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1. The second series of Being Human - one of the few things with vampires I can bear to watch - is due to start on 10 January. What I’ve been dying to know since the first season finished is what is going to happen with Nina.

2. In case you haven't seen it: David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Nan's Christmas Carol (Risotto! Risotto! Risotto!). I love the return on the Tennant and Tate double act, even though there wasn't much of it in Doctor Who. Those two should be in everything.

3. Oh, and just in case you need another reason to love Catherine Tate:

"I love love love In the Thick of it - it's fantastic. I'd like to get my nan character with Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker character and they can have a swear off."

Okay, so I’m not advocating a Nan-Malcolm swear off namely because I have a gut 'hells no!' reaction to mixing naturalistic-comedy characters and sketch-comedy characters (although it's hard to pick. Malcolm is more foul mouthed, but he would have to be provoked to pick on an old lady), but a Thick of It/Doctor Who crossover needs to have happened last week (no, The Fires of Pompeii does not count). Actually, no. Malcolm and Donna would probably get along really well. But Malcolm vs. the Tenth Doctor, now that would be one for the ages.

(I don't know why I'm forever pitting characters against each other in my head. It's certainly fun though.)

4. And something for Thick of It fans and Peter Capaldi fangirls: News at Bedtime. A Radio Four news spoof about nursery tales with Peter Capaldi, and also with Chris Addison guesting in the first episode and Alex MacQueen guesting in the second.
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