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So Jim Broadbent’s playing Slughorn (how many Oscars is that between the adult cast now? I can think of at least five). Which illustrates why I adore Harry Potter casting, they always get it right with the adults. It’s always a shame though that the adult characters get so little to do in the movies. It’s always the adult roles that get the most cut. For obvious and good reasons of course, but still, I generally find the older generation characters more interesting than Harry’s generation.

Meanwhile I discovered the casting link between Pirates of the Caribbean and New Who. I have this theory that you cannot watch anything which has a sizable amount of British actors in these days and not find at least one who has shown up in the new Doctor Who or one of the related spin-offs, and PotC was defying this theory. Until I found out that Young Elizabeth Swann from Curse was in School Reunion (as the “Kenny blew up the school!” girl) Ha ha!

Seriously though, they crop up when you least suspect. I’ve been going on a hunt for Richard Armitage features and so was watching the Shakespeare Retold MacBeth with James McAvoy and Keeley Hawes (incredibly good BTW, it’s set in a kitchen with the three witches being bin men), and there was Maria’s hot Dad from The Sarah Jane Adventures playing Banquo. And then I was watching North and South and it has Suki from The Long Game and the lead actress was one of the bad guys in an episode of Torchwood.

Though more importantly than casting games, why had I not discovered North and South earlier? I’d never heard of it before which is terrible considering it’s up there in the guilty pleasure costume drama stakes with the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. In fact, it might be even better because it’s got commentary on the social, political and economic conditions of the time, particularly with the battle between the Masters and the Unionists. And I know my family was working in the cotton industry in Manchester at the time, so bonus points for being personally relevant (guess who spent her childhood going through old cotton mill museums). And on a much shallower note: Richard Armitage dressed in black and strolling through the white cotton dust filled cotton mill FTW.

Anyway, Elizabeth Gaskell has rocketed to pole position on my big list of authors I must read when I have the time.
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OotP is my favourite of the books. I adore the two resistance group and the politics and the message about protecting oneself and the thing you love from creeping encroachment of evil and not just the cackling villain kind of evil. Also, I love secondary characters, and I love the moments may secondary characters get in OotP, like Molly and her boggart and every McGonagall vs Umbridge moment.

Anyway, that’s from where my opinion comes from and having said that - I really liked the movie.

I just wrote down things as I they came to me and somehow my thoughts seem to have progressed from stupid grips to legitimate grips and then onto things I liked to things I really loved. I guess that’s how my mind works.

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I may have lost my marbles just a little bit, but there just happens to be a rumour floating around the net that Jack Davenport, along with Naomi Watts and Stephen Rea (yay, I adore Stephen Rea, he would make such an awesome Scrimgeour) are in negotiations for HBP. And since as you all probably know, I'm a bit of a fan of Jack Davenport, I like this rumour a lot. But it does beg the question who could be possibly play? There's Slughorn (too young, too thin, too much hair), Bill Weasley (not enough ginger & too old), Rufus Scrimgeour (too young), Fenrir Greyback (too young) Marvolo Gaunt (too young, again), Morfin Gaunt (far too hot) and finally Tom Riddle Snr, which actually would work, but it would be all of five seconds of screen time.

But, just but, there is the shadow of a possible another character.

I'm just saying… )

Okay, it maybe a bit long shot and maybe it's just the very similar hair and we don't even know if RAB would turn up in the final book, never mind the sixth movie, but it could work. And with DH to be released before the HBP movie, it could be possible to have storylines spilling from one to the other.
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Isn't anyone else just a little disappointed that we only get one shot of the Order itself in the OotP trailer. On the other hand Tonks! Mad-Eye! Kingsley! Random people! )

Though where on earth is Remus? Don't tell me Harry just decides to go along with the Order without Remus there. He's only been duped by a fake Mad-Eye Moody once before, which only lead to the death of one person. I suppose not quite as bad as choosing an escape convict over Snape before he gets an explanation like in PoA, but movie!Harry's a bit of an idiot (though he gives a good speech, I'll give him that).

Meanwhile my flatmate watched Daleks in Manhattan and she though the random decomposing thing was a Rutan too (well in her words "the enemy of the things" which I've translated to mean Rutans) and she's not half the fangirl I am (and I don't even think she's seen Horror of Fang Rock, just the documentary on Sontarans from the Sontaran Experiment DVD). Maybe the BBC is recycling old props.

Another thing, I cannot express how much I'm loving Heroes right now. Not only is there such a great villain in Sylar (I demand a Sylar vs. Voldemort cage match!), but one of the most complex and interesting relationships in the show is between a father and his daughter. It's tomato soup for the gen loving soul (Tomato soup is infinitely times better then Chicken soup.)

And finally, I was watching Singing in the Rain today and am totally in love with Gene Kelly. He's so dreamy.
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Here's my rather superficial look at the OotP spoilers over at LeakyIn case you didn’t want to be spoiled (Sirius Is Gunna Die!) )

I can’t wait for July
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Have we had any confirmation that Thestrals are going to make an appearance in OotP? I just had a thought that the broomsticks over London scene may not be the advance guard.

