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With fall tv premiers happening soon, this is about the time when I go on a tv cull, deciding what to watch and what to not watch. But this year, I seem to be watching very little so I don't need to drop things to make room. Of the new shows last year, the only one I really checked out was Fringe, and I got bored of that pretty quickly and stopped watching. I keep on meaning to give up Grey's Anatomy, but somehow I keep watching despite myself. Last season's House finale disappointed me a lot and I loathe Huddy, real or imaginary. (For me it's House/misanthropy, House/Wilson/misanthropy or House/Wilson/Amber), but I'll probably still end up watching that as well.

But yeah, in new shows I'm quite excited about Glee, because the pilot was adorable, I seem to love musical television shows and I loved Popular back in the day, which was by the same guy (anyone else remember that show? It was a lot more witty than normal teen fare). Flash Forward's getting a bit of hype, and I can't help but love the cast, but the central premise seems just a bit dull. I'll check out the pilot, but if it doesn't get interesting quickly or turns out to be as frustrating as Lost, I'll probably not watch.

In the battle of the next potential BSGs, I'm really exited about V, which unfortunately doesn't premiere until November. I've got little to go on aside from buzz, but the buzz is good. I've seen the pilot for Caprica, which has an even further away premier date of January. I liked it a lot, but it's more Rome than BSG. That's not a bad thing as I loved Rome and I'll certainly watch Caprica, but the setting gives it such a different feel to its parent show and its certainly weird that my mental comparison goes first not to the show that spawned it, but to a completely different and not at all related show. But then, I think of BSG as Rome in space, since, aside from the religious aspects, it has a similar mixture of military matters, political intrigue and personal drama. Actually, it struck me the other day that Lee and Zarek from Sine Qua Non to Blood on the Scales are kind of like Octavian and Mark Antony, the inexperienced adopted son vs. the second in command for to be the heir to Julius Caesar's (Roslin's) throne. (And if Zarek is Mark Antony, I would suppose that would make Gaeta Cleopatra...).

Anyway, back to what I was talking about, Stargate: Universe actually has the most BSG-esq premise, but I'll only watch if it gets good reviews. I trust the Stargate writers to do lighthearted, snarky and slightly cracky. I don't trust them to be able to pull off serious, intelligent and dark.

One thing I have noticed lately is that aside from the likes of Doctor Who, Grey's and House, most of the television I watch these days I don't watch when it originally airs. Lately I seem to discover it on DVD some time after it originally aired and often after the series has ended (as is what happened with Rome, BSG and Life on Mars), and by the time I've gotten into it everyone else has moved on. So I'm determined to be more onto it with my show watching.
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Apparently the BBC are making another adaptation of Day of the Triffids, which is nothing short of fantastic. It's one of my favourite books and the origin of my love for carnivorous plants in science fiction. I've seen the 1950s movie, which completely departs from the book, but not the 1980s mini-series, which I really should watch. Although, it'd be hard to beat 28 days later…, which, although it switched the plants for zombiesthe infected (tis very important to distinguish between zombies and the infected, because real zombies don't run (oh Simon Pegg, how I love you)) was a brilliant adaptation. Problem is, it's hard to make killer plants not laughable. I can't wait to see how they're going to pull that off.

Also, ABC is making a new sci-fi television series, Flash Forward. The premise sounds a bit weak (the world jumps forward in time two minutes) and I'm betting on cancellation within six months, but it's got both Jack Davenport and Joseph Fiennes set to star in it. XD Sadly for British accent admirers, they're playing Americans. Oh, Jack. Why can't you go back to playing British?

Also, watched the latest episode of Sanctuary and really, I can't help but love this show more and more every week. There's still something I can't put my finger on that it's missing. Maybe it's just that it feels like it's got so many similarities with so many other shows that it hasn't quite got an identity of its own yet. But where shows like Torchwood and Heroes sometimes take an idea that I like and don't pull it off, it takes those same ideas and most of the time pulls it off wonderfully. Although, it could be because it keeps on jumping genres that it can't seem to find itself (this week it was claustrophobic thriller, last episode it was crime procedural with a supernatural spin and the episode before that an action/adventure horror). Or maybe it's because the show's working with a tiny budget. But the show is so close to being brilliant.

And reason number #267 why Helen Magnus is awesome: she owns a freaking submarine. And not one of those tiny little brightly-coloured research things - she owns a proper military-style one.
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So I’m rather bummed about Wales losing out to Fiji. Looks like I’m going to have to switch allegiances back to New Zealand. No Wales. No Tonga. This tournament's getting really boring.

