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I haven't made a substantive post in ages. So here is one which I have decided shall contain good news and awesome things:

1.Heroes got cancelled! I view this as a good thing because I believe with no more canon being created it'll make it easier for me to believe that season two onwards never happened and Heroes was a one-season wonder.

2. I can't believe they cast Allison Janney on Lost. Allison freaking Janney. That is both a) awesome and b) a enormous pain in the ass because that means I may have to actually go and watch the entirety Lost even though she's only in one episode (thus is the power of Allison Janney)

3. In random stuff on Youtube that's amusing me this week, somebody made a compilation of nicknames characters call each other on The Thick of It. No nickname is used twice and it clocks in at over nine and half minutes.

4. Armando Iannucci's got funding for a new movie (a lot of funding when compared to the budget of In the Loop), one written by him and Will Smith (not that Will Smith, the other one who plays Phil in TTOI). Yay!

(And I'm going to nag you all once again to watch In the Loop because with it having being released on DVD everywhere now, there is no excuse of not having seen the movie anymore and you all should because it's one of the funniest comedies of all freaking time and it may even change the way you view politics).

5. Oh, my goodness do I love Ashes to Ashes at the moment. I do have a couple of criticisms (which are ongoing), but generally, I am so in love with this season. Nobody I know IRL watches the show (I know a few people who tried the first series but decided it was inferior to Life on Mars and stopped watching) and they tend to give me quizzical looks when I rave on about it. But this season is amazing.

But my particular love of the season comes from my new-found OT3: Ray, Shaz and Chris.

Cut for raving which includes spoilers for 3x07 and speculation )

And now I'm off to watch Star Trek: Generations because I realised the other day that I haven't watched the movie in ages and I fell like watching Kirk die.
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I think it's official that DS9 is one of the fandoms for which I have a creative output now.

Title: Good in my Head
Vidder: [ profile] meddow
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Music: 'Good in my Head' by Anika Moa
Spoilers: All of DS9
Summary: Faith and anger, things that keep Kira on her way.

Download Links: Large: 50Mb Avi (Xvid) Small: 21Mb Avi (Xvid)

Embedded version, vidder's notes and lyrics below the cut )
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So, a bunch of misfits, failures, outcasts and emotionally scarred officers ended up on a rundown space station orbiting a war-torn planet that nobody really cared about. Although it was a less than desirable assignment, that rundown space station through a series of events became the most important piece of real-estate in the galaxy, and the centre point of a massive war against an enemy it took an alliance of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Romulans and the galaxy's most unlikely resistance cell to defeat. And between that group who initially didn't get along all that well, romances and bromances developed and eventually they became one big unconventional family. Together they faced down massive space battles, holosuite antics and multi-episode story arcs that would later be re-used by Battlestar Galactica. And at the end most of them left, some of them stayed, and among their peoples they became leaders, reformists and teachers.

In other words: Best. Trek. Ever.

To manufactured triumph! )

So I am done. Which means that now with the whole of the canon covered, I can get to acting on those plot bunnies and finish that vid I started.
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I covered in my last post the first six episodes of season six. So this post season really spans from Kira and Odo's reconciliation being disappointing to Jadzia's death being disappointing. But overall, I'd say this is a stronger season that even season five.

I mentioned in my first post about DS9, I watched In the Pale Moonlight and Far Beyond the Stars (as well as What You Leave Behind) last year (they are part of the Captain's Log set which I rented) So for those two, it's the second time I've watched them.

Read more... )

So when the person who current has the DVDs out returns them, I shall be move onto the seventh and final season. I'm really looking forward the the epic ten-part series finale arc.
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Best season yet. By a long way. Season five is amazing. All out with the Dominion becomes an inevitability, Cardassia becomes a threat again, and there seems to be huge emphasis on families, both conventional and unconventional. This post also covers the first six episodes of series six because I got to Call to Arms and I just had to see the arc through as quickly as possible.

