Feb. 7th, 2010

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I watched The History of Tom Jones a Foundling yesterday, which is one of those mid-nineties BBC costume dramas that the BBC has placed in truly dull DVD packaging that in no way captures the spirit on the programme to scare off any potential viewers. Contrary to the packaging, it is quite fantastic, with an excellent cast and a brilliant sense of humour and considerably more debauchery than the average costume drama. Tom Jones (the gorgeous Max Beesley), a gentleman, bastard and foundling is of course after the love of his life, Sophia (Samantha Morton), but there are quite a few villians in the way, in the forms of James D'Arcy (who doesn't do much, but looks damn good doing it), Lindsay Duncan and Peter Capaldi (both in Dangerous Liaisons mode) and Frances de la Tour and Brian BLESSED (who are hilarious as very loud siblings). Actually, as likable as the heroes are, its the villains that make this prefect. And basically, it's one to track down and watch.

That's great news about Neil Gaiman writing a Who episodes. Not only does the show get some big name actors, it gets the big name writers. Next there will directors lining up.

Having quite a bit of free time at the moment, I've got so many fandom related projects on the go, which would be great if I could seem to focus on one for more than half an hour. There's a picspam for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, a TW:CoE vid which is way beyond my skills as a vidder and may take forever, zombie!crack TTOI fic, a TTOI/Doctor Who crossover fic, and a post-EoT Donna fic.

At least I completed one thing and changed my LJ layout, as I was bored with the old one. I went for a TTOI theme, partially inspired by the whole 'Vote Labour, Save Malcolm' thing (the fates of my favourite fictional characters are riding on Gordon Brown winning an election – I'm screwed) Although, I may yet tweak the colours.

Finally, is anybody else having trouble with LJ loading? For a couple of days it's not been loading the blue-sidebar thing, userpics or those little tiny icons by usernames and it's so slow. I'm having the same problem in both Firefox and Safari and I'm trying to locate the source of the problem, me or LJ.


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