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As I may have mentioned, I've gotten into True Blood lately, which is to say that my girl crush on Michelle Forbes finally beat out my distaste for vampires, and I adore it. It's so wonderfully cracky, bizarre and id-satisfying.

One thing that has been bugging me though. Somewhere between Vampire Bill and Adonis-esq Viking Eric and that series three Werewolf dude that's due to show up with fantastic abs, it seems that my favourite character Sam Merlotte seems to get ignored by fandom and characters within the show alike.

So to rectify this and also to celebrate not only series three starting tomorrow but also me for the first time in ages having a crush on a guy younger than my father, and in the spirit of the show being one great big guilty pleasure, I give you:

Sam Merlotte is hot in a adorable way

Sam Merlotte is hot in an angsty way

Sam Merlotte is hot in a tortured way

Sam Merlotte is hot in good-with-animals-and-children way

Sam Merlotte is hot in a dependable and stoic way

Sam Merlotte is hot in him being a one of the smarter characters on this show way

Sam Merlotte is hot with Tara (OTP!)

Sam Merlotte is hot saving the day

Sam Merlotte is hot in promo images

In conclusion: Sam Merlotte is hot.

Also: There is a season three trailer here for any who haven't seen it. New episodes! Yay!
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