Thoughts )

Not long to go now until I finish the series. Sigh. I want to watch it slowly and savour it, but I haven't got that kind of patience. Plus the DVD rental period is a week, so I have to watch about four episodes a day.
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So, stuff that happened: Worf! The Klingons go nuts and attack Cardassia and then Deep Space Nine itself. Jake spends a lifetime saving his father, causing me to cry a lot. Bashir pulls rank on O'Brien. Kira talks Dukat have an adventure and messed up UST. Dax falls in love with her ex-wife, and Trek handles its first same-sex kiss with maturity. Quark, Nog and Rom visit Roswell, New Mexico. Worf and Dax go questing. Dr Bashir prefers his drinks shaken, not stirred. Sisko's mentor doesn't know that you can only pull off a successful coup on television if your name is Laura Roslin. Odo is Mr. Brightside. Kira and Dukat go Klingon hunting and have more messed up UST. There's another Klingon episode (oh, my god, am I sick of Klingons). Rom forms a union. Sisko's status a the Emissary is challenged. There's a not all that bad Klingon episode. O'Brien of course, gets tortured. The mirror universe would be tired if it was not still so cracktastic. I wonder if anybody informed Deanna Troi that Odo's her step daddy (surely Worf would tell her). In an episode in which Sisko is forced to send Kassidy to prison, Eddington puts the boot in. Weyoun finally arrives. Bashir's ego is both a deep character flaw and his greatest strength. Kira joins the O'Brien family. And the Founders try Odo.

A considerable amount of my thoughts on this season are about how much I don't like Klingons )

In terms of favourite episodes, you can all probably gather I loved Indiscretion, Return to Grace and Rejoined. Our Man Bashir is of course fantastic. Starship Down, Little Green Men, Accession and For the Cause also stood out. But of course, The Visitor was part of this season. It's the first time I've seen that episode, and it certainly does deserve its reputation for being one of the (if not the) best episodes of Star Trek ever. It was just perfect.

I know that season five moves away from the Klingon conflict and moves the show towards open conflict with the Dominion. I can't wait.
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In this season: our heroes get a cool ship and swiftly have their assess handed to them. Odo discovers his people – angst ensues. Dax suffers from all the Dax-centric episodes being incredibly dull this season. Quark introduces some Klingons to the concept of white collar crime. Kira gets a Cardassian daddy. Odo gets a Jem'Hadar son. Dukat missed his calling as a home security system developer. There's a sex pollen episode. Some heavy-handed moralising lets down an otherwise great time travel episode (there are hippies!). Bashir goes all Dr Frankenstein on Kira's dull boyfriend. In the cutest storyline ever, Nog becomes the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. Odo's hopelessly in love with Kira. O'Brien dies, but nobody cares because they get a new one. My favourite Vulcan shows up briefly in the mirror universe episode. Sisko deals with the fact he may be the Bajorans' Jesus, and if that wasn't BSG enough, Garek tortures Odo (RDM has definitely arrived on the writing staff). Sisko and Jake bond in a gorgeous Flight of the Phoenix episode while Bashir and O'Brien get drunk and sing 'Jerusalem' (badly). While we meet Quark and Rom's mum and Sisko meets his future wife. It's Kira vs The Kai round five, with a Bajoran civil war on the cards. Sisko becomes and captain at last and the season finale is an awesome homage to The Thing.

Thoughts )

So on to season four in which now with the Romulans and the Cardassian's crippled, the only the Federation and the Klingons stand between the Dominon and conquest of the Alpha Quadrant. And oh, yeah, and the Founders are everywhere, they look human and they have a plan. (In cool stuff found on YouTube, somebody did the DS9 credits BSG style (shot for shot) and it's really impressive).

More DS9

Mar. 13th, 2010 01:43 pm
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I've finished watching series two of DS9 and...and...they blew up the Enterprise! Okay, so it wasn't the actual Enterprise, it was actually the Odyssey, but it was exactly the same kind of ship, so point made. That is one hell of a way to end a season and introduce the new villains. Viewers must have been on tenterhooks during the hiatus back when it originally aired.

The Dominion = awesome villains.

