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I'm sure I'm not the only one out there a little miffed that the show had ended and the are no more chances and neither BSG, Mary McDonnell nor Bear McCreary ever once got a nomination for an Emmy (for Best Drama Series, Best Actress and Best Composition respectively). There's a whole bunch of other awards BSG's missed out on nominations for over the years, but those are the three most glaring. Saying that, I wonder what the Emmys and it's anti-sci-fi stance will make of Caprica. I've watched the pilot and if I had to make it into an equation, it would be (Mad Men + The Sopranos + Rome + Gossip Girl) x (Blade Runner + Frankenstein). So it's almost half Emmy bait, half Emmy poison.

On the other hand, yay about Flight of the Conchords getting a bit of love!

Torchwood has left me wanting to write a brief thing about darkness in story telling and 'dark' premises for stories and why I like them. So here I go. I don't like the term 'dark' namely because it the way it's banded about in fandom it implies that something with a 'dark' ending is not realistic, in that it's purposely hyper-depressive. I think that's because dark fic is a genre of fanfic in which the writer often does make it deliberately and ofter unrealistically depressing for misery's sake. Whereas – and maybe this is a result of my outlook on humanity – I tend to find entertainment labeled 'dark' to be just more realistic than usual entertainment. People hurt others, people die and bad things sometimes happen to good people, and good things sometimes happen to bad people. That for me is what the world is like, and when that happens in something I'm watching or reading, I just see it as a reflection of life.

I fully understand why people don't want realistic in their entertainment and particularly the entertainment that doubles as their fandom, since often it acts as an escape. But I often find dark programmes more uplifting, because at the same time, while I don't like the term, the term 'dark' does conjures up an image which explains why I do like 'dark' things (i.e., it's metaphor time!). If you light a candle in a room with the lights on, the light given by the flame is lost and unnoticed. If you light a candle in a room in a dark room, you notice the light given off by the flame. I like 'dark' things because it places the good things - heroic actions, love, happiness, quiet moments, etc - in greater relief making them feel more important, more uplifting and be more appreciated.
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Rumour has it that Ashes to Ashes is going to start in early February. I have my doubts about it with the changed location and missing Sam and Annie. On the other hand, it’s got the Gov, so I’m really looking forward to it.

I was flicking through TV a few nights ago when I had a “Hey! It’s Toby” moment. Richard Schiff was in something or rather. Unfortunately, after about five seconds and one line, his character was shot dead, which I suppose beats being torn in two by a pair of T-Rexs.

I do miss The West Wing. I remember falling in love with it when I was young an idealistic. I do have a strange relationship with it though, since I was forced to give it up a few episodes into the six seasons and only watched the final after that, and the fifth season is a haze, so really only the first four exist for me.

Anyway, this sudden appearance of Toby on my TV brought back a wave of nostalgia. And then I watched Hairspray the other night, which is good but doesn’t have nearly enough Allison Janney in it, and that brought back my West Wing OTP: CJ/Toby. It was the greatest ship, there was little to nothing textual other than the fact they knew each other before the campaign and it was pretty much entirely based on the chemistry of the actors. Yet it seemed to be the fandom consensus that they were at it like bunnies. Actually, shipping the West Wing was glorious. It took six and a half seasons for Josh and Donna to get together. CJ and Toby never did, she ended up with Danny.

Thinking about it, I like having my ships only on the verge of being canon. Or a sideline couple that rarely gets attention. It makes you work for them. It’s like a scavenger hunt through canon for those little moments and you get wonderful shipper joy out of an exchange or a glance and revel in just having the two characters in a scene together enjoying each other’s company. And really, the lines left unsaid and the stories untold can be so much more interesting because if you’re like me, you come up with them yourself, and then they are subject to endless revision and told with so much more detail than the show would ever give you. The ship becomes yours because you’ve put so much effort into it.

I think this explains away most if not all of my favourite ships. CJ and Toby had this backstory that was never really touched upon and a chemistry between the actors that was undeniable. We were only given the briefest snapshots of Remus and Tonks’ relationship, leaving so many endless possibilities of how they got there. Elizabeth and Norrington is so much about his inability to express his devotion and her failure to see it. Sarah and the Fourth Doctor’s relationship is entirely about those moments they can’t look at each other and the things they don’t say to the other, and the subtlety of those that they do. Sandra and Noah have at most five scenes devoted to them in 35 episodes and under the perfect exterior such a complex mess of a marriage that’s only ever touched upon.