Managed to rent Gypsy Woman and watched it last night. It’s a romcom from 2001 staring Jack Davenport, who was pretty much the one factor that got me to rent it in the first place. Imdb gives it a rating of 5.6 and nobody seemed to put any effort into the DVD release so I wasn’t expecting to be particularly brilliant. But I really shouldn’t judge a movie by its DVD cover (or imdb rating) because it’s really good. I mean, it’s not The Lives of Others (which I’ve decided is the greatest movie ever and the one to which all movies should be judged against) but it’s lot funnier than a lot of other by-the-numbers romcoms I can think of, plus it has gorgeous scenery and if the first Jack Davenport movie I’ve seen that’s made proper use of those green eyes. I loved it.

Also, 21 November is the region 4 release of AWE. And apparently there’s going to be deleted scenes *crosses finger and hope this includes the longer ending to DMC.* No word on the commentaries. I know it’s a long shot (particularly given Norrington’s amount of screen time), but it would be awesome if they got Jack Davenport and Keira Knightly to do a commentary like they did on CotBP, that was one of the best commentary tracks I’ve listened too.
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Seems everywhere I hang out or lurk in Who fandom, people have latched onto the idea of Jack Davenport for the Eleventh Doctor. It’s not really that out there as suggest, after all now multiple-Hugo award winner Steven Moffat is generally though to be replacing Russell T. Davies as the show runner when he leaves, and RTD had a habit of hiring leading men from previous projects as to play the Doctor (CE was in The Second Coming and DT in Casanova). And, well, the general impression I’ve got that is that nobody wants James Nesbitt (which I agree with, he’s too creepy).

Problem I have with this is that I would love Jack Davenport being hired as the Eleventh Doctor. This is me we’re talking about – I’d watch Jack Davenport read the phonebook. And I think he’d be an excellent actor to play a more reserved, emotionally stable Doctor, which I think is what we’re going to get after the manic depressive Ten (yes, I’ve given this some thought, hell I’ve even come up with some nice character development for Eleven – again this is me we’re talking about, of course I’ve given it too much thought).

Also, fandom crossover. There’s been very little Pirates of the Caribbean/other fandom spill over. All that’s been had is that Jonathan Pryce played the Master in The Curse of the Fatal Death which isn’t canon, and the guy who played Cotton was in Robots of Death. No New Who crossover at all.

But this is not good, because it’s never going to happen. Why? Because it’d be too awesome for words and things that brilliant just don’t happen. And there’s that whole issue of the fact he’s the lead in an American TV show these days. Even worse is that I’ll get my fangirl hopes up (if I haven’t so done so enough already) and someone I’m indifferent too – or even worse someone I don’t like – will be cast, and my fangirl heart will be broken once again.

I know I’m being cynical, but can you blame me. My favourite characters in other fandoms have had an unfortunate habit of being killed off on me lately, and not even in cool ways – they all just end up being cannon fodder (bitter? me?).

Though I will leave this post with this link: Jack Davenport as Steven Taylor in the scene with the cushion rant in which Daleks come up (the Who references are strong in Coupling). And we call all ponder on the question of why none of the Coupling actors have been cast in Who episodes.


May. 10th, 2007 08:01 pm
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Two weeks before AWE! I want to be more involved fandom wise in the run up but find myself way too busy at the moment, which is unfortunate. But come July hopefully I’ll have the time to actually act on the millions of plot bunnies I have right now.

Though it’s never going to be as good as DMC. DMC had me wanting to leap out of my seat and run around the theatre in joy. There I was thinking that Norrington, my favourite character for the first movie wasn’t going to be in it because he wasn’t in the trailer, and somewhat disappointed about it, only to have in the first five minutes have Becket deliver and arrest warrant and Governor Swann say “Commodore Norrington resigned his commission some months ago,” which to my mind meant “Norrington’s going to show up Tortuga as an angry pirate” (well you don’t just leave random bits of info like that in a movie, if he wasn’t going to show up at all there would have been no arrest warrant and any mention would have either the words ‘transferred’ or ‘promoted’ in there). And low and behold, Norrington shows up an hour in an angry, drunken, dirty and incredibly hot pirate and proceeds to be snarky, angsty and crafty and get himself in the middle of the greatest sword-fighting scene ever! XD

Good times.