The casual build up was quite fantastic, especially when I realised that the first mention of the Dominion was in a Ferengi humour episode.

Generally, I loved how the show would take small things and carry them over into the next episode, things like Sisko asking O'Brien to give Jake a job, and Jake's job, or friendships. The attention to detail is really appreciated.

I started to like Sisko a lot more towards the end of the season. He actually seemed to do things, which was nice. His rant in The Marquis Part II has got to be my favourite in the whole of Trek:

"On Earth, there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see Paradise. Well, it's easy to be a saint in Paradise, but the Maquis do not live in Paradise. Out there in the demilitarized zone, all the problems haven't been solved yet. Out there, there are no saints — just people. Angry, scared, determined people who are going to do whatever it takes to survive, whether it meets with Federation approval or not!"

I'm starting to get now how he's the same guy as the guy in In the Pale Moonlight. (Of course, he said this to Kira, talk about preaching to the converted. Would have been more awesome if he told it to the Admiralty).

Cut because I have quite a bit to say )

Favourite episodes had to be Necessary Evil (the one in which Odo opens up a five year old murder case in which Kira is the prime suspect), and Crossover (the mirror verse episode. I do love AU shenanigans and I really loved how it tied into TOS).

Oh, and somebody put Kira and Dax's mission in The Siege on YouTube, in which Kira and Dax find, fix up and fly a busted old Bajoran space craft and get into a dogfight over Bajor in order to save they day, while bantering the whole time. It's wonderful for so many reasons.
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I mentioned a while back that I'd decide to watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and its fantastic! I watched a few episodes last year, when I was doing my big post-XI watching thing, and caught quite a few episodes (notably Far Beyond The Stars, In the Pale Moonlight and the series finale), and they were all brilliant episodes, but I hadn't fallen for the characters yet. Now I have, I love it to bits.

Yes, it is the dark, mature Trek, and no, they don't travel the stars, they're in one spot and the problem of the week comes to them, but both those things are fantastic, because the situation the Federation's in – assisting Bajor which has just regained its independence after 50 years of brutal Cardassian occupation – is the kind of thing that deserves careful attention. Being that they're also right next to a strategically important wormhole which means plenty problems come to them. And I really enjoy the greater focus on the characters.

A OMG the characters. I adore them. Bashir, O'Brien, Quark, Odo and especially Kira. How could I have gotten through so much of my life having not discovered the awesomeness of Major Kira Nerys? The first officer of Deep Space Nine is a former resistance fighter (from the age of thirteen), an unabashed Bajorian nationalist, deeply religious, quick to kick ass (particularly Cardassian ass, she hates them), slow to warm to the Federation and one of the most wonderfully fleshed out characters in Star Trek.

I spent most of the first season trying to pick who Kira reminded me of, and eventually I figured it out, she's a non-villainous Admiral Helena Cain (from BSG). It all there, the childhood marked by war, trauma and loss and the deep hatred of the enemy and both of them ending up as a very successful military officers. But whereas Cain snapped and she became all about seeking vengeance, Kira's arc is the opposite, she's taking inching steps towards overcoming her hatred and trying not to let the violence of her past take over her future.

Odo's also wonderful. He's the most alien of all the regular characters on Star Trek, what with being a shapeshifter whose natural form is a gelatinous mass. Plus he's grumpy and gets the best rants.

Sisko meanwhile makes for an interesting lead character. I'm third of the way into the second season, and he's yet to have a big hero moment (well, there was that time he punched Q). If there's something to be explored, Dax has it covered. If some ass to be kicked, that's Kira. If there's a mystery to be solved, that would be Odo. If there's so big moral dilemma, well, that's Kira again. Since I don't find Sisko all that interesting, that's okay with me, but it's not what I'm used to from the lead character of a Trek series.

To recommend it, here's a link to my favourite scene from the show and possibly the whole of Trek from episode 2x02 The Circle, which is both hilarious with Sorkin-esq rapid dialogue, and heart-warming and also serves as a pretty good intro for the regular characters (bar Sisko and Jake) as well. (In order of appearance: Kira, Odo, Dax, Bashir, O'Brien, Quark and Creepy-Dull-Reoccurring-Monk-Dude-Who-Wants-In-Kira's-Pants).