So you can have your confessions of love and your romantic kisses and the endless will they-won’t theys and the occasional spectacular break-ups along the way, and that’s fine But really, just give me two actors with chemistry or two interesting characters in a relationship with some mystery and I’m better than good, I’m enjoying myself.
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Anyone else feeling a deep sense of fandom dread? My three major fandoms are all having major injections of canon in the next few months, for two of them it will be the last hurrah and characters I adore have their heads potentially on the chopping block and the other is introducing a major character who may stick around for a long time and has the potential to incredibly annoying (she also has the potential to make me cheer from my couch, but being the cynic I am I think the other's more likely).

I don’t want to be one of those "change is coming therefore I must bitch" people and I don't want to be one of those "I hate it before I see it" people. I want to be optimistic and welcoming of change but I feel that I'm becoming one of them. Thing is, with three fandoms, chances are that in at least one of them something craptastically awful will occur. Whereas if it was only one fandom that was getting new canon, then I could be optimistic.

So basically the more I get what I want (new canon), the worse I feel about it. That's not right.
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I’ve been watching Doctor Who episodes again, the amount of them out there I could be at this all year. One thing I’ve noticed is that Pyramids of Mars gets better on repeat viewings and I really noticed how The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit has essentially the same plot owes a lot to it.

Okay, now onto episodes I hadn’t seen before.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang )

Horror of Fang Rock )

The Grand Companion/Doctor Theory )
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[ profile] author_by_night has taken on Hagrid-hate, and I thought - what a good idea. I think I shall defend another apparently much hated Harry Potter character: Dolores Umbridge

I’m not going to sit here and type that she is misunderstood or that I agree with her politics because I don’t. I think she is hateful, dangerous and sadistic and that she is the greatest villain in the books, which is exactly why she’s in my top five favourite characters.

Which character manages to take over Hogwarts without firing a curse? Which character once and for all confirms my suspicion that old women who wear pink and like kitties really are evil? Which character teaches readers that it is not just evil monsters that they have to defend themselves against but it is those people who look normal and slowly take away their rights one by one? Which character shows us why we should question our governments? Which character shows us why loyalty can be just as dangerous a trait as ambition? And which evil character is not aligned with Voldemort and thus will still be around to antagonise our heroes after the war and so makes for a brilliant post-War foil?

If you answered Dolores Umbridge, you would be right. Now think, with all that going for her, wouldn’t the series be worse off without her?

So Harry Potter fandom, next time you see the question who is your least favourite Harry Potter character think twice before putting down Dolores Jane Umbridge.
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After having my arse kicked this morning by a lecturer I have decided that it would be beneficial to me to write something that is not telling some sort of story. And so, I am giving you all the opportunity to, right here:-

Request some meta

It could be anything on anything, a rant or me arguing both sides. I can’t guarantee I’ll write what you ask, especially if I don’t know anything about it or have not thoughts on the matter, but if I do and I like it, I’ll get onto it next week.
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Well Familiar Debate has blown my theory on what gets read and reviewed and what does not out of the water. It’s got no plot. It’s gen. It’s Percy, Bill and politics and challenges the view that the Ministry is teh evil. It should have not gotten more than five reviews tops even though I pimped the hell out of it (it currently sitting on 12, which is more than Hostile Takeover has on LJ, hence my shock). I should give up theorising on fanfiction because I’m obviously way off.

Though I still maintain you can use international relations theory to explain fandom.

ETA: I’ve been watching a lot of Hornblower lately (it’s about the British Navy, is anyone surprised that I like it). I hadn’t seen the earlier episodes (films? They’re nearly two hours long) in a long while. Damn I love it. Does make me wonder if the people who read Harry Potter and say the slash is so blatant have ever seen Hornblower. Now there the slash is practically canon, it's great. Anyway, all those people into Norrington at the moment, I reckon you should give it a watch if you haven't already. There's much more detail of Navy life than Master and Commander
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One thing that really saddens me is that in my little corner of fandom (fandom is so large I don’t even want to pretend I know what’s going on in some areas) there seems to be a lack of action/adventure fic. Now I know I’m a bit of an oddball, I am after all the girl who managed to get a discussion of Lancaster Bombers into a fic. But surely I can’t be the only person who would list action/adventure as her favourite genre? Heck, I’ll be happy with more suspense, mystery or classic horror (as in not so much darkfic, but movie type horror).

