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My name is Meddow and it has been two days since I last read any Heroes spoilers. I’m trying to kick the habit. I may be too late to avoid being spoiled to hell, but I have given it up.

Meanwhile, I discovered Adrian Pasdar’s Youtube channel, which is mostly videos of the Heroes cast goofing around mixed with Pasdar’s warped sense of humour. It’s made of win.

And, as it turns out, my Father is getting for Xmas from my Mother a foot tall radio-controlled Dalek Sec toy. It’s really quite neat, the voice sounds just like the Daleks on TV. This probably means that Xmas at my house is going to contain the epic showdown of Dalek vs. Cat. On the one hand, the cat could easily take out a Dalek that size since the cat his huge. But on the other hand, the cat is very nervy so is more likely to run away than fight back. It’s a tough call. Plus, I am jealous. I have no idea what I would do with a remote controlled Dalek, but I still want one.

And finally, I think I have my writing mojo back. Though I really shouldn’t say that in case I jinx it.
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For years I’ve been saying to anyone that would listen that they need to make toothpaste in some flavour that’s not mint. It seems insane that I can get a toothbrush with more gizmos than a Porsche, but there’s only one flavour toothpaste out there. I’ve been amusing myself for the past couple of years by buying the children’s stuff that comes with sparkles in it. Anyway, I though the other day that finally someone had listened to be because there was lemon-mint flavoured stuff in my supermarket. Which would be brilliant if not for the fact it tastes DISGUSTING. It's like cleaning your mouth with lemon dishwashing liquid. I know toothpaste is essentially a cleaning product, but it certainly shouldn’t taste like one. So back to the sparkly kind I think. But really, is chocolate flavoured toothpaste really so hard to invent?

In non-toothpaste related news, I did that shipper meme that’s been floating around Doctor Who fandom.

In which Meddow outs herself as a batshit Sarah/Four shipper )
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BBC reveals Doctor Who 'gap year'

Obviously this means the three specials are going to be…

The Islands of Terror – The Doctor, Martha and Donna travels to a strange land precariously straddling two continental plates and threatening at any moment to be overwhelmed by seismic activity, though the locals are more concerned with asking the Doctor to repeat words because they like his accent and are obsessed with a violent sport involving a misshapen football. Will the Tardis team survive New Zealand?

The Couch of Doom - The Doctor moves in to Martha’s apartment and decides to ‘find himself’ which involves sitting in the lounge and watching a lot of daytime TV and eating all her food. After a week, deciding she’s had enough of this kind of behaviour from when they were trapped in the 1960s, she dumps him on unamused Donna. Will the Tardis team survive? Can Donna and Martha get his lazy arse out of the door and into employment?

The Curse of Airline Travel – Donna picks up an odd necklace in an airport gift store and on a routine backpacking trip around the globe. Soon the three of them are plagued by luggage misplacements, delayed flights, cramped conditions and terrible airline food. Is Donna’s necklace to blame? Or is it something far more sinister?
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I was in a plane last night, staring out of the window, and the moon was red. I kid you not, it was red. I've never seen it like that before.

But the huge pain the arse is that I've searched wikipiedia and for the life of me I cannot find out why. Well, the moon goes red after an eclipse, but I don't think there was an eclipse yesterday.

It's really bothering me that I don't know why.

Internet, you have failed me.
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Peter Sellers is a genius.
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Captain Oates fathered a child with a 12 year old girl.

And people wonder why I’m so cynical.
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I’ve got to get this out of my system. Ever since I came up with It’s About the Company I’ve been thinking about Zombie!Scott of the Antarctic. Seriously, how awesome would it be:-

"Oi. Seen Oates anywhere?"
"Said he was just going outside and that he may be some time."
"Never mind, here he is now."

You’ve got an epic true story of doomed British explorers, the greatest last words ever and zombies. All you need to do is add a tap-dancing penguin and you have a movie the whole family can enjoy.

I write one little piece of zombie!crack and it completely takes over my brain. Not cool.

Okay, back to work now.
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1. Happy New Year!

2. This has been eating at me for the past few days - I’m against the death penalty. I think that entity such as a state, especially a democracy, should sink to the level of those that it prosecutes. It is very hard saying this in respect of a man like Saddam Hussein who was a monster and if anyone deserves to be hung, it’s him; but the events of a few days ago do not sit right with me. Also, I would have liked to see Saddam Hussein be tried for every single crime he committed and justice be served for the lot of it.

3. I never realised Hornblower was in Titanic. Ioan Gruffudd was pulling bodies out of the water in the end.

4. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with people not involved in the fandom can be very irritating.

“So Steve is in the second one as well.”
“And he turns into the bad guy.”

In fandom I could say:
“Well if you read the long piece of meta I wrote on the subject you will realise he is in fact just acting out of his own self-interest like every other character in the movies and does not have the same access to information as the viewers such as whether the Kraken and Davy Jones really exist and that the Navy is no longer a force of good and so is probably incapable of predicting the devastating outcomes of his actions. And Elizabeth Swann did far worse. So I think the phrase ‘bad guy’ does not quite apply.”

