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I'll probably write a coherent post about the End of Time Part Two Later, but there's three four five six things that need to be said by me immediately.


Joan Redfern got a mention. As a die-hard John/Joan shipper, I find this good.

But most importantly, he looked at Donna when Wilf asked who the woman was. You all know I'm going to cling to that, because we got no bloody closure as to the DoctorDonna and I doubt we ever will now that the reigns have been handed over, but I can cling to that and say at some point Donna regenerates and ends up on Gallifrey before and during the war being all wise and awesome and standing up to Rassilon and charging her dear old Granddad with one hell of a mission, but totally tragic ('lost long ago') – oh, the fic that can be written. Thank you RTD. Leaving us that scrap made the whole exercise totally worth it and quite frankly, the places I can go in my head with that scrap make for a far better ending for Donna than the one I believe you would ever write for her.

Oh, and bonus forth thing: Eleven reminds me of Five. They have similar voices. This makes me happy.

One more: Addams for for Companion! I loved her and she's like a space captain with her own spaceship and everything.

Crap, final one: Midshipman Frame!!!!!

I actually quite liked it, by the way. Plot made no sense and it suffered from too many ending syndrome, but I loved how it turned out to be Wilf who was the person knocking - that was just perfect in a bitter sweet devastating way. Although, needed more Donna.
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