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So the season three of Heroes sneak peek looks spectacularly awesome. Certainly the volume is living up to its name – HRG, Angela, Elle, Bob and Sylar (all of whom I would place in the Heroes rouge gallery) + loads of new villains. I think the show has figured out what the people want (and by ‘people’ I of course mean me). Add some shirtless Petrelli brothers and all the crummy plotlines of last season shall be forgiven. Though will somebody please end the strike so I don’t have to wait until September or later.

In Who related stuff, I’ve been trying to find good Donna fic lately, which is hard. Seems her role in fandom is an enabler of or spectator to Ten/Rose or Ten/Martha (though, oddly enough, not Ten/Jack or Ten/Master) and not as an actual character worthy of her own storyline or perspective. *Sigh*

Back to Heroes again, I’ve also been trying to track down some good HRG fic, and there is a bit of it out there, and I really like Sandra/Bennet. Since Cautionary Tales they’ve been my Heroes OTP. I’m not sure if ‘messed up’ really describes it, it’s kind of Arthur/Molly crossed with Molly/Snape (does that exist?). Though there’s not a lot of that in existence. And, unfortunately, I can’t seem to get my head around Bennet/Anybody not Sandra since he seems to be the least likely character on TV at the moment to cheat on his wife. What with the whole guilt issues of him endangering and memory erasing his family, I hardly think he’s going to add to the mess with infidelity. Plus, dude is loyal to his family, it’s his defining characteristic and greatest redeeming feature. The exception for this mental block for me is the very rare pairing of Bennet/Nathan since Claire’s two alpha dog daddies it is a bit too much to resist. And I once read a rather brilliant piece of Bennet/Sylar.

Anyway, would people be interested in me reccing the good stuff I find?
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Well Familiar Debate has blown my theory on what gets read and reviewed and what does not out of the water. It’s got no plot. It’s gen. It’s Percy, Bill and politics and challenges the view that the Ministry is teh evil. It should have not gotten more than five reviews tops even though I pimped the hell out of it (it currently sitting on 12, which is more than Hostile Takeover has on LJ, hence my shock). I should give up theorising on fanfiction because I’m obviously way off.

Though I still maintain you can use international relations theory to explain fandom.

ETA: I’ve been watching a lot of Hornblower lately (it’s about the British Navy, is anyone surprised that I like it). I hadn’t seen the earlier episodes (films? They’re nearly two hours long) in a long while. Damn I love it. Does make me wonder if the people who read Harry Potter and say the slash is so blatant have ever seen Hornblower. Now there the slash is practically canon, it's great. Anyway, all those people into Norrington at the moment, I reckon you should give it a watch if you haven't already. There's much more detail of Navy life than Master and Commander


Aug. 28th, 2006 04:32 pm
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I’m finally happy with it, so does anyone want to do me a huge favour and beta a Pirates of the Caribbean fic? About 3,750 words of Norrington/Elizabeth goodness (at least I hope it's good).


Aug. 3rd, 2006 03:16 pm
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I have beta issues.

I’ve been trying to get a beta through perfect imagination for my [ profile] femgenficathon entry, but every beta I have so far tried has said they were too busy and taken five days to tell me this (perfectly within the rules, but rather annoying considering the deadline I'm working too.) Anyway, don’t want to wait another five or so days and get stuck without a beta and only a week to go to get it in.

So, Narcissa Malfoy gen anyone? About 3,200 words. It’d be very much appreciated.
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I've been hunting far an low over the past few days for fanfiction to satisfy my James Norrington obsession and haven't found much. So like I imagine every fanfiction writer who can't find what they want to read does, I wrote my own. Which leads to the tricky situation of the fact that since I have a dodgy relationship with spelling and grammar, I now need to find a beta for it, but I don't know where in the PotC fandom to look, so great f-list and people who may see this but not be on my f-list, will someone please do me a huge favour and beta this even though it's not Harry Potter?

It's called "The Admiral" and is a one-shot featuring Norrington and a few OC's I created (cause PotC really doesn't have any established characters that could fill the roles I needed of them) and is set between the two movies and in Tortuga and contains a few but not any major spoilers.


Jun. 16th, 2006 11:22 am
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Okay. Continuing my week of, “You like me. You really like me,” Hostile Takeover got Niffled. Umm. Wow. ::Grin::

Y’all know my ego it going to get huge now.
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I'm going through a major Rolling Stones phase at the moment. I think it's because I've been watching my S1 House DVDs again. So the the Chase icon has been dragged out. Jesse Spencer is just wonderful.

My power bill this month is going to be the death of me. I’m really not helping since I’ve decided my favourite place in the world to be at the moment is the shower. It’s my second best place to think and my [ profile] femgenficathon entry has me a bit stuck.

Speaking of fic, I started writing fanfiction in November because there were not enough of the stories I wanted to read out there and I was an absolute nervous wreck about how it would be received. I wrote so much as a kid and I wanted to be an author when I grew up, but somewhere along the way in high school I convinced myself I wasn’t a good writer. I’m not sure what it was, probably a combination of the spirit-crushing creative writing section of the School Certificate English exam or the fact I spent so much time being a science geek and emo that I forgot I could be creative.

