman II. Damn I heart Clark Kent. But dude gives up his superpowers without consulting either Lois or CNN on the first date, essentially screwing over the world because he wuvs her and they are going to be together forever. If I were Lois I would so kick his arse into next week for that.

It's an okay movie. Starts off really good and gets progessively worse unfortunately. I cannot wait for Thursday and Superman Returns.

So in my World Cup supporting that nobody really cares about: Ghana made it to the next round! First time at the World Cup and they made it through. Supporting the underdog is really working for me. Though to progress they have to face Brazil. Sigh
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So yesterday I wrote a piece from the [ profile] rt_challenge, The Ropes, which features a green-haired and stroppy teenage Tonks. Today [ profile] laverinth drew an incredible picture of her! It looks so much better then she did in my head, I’m in awe.

Also, it turns out my strategy of supporting a random team for the World Cup is paying off. Ghana bet the Czech Republic. They could possibily make it to the next round. Woo!
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You learn something every week from the 6 o’clock news, and this week I have learnt how to make a few thousand dollars very easily.

You will need:-
1 Woman’s handbag
1 Mobile phone
2 Drunken rugby players (if one of them happens to be a much loved former captain of the All Blacks then bonus dollars)

Step One – Take handbag with mobile phone in it to pub where rugby players are getting pissed after a match (bonus dollars if said match was the Super 14 final they just lost).

Step Two – Stand around close by and wait for first rugby player (player A) to get abusive patrons.

Step Three – Don’t put up a fight when former All Black captain (player B) snatches your handbag and whacks player A over the head with it, causing player A to burst out into tears and breaking cell phone.

Step Four – Retrieve bag and wait a couple of days for media storm to emerge.

Step Five – Sell bag and broken phone of Show up on Campbell live (news programme) and bring media attention to auction.

And just like that you have enough money to buy some very nice things. Think this sound rather absurd? Well, this morning that handbag was going for NZ$21,500.

Go Ghana!

May. 16th, 2006 03:43 pm
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First of all check out the awesome fan art piece [ profile] laverinth drew for me. If anyone on my f-list is unfamiliar with her work, you should be.

I was cleaning out my email a couple of days ago and found out that back in March 03 I created myself an account at the Pit of Voles that I have never used. I completely forgot about it. I can’t even remember what possessed me to get one. I was probably dabbling in West Wing fiction at the time. Anyway, I uploaded Unravelling for shits and giggles and to see the differences between it, Fiction Alley and my LJ.

And finally, I’m not really much of a sports person but I can’t let a Football World Cup go by with me not having a team to support (not like I’ll actually watch any football, I just like being able to support someone). NZ and Wales, the countries I usually support, happen to suck at football. I think I’m going to go with Ghana this year along with anyone playing Australia (all though that goes without saying). Woooh, go Ghana! (Though I reserve the right to switch my allegiance to England at any time).


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