I'm back off to watch more. There's so much I know comes up that I can't wait to get to: the mirror universe, Worf, the Defiant, the Dominion War, Trials and Tribble-ations, Take Me Out To The Hollosuite.
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I have recently discovered that Hugh Laurie and David Strathairn will be locked in a room together in a future episode of House. Actually, maybe I should word that statement like this: two of the three amazingly talented over-fifty actors with great big soulful eyes that I lust after like there's no tomorrow are going to be shoved in a room together for an episode of House. Squee!

I watched the first episode of series three of Skins. Sadly, I didn't find the new crowd particularly endearing. Worst bit was the writers having Cook, who is like an annoying cross between Tony and Chris minus their redeeming features, torching Sid's old locker. Not exactly the best move if the writers want me to like this guy, or not be at all bitter about their being no more Sid. I haven't given up of the idea of watching series three, but it may take some time.

What I have been successfully watching the show for which Margaret Thatcher allegedly wrote fanfic: Yes, Minister. Of course, I spent the entire time comparing and contrasting it with The Thick of It. Given the very similar set-ups of the two shows its hard not too.

It's actually quite fascinating not only comparing the political changes (Yes, Minster's all about the minister vs. the civil service with the media not that much of a focus, whereas TTOI is more the minister vs. the spin doctor/PM's all-powerful enforcer with the media having the characters constantly under siege, sometimes literally) but also how sitcoms have changed over the years (the very scripted, studio, Yes, Minister which could almost be a radio play and sticks to the genre, vs TTOI which tries to appear as unscripted as possible, with roaming camera work which allows for more visual humour and occasionally breaks out of it's genre and takes a turn for the dramatic).

Really, the best points of comparison are Party Games and Spinners and Losers in which both shows take on the storyline of the PM resigning and the search for a successor, which with Yes, Minister is carefully orchestrated and takes place over the course of a week or so, whereas in the latter TTOI episode it takes place over the course of one night and has the characters running around like headless chickens trying to correct or take advantage of the heir apparent's 'wobble' in support.

Comparisons aside, Yes, Minister, is freaking hilarious, and age doesn't seem to have affected it much at all. I haven't got around to watching Yes, Prime Minister yet though. I've actually just started on the first series of Star Trek: DS9.

Oh, and if there was an epic show down between Sir Humphrey and Malcolm Tucker, my money would be on Malcolm. Not just because he's far nastier (I'm sure Sir Humphrey would not take well to being shoved into a wall by an oxbridge-detesting Scot and instructed that if he doesn't do x immediately, he will have his balls chopped off and then preserved in a jar to be displayed in the lobby as an example for the rest of the civil service), but because Malcolm doesn't explain his schemes to underlings (it actually makes for far more compelling viewing that way as well).
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I wanted to do a big 2009 picspam, but could not decide on a format. Then and idea struck me: since I'm forever lamenting entertainment awards' inability to make the right decision, why not do my picspam in an award sort of format, with the awards categories themselves completely made up and arbitrary so I could just picspam things I liked this year and could find photos of. Good idea, yes?

With no further ado...

Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Torchwood and The Thick of It )
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Oh, Emmys. Using music written by a composer you snubbed, for a drama show you snubbed, in the drama montage.

Fat!Lee salutes you!

(Hey, I'm happy. I've been looking for a good excuse to use this Fat!Lee gif for ages).

On to the actual subject of this post. A random thought that's come to me while watching lots of Sports Night: The West Wing is my Star Trek.

