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1. Passing the Torch by [ profile] calapine is the funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time. Donna takes over from the Doctor as the Last of the Time Lords. Go. Read. Now.

2. I bought the new Shihad Album, Beautiful Machine. Shihad are one of only two bands I’ll buy an album off without having to like at least two singles off it first (the other being Muse). Oh, it is so good that they’re back to being happy-ish again, after the (justifiably considering what they had been through) very angry Love is the New Hate.

3. On that note, I have decided One Will Hear the Other is the ultimate New Series Doctor/Companion shipping song. (One will hear the other/One will heal the other/One will free the other/It’s all the same same same)

4. I watched The Three Doctors and have one complaint, there wasn’t nearly enough of Two and Three bickering with each other. There was a lot of those two bickering, but I think they should have just dropped all the plot and had four episodes of Two and Three bickering in the TARDIS with occasional interruptions from the Brigadier and Benton both in maximum snark mode.

5. My Brigadier love grows stronger with every serial I see him in: “Three of them. I didn’t know when I was well off.” (Come on RTD, you know you want to bring him back).

6. I will be very disappointed if the Ten/Donna/Martha team do not have as much fic written about them as Nine/Rose/Jack

7. Because I don’t like making major posts elsewhere and not linking to them in my personal LJ, my Donna posts at [ profile] loves_them_all are here (the meta) and here (the picspam).
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For all those on my flist who are waiting on season four of Doctor Who to begin, Leap in the Dark by [ profile] nonelvis is a must. It’s a longish plotty Ten and Donna fic involving a wild party, time shifts and a giant lizard, and great characterisations of the Doctor and particularly Donna. It's just like a mini-episode of the show.
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I'm involved fandoms for the characters. It always starts with me wanting more of x character and my fandom obsession of late has been with two characters, Donna Noble from Doctor Who and Noah Bennet from Heroes. It's kind of odd since they’re both very different. Anyway, I bring fic recs, graphic novel recs and fanvid recs connected to both characters. But I also decided to write a bit about just why I adore them in an attempt to capture the reason for my obsessions of late.

Doctor Who – Donna Noble Recs )

Heroes - Bennet recs )
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You know how I love a good plot and I love a good plot twist. And I love action/adventure and Tonks getting to be an Auror and Umbridge getting her just deserts and Minerva being Minerva and Ron in general. Well, I've got so much love for my [ profile] springtime_gen gift fic Contrefaire because it's got all of those things.


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