I’m really hoping we’re not going to have another way to long sequence of something incredibly pretty, such as broomstick riding in London, but completely inessential to the plot. My biggest beef with the PoA movie is that we had all that long knightbus sequence and not ten seconds of Sirius saying “and by the way Harry, your Patronus is a stag because us and Peter were animagus. Oh, yeah and Snape hates our guts cause I set Remus on him one night. Dude really needs to get a sense of humour.” (See also: Buckbeak flying scene, Dragon attack scene)

ETA: Well, the HBO special answered that question for me.
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Umbridge reminds me of my dead Grandma. This for me is really disturbing.

I picked up a copy of The Whitcoulls List today while buying stationary, which is the top 100 best books as voted by people of New Zealand and The Da Vinci Code was number one. Come on people! IMHO, the only way you could possibly think The Da Vinci Code is the best book ever is if you have never actually read another book in your life. Screw International Puppyshipper Day or Gratuitous Sam Neill PicSpam day (I hope you haven’t forgotten [ profile] gunderpants, I've been looking forward to it); what we really need an International Attack Dan Brown day.

However, if this is what the majority of the country thinks that is a good book, it could explain why National is leading in the polls.

This may be quite possibly the stupidest thing I ever say, but I really hate writing introductions for academic essays. My lecturers demand that I put my conclusion in them. But it’s so counterintuitive. If I give away the ending in the first paragraph, then why would anyone bother to read the rest of it? (You know, other than the fact that they are getting paid to mark it).
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I baked biscuits and I ate one. Twenty-four hours later, I’m still alive. Yayness!

So I watched GoF for the second time ever (in my defence I do in fact know I suck). I know I’ve said on the record that David Tennant was the thing I hated most about that movie. But after watching nearly all of the latest season of Dr. Who, he’s kind of grown on me (I sill love Nine far more).

But no. David Tennant is the worst thing about that movie and I’ve figured out exactly why. I can put up with the Bellatrix characterisation, since it would be weird to introduce Bellatrix and have her do nothing and though I really hated that they gave the fact that Barty Crouch was the guy behind it all in the first five minutes (I’ve read a few detective novels in my time and watch a lot of cop shows and crime movies and that twist is still OMG the most awesome unexpected twist ever), but since I’ve banned everyone I know has not read the books from seeing the movie I can live with it. And neither of those things are David Tennant fault anyway, it’s the writing.

No, it’s something far worse than those two quibbles. It’s the tongue-lip-flick thing that he kept on doing. For me it’s the visual equivalent of fingernails down a blackboard. And WTF is with that? It’s not in canon. Is he supposed to want to be a snake? WTF?!

So yes, David Tennant is still the worst thing about that movie. Overall though, I still really like the movie.

Meanwhile my computer finally turned on me and ate half of a fic I’ve been working on. I wrote 500 words last night and this morning it was just gone. I have no idea how either because I always save before closing a document. I must have not. Still, this is my Norrington fic of doom that took me forever to get an idea for. Samuel Taylor Coleridge eventually came to my rescue – that book of 18th century verse I bought last year is the best $2.50 I ever spent.
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I want to be Emma Thompson when I grow up. She just rocks so much.

When I was as busy, I had three rabid plot bunnies gnawing at my brain. Now I’m not, suddenly they don’t want to be written. My good mood is apparently bad for creativity.

With all the photos coming out of Tonks on the OotP sent does anyone else think that Tonks is going to be given an expanded role in OotP? Look what happened with Hermione; they found a female lead and decided that Hermione wasn’t just good enough as the bookworm, she had to be smarter, prettier, she had to have special physical butt-kicking abilities and got all of Ron’s good lines. Probably all in the name making her a better female role model, which is shit for women since if our female characters are flawless, then it makes human females feel like crap because we have flaws and can never live up to that level of perfection. They completely missed the point the canon-Hermione is awesome just the way she is.

But getting back to my point, the filmmakers now have a female character that fights crime and saves the world and all that for a living, which makes me wonder if they will expand the role somewhat. Whether or not this will be a good thing, I don’t know. Same could go for Ginny.


Aug. 15th, 2006 08:51 am
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Mugglenet has managed to get a picture of NT as Tonks

Well I think she looks great. Very much how I picture her.
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According to mugglenet, Emma Thompson is going to be in OotP! Woo freaking hoo people! Trelawney’s firing is my favourite bits in the whole book series. Plus I so want to see the prophecy being delivered via flashback.
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Imelda Staunton is Umbridge. Yeah! I’ve always though she would be prefect for her. Poor Imelda Staunton though, I don’t think anyone would like to be though of as perfect to play a short pink megalomaniac toad.

Tonks isn’t a complete unknown. Yeah! I’ve seen Natalia Tena in ‘About a Boy’ so have some idea of what she will be like. I’ve been worried Tonks will be announced and Tonks fans will have to wait until the movie is released until we see her because the actress is a complete newcomer. I don’t have much of an opinion on the casting of Bella and Luna. I think I’ll wait to see them on screen to decide how perfect/awful they are.

In something completely unrelated Split Enz are getting back together for a series of concerts. This would be brilliant, wonderful, scream from the rooftop news, but they are only confirmed for Australia. So close but so far away.


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