Instead I have to settle for: “Yep.”

5. The [ profile] rt_challenge challenge starts today! I haven’t written any Remus/Tonks since, oh, the last challenge so I think it may be the only thing that motivates me to write the pairing these days. Thank you challenge mods, you do a brilliant job.
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I seriously had no idea that Plus accounts could post polls. So of course I had to have a go and as you all some questions that have been plaguing me lately. Two of the four are actual serious questions that I would love answering. Good luck picking them out though.

Give Me Validation By Clicking Boxes )
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Want to know something that has been amusing me all day – the year 2008 is going to be the international year of the:


Seriously, there is a UN resolution to that effect. Now I know that potatoes are a wonderful food since they act as a stable in the diet of millions (possibly billions) of people over the world. But still – international year of the potato.

Meanwhile my local video store which is probably the crappiest video store in the whole world (but the only one in walking distance from my flat so it gets my business regardless) has just redeemed itself slightly by having the 3-disk special edition of The Frighteners in store.

The Frighteners is one of my all time favourite movies. It’s Michael J. Fox as a clairvoyant con-man vs. the Grim Reaper, which doesn’t sound like all that much, but you have to keep in mind that this is a movie by the same director who introduced the world to lawnmowers as a legitimate zombie slaying device (I also love Braindead BTW), so it's brilliantly funny. (And they let this guy direct Lord of the Rings. Was everyone in Hollywood stoned that day?)

And it contains possibly one of the greatest movie lines of all time - "I'm an asshole...with an uzi."
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Keeping in mind I have a huge course work load this month since its e---s (if I never type, see, say or hear the word they cannot possibly hurt me now, can they?) and I’ve got four things I’m already working on including the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes (don’t hold your breath, it’s going to be chaptered and the word count is currently sitting at 400) and I’ve finally figured out a way to write Norrington/Tia Dalma, do I really need to take on writing a Harry Potter/Grey’s Anatomy crossover? Is there a need for a fic with Tonks running around Seattle Grace as Meredith Grey? Hmmm

Meanwhile in current events – James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover (Ugh) is the most popular song to be played at funerals (the NZHerald has the greatest headline ever regarding this "Blunt Sends Most People to Graves") Now I would think that playing James Blunt at a persons funeral would be a good way to get oneself haunted by a rather pissed off spirt. But it has me thinking. Is it to morbid to invent a meme about what songs people want at their funerals? I’ve always wanted Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.
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I got my hands on the book I’ve been lusting after at the library for the past few days, The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain 1649-1815 by N. A. M. Rodgers. Should keep my good for the next few weeks. Expect me geeking out a bit over the next few weeks/days. I love to tell people about interesting facts I've learnt about, which apparently makes me completely unbearable to be around at times.

In good news, I’ve got my muse back. Totally been missing the past week and a bit. Oddly enough though, it’s for Norrington/Elizabeth fic. Odd since I like Norrington/Tia Dalma so much more. Come on, if those two actually had a scene together it would be so hot.

Meanwhile, is it just me, or is photobucket on the fritz? I’m having real issues seeing images at the moment.
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I’m procrastinating (Shock! Horror!) and it just happens to be te wiki o te reo maori (maori language week) and I want to be able to say stuff on my LJ like “I’m off to visit the whānau” and have people understand it and since learning how to insult people in another language is always fun, I give you, for your entertainment:-

Fifteen Maori words and phrases either I want to use or find amusing

Hoake tatau )

And in Jack Davenport related randomness (yes, still obsessed), I’ve decided he should totally play Jonathan Strange. I don’t mention it enough, or like ever, but Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is my favourite book and everybody has to read it. They are apparently making a movie, though I have now idea how on earth you would adapt that book for a movie.
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You learn something every week from the 6 o’clock news, and this week I have learnt how to make a few thousand dollars very easily.

You will need:-
1 Woman’s handbag
1 Mobile phone
2 Drunken rugby players (if one of them happens to be a much loved former captain of the All Blacks then bonus dollars)

Step One – Take handbag with mobile phone in it to pub where rugby players are getting pissed after a match (bonus dollars if said match was the Super 14 final they just lost).

Step Two – Stand around close by and wait for first rugby player (player A) to get abusive patrons.

Step Three – Don’t put up a fight when former All Black captain (player B) snatches your handbag and whacks player A over the head with it, causing player A to burst out into tears and breaking cell phone.

Step Four – Retrieve bag and wait a couple of days for media storm to emerge.

Step Five – Sell bag and broken phone of Show up on Campbell live (news programme) and bring media attention to auction.

And just like that you have enough money to buy some very nice things. Think this sound rather absurd? Well, this morning that handbag was going for NZ$21,500.


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