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Title: Twenty Random Facts about Nymphadora Tonks
Author: [ profile] meddow
Characters: Tonks, various others.
Rating: PG
Summary: Twenty Random facts about Nymphadora Tonks
Disclaimer: I’m making no money from this.
Author's Notes: This was written as part of [ profile] iulia_linnea’s Harry Potter Random Facts Fest

Twenty Random Facts about Nymphadora Tonks )
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So here we have all the bits and pieces I wrote for the April [ profile] rt_challenge

Prompt 21 - Beneath the Sheets PG-13. Remus recovers from his transformations with a little help from a tired Tonks, 1050 words.
Prompt 26 - Dear Harry G. Remus writes to Harry and Meddow writes a happy ending. 355 words.
Prompt 30 - Distraction G. “Every day I miss the person I once was.” 450 words.

Yes, it's the grand total of three. Participation is not a strong point of mine, but I managed to write them all in a way that I don't usually so I'm quite happy with them.
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I wonder if my flatmates will mind if I decided to stay in my pyjamas all day? I’ve been away on a trip (and computers and the internet) and had very little sleep; on the other hand I had a great time and discovered my new favourite drink. On the other hand, now I have much catching up to do.

Anyway, I’ve finally put in an entry into the [ profile] rt_challenge using the Crowded House prompt. I love the Finn brothers so I just had to write something for that prompt. Shockingly, it's not angst. It's not fluff either, more hurt/comfort, but I'm proud I haven't made anyone miserable for once.

However, the night before I left for my trip I had one of those late night plot bunnies. I’ve never gone into the area of smut before, but I just had to write this.

Author: Meddow
Characters: Tonks, Percy
Rating: Mature
Summary: Convenience; that was why she picked him.
Author’s Notes: Debunking the myth that all sex is great sex, one fic at a time. It’s not that I don’t like sex, but I think people have to be more realistic about it; sometimes it’s not very good.

Convenience )
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I finished that Buckbeak/Buckbeak time turner for the OTP contest. It's very different from my previous fics, and I'm not sure I can pull of the narrative style. Never mind, I'm just happy I managed to complete a fic within time constraints.

Title: Vanity, Thy Name is Hippogriff.
Rating: PG
Authors note: Done for OTP contest
Buckbeak spends time in the Astronomy Tower with Buckbeak

Read Here )

I have a meta question. Does narcissism count as slash?
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Hmm, I think my layout may be a little bit pretentious. But I like it.

I’m thinking about entering the Fiction Alley OTP contest. My OTP’s are:-

Buckbeak spends time in the Astronomy Tower with Buckbeak

Valentine's Day OTP Challenge
from Fictionalley &

Hagrid went to a Quidditch match with Mad-EyeMoody

Valentine's Day OTP Challenge
from Fictionalley &

Connolly made a horcrux with help from Nott

Valentine's Day OTP Challenge
from Fictionalley &

I quite like the Buckbeak one, I have an idea involving a time turner.


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