You know how you hear from engineer, scientists, actors, politicians and all manner of people in all manner of jobs that watching Star Trek back in the day helped them to go into those careers because it was a show that presented a vision of society and the world as it could be that inspired them. Well, that's how I feel about The West Wing, and Sports Night for that matter. That the world should be filled with smart, witty, passionate people who are genuinely compassionate and devoted to what they do. Work colleagues should be like family and a place of work a home. Reasoned debate conducted at a rapid pace while walking down corridors should rule decision making. And being a big dork should get you everywhere in this world

Aaron Sorkin's view of the world is one that's hopeful and positive, and thing is, coming back into the Sorkin's worlds after something of a break, I've realized how much that world and those characters meant to me how it's my idealized society, and I'm never going to stop wanting that world, just as I'm never going to stop wanting to be CJ Cregg when I grow up, or just as much as I'm never going to stop amassing a mind full of useless trivia. I'm always going to want to find that workplace and those colleagues and it's never going to stop driving my actions.

Of course, all this would make Aaron Sorkin my Gene Roddenberry, which is unfortunate since I think Aaron Sorkin is a jackass. But it does make Toby Ziegler my Spock, which I can totally live with.

Five Things

Aug. 9th, 2009 02:06 pm
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From that Five Things Meme. Feel free to give me more as I love doing these sorts of things.

For [ profile] ishie

Top Five things to crossover with Battlestar Galactica )

Top Five ways I would have ended it if I were in charge )

For [ profile] airie_fairy

Top Five Teenage Characters )

For [ profile] artic_fox

Top Five moments where I wanted to bitch-slap the Doctor )
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I'm very late to comment, but I love Eleven's costume. And I have exactly the same Converses as Amy Pond. Except I've worn holes in the soles of mine so I can't really wear them anymore.

Speaking of Eleven, over the past few days I watched Neverwhere. It's really too late to jump on the Paterson Joseph for Eleven bandwagon, isn't it? Not that I have any problem with Matt Smith and I'm really excited about seeing him in action (2010 is not coming quickly enough).

Anyway, Neverwhere was good, a bit predictable in the big bad (particularly if you've read Sandman) but I loved the setting and I'm sure everyone who plays the UK version of monopoly can appreciate one of the characters being an actual angel called Islington. Unfortunately it was completely let down by it apparent production budget of £2.50 and some choices of direction which might possibly have been interesting in 1996, but have not aged well. Watching it I couldn't help but wish for a movie remake, because it'd be Harry Potter meets Pirates of the Caribbean (I couldn't help but compare the Marquis de Carabas with Jack Sparrow) and the lead character just screams for James McAvoy to play him. But it's apparently 'in-development' so I'm not holding my breath.

(I'm becoming very bitter with Hollywood at the moment since nothing I want to see adapted ever makes it out of development hell. And if I don't want to see it adapted, it tends to be one of the biggest movies of summer.)

I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen Harry Potter yet. I'll get there maybe next week or the one after that. I kind of blew my movie budget being dragged to see Star Trek for the second time last week. Well, not so much dragged as tagged along with Flatmate and her kid brother. I've decided the movie is doing something a bit wrong since the thirteen year old kid brother came out with the impression that Kirk was smarter than Spock, and also the question “So, Spark, is he a Cylon?”
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I have watched the first episode of Torchwood's Children of Earth and it's good. It's really good. There were plot twists I didn't see coming and creepy kids and all sorts. I hope it stays as good for all five episodes. Yay for the presence of Peter Capaldi and Paul Copley (a.k.a Matthews of Hornblower) and I want to know more about the character of Alice Carter. Shame about the lack of Martha and Mickey, but at least the former got a mention. My major complaint is the thus far lack of PC Andy and not enough Rhys.

I've been watching even more Star Trek, and also my flatmate's stance on Kirk's led to a bit of an obsession on my part of comparing and contrasting the different captains to see if I subjectively come up with an objective decision about which one was the best, and I've come to the conclusion based on what I've watched that yes, if you want the Earth saved, you really want Kirk since that is what he is very, very good at. However, if you want a planet, an alliance or the values of the Federation saved, you want Picard. If you want the actual Federation saved (values be damned), you want Sisko. And if you want someone to save you, you want Janeway. And, erm....Archer's good if you want a speech about human values or a cure for insomnia, I suppose. (I have watched four episodes of Enterprise now and still find him dull and lacking in personality).