Read more... )
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Well, the weather is atrocious: rain, strong wind and hail. I want to be in Europe’s heat wave. And to top it off I have a horrid cold. So no, I really don’t have anything better to do with my Friday night then pimp out my own stuff.

In case anyone on my f-list didn’t follow the [ profile] rt_challenge but want to have a look at what I wrote, here’s a quick list.

The Ropes -Drama/Humour - G - Remus is less than happy to find a green-haired, ripped-jeans wearing teenager with a one-syllable nonsense word for a name is his new co-worker.

Paper Aeroplanes - Humor - PG - Sometimes all it requires is a siege from enemy aircraft to get a person to admit their feelings.

The Illusion of Whole - Angst - R - An act in war casts a heavy shadow on Remus and Tonks

Prisoners of War - Angst - PG - Some picnics happen. Others do not.

And I also wrote a 3000 word gigantic piece of Norrington meta, here. I figured that since characterisation is one of my strengths a write, it just may transfer over to an ability to write good character meta.

Now I think I’m going to hide in my bed with my notebook and my duvet and watch Just Like Heaven. I’m in the mood for a mindless and inoffensive romcom.
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I’ve been doing a bit of work on Growing lately and just had some thoughts and characters and characterization.

One of the more interesting things in writing Growing, my WIP, is that Andromeda and Ted Tonks are major characters. In fact, behind Neville they get the most screen time. This meant I got to use the scraps of information about them from canon and the philosophy that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and build the characters from there, which was a fun experience since I like creating characters and it’s nice having loose guidelines to work with when doing so.

Unfortunately, between the time I started writing the story (in December) and the time I started posting it, the wonderful JKR managed to stir up a load of controversy surrounding Ted by labelling him a Muggle on the Black family tree, whereas Tonks refers to him as a Muggle-born in OotP. I think the majority of fandom counts him as a Muggle-born and I think he’s far more interesting as one. Lets face it, Ted the struggling Charms inventor is much more fascinating then Ted the plumber. And it make the Andromeda-Ted romance much more plausible since I cannot imagine Andromeda Black ever getting to spend much time around Muggles. However, some are adamant that he’s a Muggle (as someone at FA kindly reminded me in capslock button on today).

However, that’s not been giving me nearly enough grief as Miss Tonks. Originally I though writing Tonks would be easy since I’ve probably writing from Tonks’ perspective more than any other character. Tonks shows up in random intervals and in different scenario’s around different people, and it is so difficult keeping her consistent as a character but acknowledging that Tonks would act differently in private with her parents to when she is at work and different again when she is around the Order. And of course I can have out of character Tonks criticisms lobbed at me from every which way because it’s Tonks and behind Ginny is arguably the most hated female character in the fandom and with the amount of crap that got lobbed at Tonks after HBP I always get the feeling writing Tonks is like walking through a minefield.

Tonks writers, if you ever want a characterization challenge, try writing a during the war post-HBP Tonks as a major character from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know her very well at all.

And now for something compeletly random: 'stormy petrel' is the word of the day (or rather words of the day), which means one who brings strife. Never come across this saying before I think it's very cool. Now I need an excuse to use it. ETA, found one.

And for another completely random thing: is it just me, or is "too much love will kill you" the saddest song ever? Cause too much love kinda did kill Freddie Mercury. Though I'm pretty sure Brian May wrote the song and not Freddie Mercury, but it's still so sad.
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So, if anyone likes my fanfic, you should be reading Growing. I’ve been working on it forever since I didn’t want to start posting it before I had the whole thing written out as a draft so I could avoid plot inconsistencies. It’s a Neville centric story with secondary leads of Andromeda, Ted and Tonks and it’s pretty much going to be the only thing I will be focusing on for the next few months and while you may complain it’s boring now, I promise of action (of the violence kind, this is Gen) before the fifth chapter. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging myself.

Also, my first fandom, The West Wing, will be airing its last episode in the states in the next day and I decided I needed some closure. As a result we have:-

An Ode to the West Wing )

Yep, when I was fifteen I was obsessed with a show about politics. Now at twenty I’m obsessed with books written about kids. I think I’m growing down.


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