In the past two days I’ve been recced in two rec communities, which is so great (and thank you both [ profile] jadeddiva and [ profile] theregoesyamum). A year ago I would never have expected I could be capable of writing anything halfway decent. If I never wrote anything I would probably still think I'm a crap writer.

People can slag off fanfiction for not being real writing and uncreative and whatever. But through writing fanfiction I’ve got my confidence back and along the way I’ve rediscovered a childhood passion.

A Request

Jun. 12th, 2006 05:13 pm
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Is anyone willing to do me a favour and beta a one-shot? It’s called “Weasleys and Whiskey,” and, well, it’s Tonks/Charlie, Tonks/Bill, Fred/Tonks/George, Tonks/Percy, Tonks/Ginny, Tonks/Ron and Remus/Tonks, about 1050 words and rather adult.
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I’ve been doing a bit of work on Growing lately and just had some thoughts and characters and characterization.

One of the more interesting things in writing Growing, my WIP, is that Andromeda and Ted Tonks are major characters. In fact, behind Neville they get the most screen time. This meant I got to use the scraps of information about them from canon and the philosophy that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and build the characters from there, which was a fun experience since I like creating characters and it’s nice having loose guidelines to work with when doing so.

Unfortunately, between the time I started writing the story (in December) and the time I started posting it, the wonderful JKR managed to stir up a load of controversy surrounding Ted by labelling him a Muggle on the Black family tree, whereas Tonks refers to him as a Muggle-born in OotP. I think the majority of fandom counts him as a Muggle-born and I think he’s far more interesting as one. Lets face it, Ted the struggling Charms inventor is much more fascinating then Ted the plumber. And it make the Andromeda-Ted romance much more plausible since I cannot imagine Andromeda Black ever getting to spend much time around Muggles. However, some are adamant that he’s a Muggle (as someone at FA kindly reminded me in capslock button on today).

However, that’s not been giving me nearly enough grief as Miss Tonks. Originally I though writing Tonks would be easy since I’ve probably writing from Tonks’ perspective more than any other character. Tonks shows up in random intervals and in different scenario’s around different people, and it is so difficult keeping her consistent as a character but acknowledging that Tonks would act differently in private with her parents to when she is at work and different again when she is around the Order. And of course I can have out of character Tonks criticisms lobbed at me from every which way because it’s Tonks and behind Ginny is arguably the most hated female character in the fandom and with the amount of crap that got lobbed at Tonks after HBP I always get the feeling writing Tonks is like walking through a minefield.

Tonks writers, if you ever want a characterization challenge, try writing a during the war post-HBP Tonks as a major character from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know her very well at all.

And now for something compeletly random: 'stormy petrel' is the word of the day (or rather words of the day), which means one who brings strife. Never come across this saying before I think it's very cool. Now I need an excuse to use it. ETA, found one.

And for another completely random thing: is it just me, or is "too much love will kill you" the saddest song ever? Cause too much love kinda did kill Freddie Mercury. Though I'm pretty sure Brian May wrote the song and not Freddie Mercury, but it's still so sad.

Go Ghana!

May. 16th, 2006 03:43 pm
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First of all check out the awesome fan art piece [ profile] laverinth drew for me. If anyone on my f-list is unfamiliar with her work, you should be.

I was cleaning out my email a couple of days ago and found out that back in March 03 I created myself an account at the Pit of Voles that I have never used. I completely forgot about it. I can’t even remember what possessed me to get one. I was probably dabbling in West Wing fiction at the time. Anyway, I uploaded Unravelling for shits and giggles and to see the differences between it, Fiction Alley and my LJ.

And finally, I’m not really much of a sports person but I can’t let a Football World Cup go by with me not having a team to support (not like I’ll actually watch any football, I just like being able to support someone). NZ and Wales, the countries I usually support, happen to suck at football. I think I’m going to go with Ghana this year along with anyone playing Australia (all though that goes without saying). Woooh, go Ghana! (Though I reserve the right to switch my allegiance to England at any time).
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So, if anyone likes my fanfic, you should be reading Growing. I’ve been working on it forever since I didn’t want to start posting it before I had the whole thing written out as a draft so I could avoid plot inconsistencies. It’s a Neville centric story with secondary leads of Andromeda, Ted and Tonks and it’s pretty much going to be the only thing I will be focusing on for the next few months and while you may complain it’s boring now, I promise of action (of the violence kind, this is Gen) before the fifth chapter. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging myself.

Also, my first fandom, The West Wing, will be airing its last episode in the states in the next day and I decided I needed some closure. As a result we have:-

An Ode to the West Wing )

Yep, when I was fifteen I was obsessed with a show about politics. Now at twenty I’m obsessed with books written about kids. I think I’m growing down.


Mar. 31st, 2006 09:59 pm
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My baby, Unravelling, just got uploaded to Fiction Alley. It can be found here.

That is all.

ETA: Actually that is not all. After stumbling across some Australian Idol zombie fic, I have this insane urge to write a story where some reality TV show gets attacked by zombies as they all die horrible deaths. But I avoid reality TV like the plague so wouldn’t know where to start, and real people fic squicks me.


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