But I've come to the realization that I really just do not like TOS. I figured I didn't like the episodes as a kid because of the 1960s-ness, but I can quite happily watch 60s Doctor Who and the terrible special effects and general 60s-ness off it don't bother me too much at all, whereas TOS is a struggle still. Maybe if TOS was in black and white, or had Daleks, or Barbara, then I might find it enjoyable, i.e. black and white makes all manner of bad sfx forgivable, a half decent unredeemable villains and an awesome female lead would got far to win my affections (I know TOS did let its female characters occasionally do something useful, but the instances are so few and far between I find it disheartening).

And speaking of bad old Star Trek, I watched the TNG pilot, Encounter at Farpoint and it is just so very very bad. Terrible sets, terrible acting, terrible direction, terrible plot. Screw assigning blame to what killed the franchise, it's a miracle the franchise survived early TNG. Did remind me that what I was very young, my favourite Trek character was Tasha Yar (coz that worked out for me).
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Star Trek IV is THE GREATEST CRACK EVER. It was always my favourite as a little kid, coz of the whales, but I didn't remember just how brilliantly cracky it was. For example, I completely forgot about the scene where Kirk and whole bunch of tourists, plus Kirk's marine biologist love interest are watching the whales in the tank and then randomly Spock floats into view, attempting a mind meld with the whale. I mean…just…WIN

(For those wondering which one I'm talking about, it’s the one where they travel back in time to 1980s San Francisco in order to steal two humpback whales to bring to the future and, you know, save the Earth.)

Meanwhile, Trek I wins for unintentional hilarity and 'mah girlfriend is a robot' issues (that seems to crop up a lot in what I've been watching lately), Trek III although not being a very good movie has wonderful character moments and Spock!McCoy really needs to happen in the rebooted universe at some stage, and Trek II is just a great movie.

Also, I want Carol Marcus and Saavik to show up in the next Trek movie. Okay, Saavik's probably dead or not going to be born due to Vulcan going 'splody, but the franchise could certainly use a few more female characters and I liked both of them a lot.

Finally, in something not Trek-related, this makes me wish that there was BSG: The Animated Series.
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I've finished watching the Borg Collection, and all the Trek watching has served to remind me that while Picard to me may be the epitome of what a Starfleet Captain should be like, Janeway is easily my favourite of the six. If there's any opportunity to run around a Borg cube with a really big gun on an insane and seemingly suicidal mission, she'll take it, which makes her enormously fun. Plus, the first episode of Voyager I ever watched was the end of Year of Hell Part Two, in which she pulled a Kirk Snr and solo piloted a beaten-to-hell Voyager on a kamikaze ram, and first impressions count.

I have a confession to make, I actually really like Voyager. Yes, its premise, which is the most interesting of all the Trek series, is completely wasted and you really have to mourn for what could have been, and it's not as intelligent as TNG. But I really like most of the characters, and the crew does form the most adorable little family, and I've decided Voyager takes far too much flack for the Borg's villain decay. Really, it’s TNG's and Enterprises's fault. It was, after all, TNG that introduced the concept of the Borg Queen, as well as that a person can be de-Borged and that a Borg can regain its individuality once separated from the collective. Voyager just ran with those things, and I can't say I blame them for it. Janeway interacting with the Borg Queen makes for a far more interesting scene than Janeway interacting with a CGI shot of computers and a disembodied voice. Plus, I love the whole arch-nemesis thing they had going on. And Seven of Nine is one of the most interesting characters in the franchise.

And then came along Enterprise episode Regeneration. In which Archer and co. beat the Borg when really, they should have had their asses handed to them. And it wasn't even a double episode. Apparently, the Enterprise crew can defeat Borg from the future knowing absolutely nothing about them, in 42 minutes. What!?

