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I've mentioned many times before that The West Wing was my very first fandom, and lately I've been feeling nostalgic for it. This nostalgia was quite possibly because David Tennant and Catherine Tate are the biggest West Wing geeks ever and seem to be constantly and adorkably going on about it whenever interviewed it seems. Wingnuts rule the world! Or at least Doctor Who. And I think the world desperately needs Doctor Who/West Wing crossover fic now, with confusion ensuing around the Donnas.

Anyway, the West Wing is very important to me, since gave me C.J. Cregg, who is my idol, made me comfortable with being a great big nerd, and taught me how to swear in Latin (If you have never see the Cathedral rant, you must click on that link, it is one of the greatest moments in television).

So I have been scouring YouTube looking for good vids, despairing slightly at the rareness of CJ/Toby vids (OTP!), but found two wonderful gen ones:

Little Wonders by AngelColey, which is a season two vid, capturing the joyful moments and the bad days.

The Smartest People in the World by fafers8 which is a collection of the vast amounts of physical comedy in the show (all brains, no commonsense as my Grandma would say), mostly from the first five seasons.

Not a vid, but the most wonderful West Wing related post I've found on LJ is [ profile] cnnjunky's 50 Reasons to Watch the West Wing

Of course, being a West Wing fan is not always easy. I don't think any showrunner has ever managed to show the same level of distain for internet fans that Aaron Sorkin has managed. Though thankfully, he was funny when complaining

Unfortunately, due to a clash of schedules, I never got to watch past the first few episodes of season Six, and only caught the final episodes of Season Seven. And most of Five is a blur, so I'm only familiar with the Sorkin days. I really need to watch the later seasons when I have time.

The West Wing was my show. My formative years were spent with the ideals, characters and wit of this show. And I shall leave this post with five links to absolutely wonderful scenes

The Brothers in Arms scene from Two Cathedrals
Pardoning a Turkey from Shibboleth
Margaret's got the President's signature down from The Shadow of Two Gunmen
The secret plan to fight inflation from Celestial Navigation
What is the virtue of a proportional response? from A Proportional Response
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Is Rose screaming “Doctor” or “Donna”? Videos like this - analysing tiny details in slow motion - are like crack for me.

And somebody wonderful (brivinex) has uploaded the first four of the big questions videos that can be found on the Doctor Who site. If you haven’t seen them, it’s David Tennant and Catherine Tate answering a question about themselves relevant to the episode. They take the whole exercise about as seriously as you would expect them to.

Have you had any favourite duos?
If you were given a chance to change history…
If you were each other’s servant…
If you had a clone…
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It’s amazing how many headlines are about the lack of romance planned for season four. It makes me want to ship Ten/Donna (which I do already just a little bit) just because we’ve been promised by everyone under the sun that it’s never going to happen.

Anyway, a few clips from Partners in Crime are floating around out there because some wonderful people have been putting them up on YouTube and I’ve collected a few of the links for anyone who doesn't want to have to search:

Spoilers )


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