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I was going to write fic for the day of not-classic Trek, but it's not going to be finished and it's too late to do a picspam or anything else for that matter. *fails*

So...Doctor Who. Pretty much the definition of mind blowing

1. I guessed it. As soon as it became apparent that the Pandorica held a person (which was when they were standing around Stonehenge), I guessed it was the Doctor, because really, who else would it be. Did not expect that it was a trap for the Doctor, though.

2. That crazy ass alliance would never, ever, not in a million-billion years work. But I will forgive the show because the rest of the episode was awesome.

3. River! Oh, I love River and my love increases with her every appearance. Can she have a spin-off, please. Or an episode entirely about River. I'd much prefer a River spin-off to another series of Torchwood. Or better yet, River for Twelve or Thirteen (with slight memory problem so it'd work).

4. Liz X! Liz X meeting River! Obviously they met up again later and had adventures kicking ass through time and space and just generally hung out being awesome together. Obviously.

5. ROOOORRRRRYYYYY! Oh, how heartbreaking was Rory. Do not kill him off again show. I've watched him die twice now, and I think that's quite enough. I want him back and engaged to Amy and a full time Companion next season or...or...or I will write fic where he is. But I'm on the fence about being human or not, just because there's wonderful dramatic potential about ordinary bloke, dying and being revived and then having major issues from having not only another life of being a Roman solider in his head, but also being not human any more and never having asked for that to happen.

(On a shallow note, Rory is hot as a Roman).

6. Amy. Oh, Amy. Just...oh, Amy.

7. I will admit, I liked the Doctor's yelling at all the bad guys speech. Possibly because it really underlined my theory at the time that it was the Doctor in the Pandorica.

8. The show actually made the Cybermen scary for once! Yay show

OMG! Amy's dead! River's dead! The TARDIS has gone boom! The Doctor's trapped! Rory's Boomer a plastic, programmed Roman! THE UNIVERSE HAS ENDED! I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!

Date: 2010-06-23 07:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I didn't think of that. And with Earth stuck in the middle, it could be very, very bad.


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