In which I discuss the actual episodes I watched )

Next up, I've decided to watch the Trek movies since I haven't watched them in years and apparently confused them all in my head (since I though the one with V'ger thing was V, when apparently it's I), so rented I through III. So Shatner it is. Yay?
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To answer my craving for Trek, I rented the Borg Fan Collective DVD set, which is all Borg, all the time, and which works out to be 1 episode of Enterprise, 5 of Next Gen and 7 of Voyager. This suits me well, but not my currently Trek crazy flatmate, who has taken the stance that 'if there's no Kirk, it's not proper Star Trek'. Considering her stance a month ago was that 'if there's no Shatner, it's not proper Star Trek' and I had to drag her to XI which she loved, I think she just needs to actually watch the spin-offs to develop an appreciation for them.

Anyway, I went for the Borg set because the Borg give me the creeps in the same way the Cybermen do on Doctor Who, the difference being that while Cybermen episodes tend not to utilise the Cybermen's creepiness and the inherent horror of their creation and existence and instead tends to make them lumbering and silly, Star Trek actually uses the Borg right and makes them terrifying. Or at least it did in Next Gen, I haven't gotten around to watching the Enterprise or Voyager episodes yet.

Plus I really wanted to watch The Best of Both Worlds, which I've only ever seen once when I did I was a kid, but has stuck with me all these years. I remember Picard being turned into a Borg completely flooring me, and also there being an epic space battle in which the Enterprise separated, which I at the time thought was the most awesome thing ever. Unsurprisingly, the space battle isn't nearly as epic as it was in my memories, and the special effects at the time let it down. But still, it holds up as a great pair of episodes.

Of the other episodes I watched so far of which I have no memories of watching as a kid, Q Who? was the Borg at their creepy best and just goes to show that sometimes the bad guys completely ignoring the good guys can be really effective at setting up just how dangerous they are. And Picard at his most Picard-esq. Also I, Borg was really well done and I even got a bit teary at the end.

Anyway, when I'm done with that I might rent the Captain's Log box set, because it's got Chain of Command – 'There are four lights!' being another cherished Trek-related childhood memory of mine.
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I think I'm doing it wrong with Star Trek. Instead of being into the reboot, I'm all nostagic for the 80s and 90s spin-offs at the moment. So question for all those Star Trek fans out there, is there any good fic crossing over the reboot with TNG, DS9 and Voyager (original or author rebooted to be in line with the new AU canon)? I really want to the new crew meet the Picard, Sisko and Janeway (mostly Picard and Janeway, coz I never really watched DS9).
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I'm kind of into numbered lists at the moment:

1. I hate is when one silly little thing ruins my entire day, but somebody ate the curry I'd been saving for lunch. It was korma with chicken, spinach, green beans and mushrooms and it was gorgeous, even if I do say so myself because I made it. I discovered somebody had eaten it five hours ago, and I am still not over being annoyed about it.

2. Thanks to the parental units making a trip through duty free, I have feijoa vodka. I love feijoa vodka

3. I’m always falling for television shows in which the characters burst into song, and Glee is no exception. I watched the pilot and it's love. If you can, watch it. It's not quite as oddball as Blackpool or Flight of the Conchords, but it so very adorable. It is officially the show I am most excited about come the fall schedule.

4. You've got to check out these two Star Trek picspams, [ profile] sparkly_stuff's I'm on a Ship, coz it's freaking hilarious, and [ profile] liviapenn's gender swapped recast. Catherine Tate as Scotty, ya'll. If only wishing made it so.

5. Finally, after he moaned through the first three seasons when we were watching them, we've actually managed to convert my flatmate's boyfriend to BSG. Bwah ha ha ha ha .

6. I have become thoroughly convinced that Utopia/Sound of Drums (+ The Christmas Invasion & The Last of the Time Lords, I suppose) is RTD blatantly paying homage to elements of BSG. And now I've thought it, I cannot un-think it and the parallels they are so very there, down to a diegetically used song with a Hendrix connection.

7. It's weird, but I have the biggest movie cravings for westerns at the moment. Probably because I watched Dances with Wolves for the first time ever and it was so pretty, the landscape has a bit of a romantic appeal for me right now.


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