See, poor AWE is doomed from the beginning. I’d be very hard to beat that level of pure fangirl ecstasy. They’d need lots more great sword-fighting action and something like Elizabeth deciding choosing Norrington over Will and Jack to beat it (highly unlikely, but if the writers are looking for a truly original ending to the trilogy, that would be the way to go about it). And since the Norrington fans have been left rather out in the cold promotion wise (I keep saying to myself that the Norrington scenes are all CGI heavy and thus not ready yet for stills and the trailer but I don’t really believe it) and because I’ve read the 50 page leaked script, I’ve got this awful feeling I’m going to be really disappointed.

So I’ll I think I’ll just continue repeating to myself my little fangirl mantra: There is always fanfic!
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I may have lost my marbles just a little bit, but there just happens to be a rumour floating around the net that Jack Davenport, along with Naomi Watts and Stephen Rea (yay, I adore Stephen Rea, he would make such an awesome Scrimgeour) are in negotiations for HBP. And since as you all probably know, I'm a bit of a fan of Jack Davenport, I like this rumour a lot. But it does beg the question who could be possibly play? There's Slughorn (too young, too thin, too much hair), Bill Weasley (not enough ginger & too old), Rufus Scrimgeour (too young), Fenrir Greyback (too young) Marvolo Gaunt (too young, again), Morfin Gaunt (far too hot) and finally Tom Riddle Snr, which actually would work, but it would be all of five seconds of screen time.

But, just but, there is the shadow of a possible another character.

I'm just saying… )

Okay, it maybe a bit long shot and maybe it's just the very similar hair and we don't even know if RAB would turn up in the final book, never mind the sixth movie, but it could work. And with DH to be released before the HBP movie, it could be possible to have storylines spilling from one to the other.

The Bunker

Aug. 22nd, 2006 09:53 am
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I laid into Talos the Mummy yesterday and I was expecting The Bunker to be not brilliant either considering IMDb gave it a 5.4. However, you all have to watch this movie, whether you are a Jack Davenport fangirl or not. It's one of the best psychological horror movies I've ever seen and also deals with those moral issues that surround war that I seem to write about a lot.

It's about nine German solders trapped in an anti-tank bunker in 1944 as the American forces are coming up on their position. Their only possibly way out is a series of tunnels from which the horror arises.

Jack Davenport is of course in it, and rather Scruffington-esq in attitude. I want to say more, but you will not want to be spoiled. And in the special feature he says those magical words that every girl wants to hear (or maybe it's just me): “I read a book...”

And I did the interest collage meme.

But Mum, all the cool kids were doing it )
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I said I may and I have. I watched the Jack Davenport featuring horror movie, Talos the Mummy and have decided to try my hand a writing a movie review. Since there are spoilers, I'm going to shove it all under a cut.

Read more... )
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I love youtube.

Ranting About Cushions (Daleks!)
Resivour Dogs
Naked Bottom Rant
Toilet Rant

Movie Trailers
A Higher Agency

Dead Man's Chest
Has a line that didn't make it into the film ("Well better mad and with the rest of the world than sane and alone")

Note to self: Get a life.
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I’m procrastinating (Shock! Horror!) and it just happens to be te wiki o te reo maori (maori language week) and I want to be able to say stuff on my LJ like “I’m off to visit the whānau” and have people understand it and since learning how to insult people in another language is always fun, I give you, for your entertainment:-

Fifteen Maori words and phrases either I want to use or find amusing

Hoake tatau )

And in Jack Davenport related randomness (yes, still obsessed), I’ve decided he should totally play Jonathan Strange. I don’t mention it enough, or like ever, but Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is my favourite book and everybody has to read it. They are apparently making a movie, though I have now idea how on earth you would adapt that book for a movie.
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I realise “Dear John” letters are terribly cliché, but what’s a girl to do when the man in question is fictional.

Dear Superman

First off, let me say; it’s not you, it’s me. I was wrong to enter into a relationship with a man that has not one of the six qualities I want in a man; a sexy accent, hot period costuming, a layer of dirt, the ability to swordfight, a healthy love of alcohol and a the amoral pursuit of an in inherently honourable ambition.

Now I have to admit, there is another man. A man who manages to fill not just a few, but all of these qualities. Here Be Spoilers )

We will always have Superman Returns,

So anyway, saw the movie but I’m blown away by the hotness to really give my opinion. And yes, this probably does mean the end of my Superman obsession, but a new one has just begun.


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